Water, one of the creative elements, is very interesting from the point of view of the Slavic, she has a lot of aspects of the sacred, which is not reflected in its symbolism.


First, the water for the Slav, this is what gives life to all living things, after all, with the help of heavenly life-giving water and forests are green grass in the spring, it was thanks to her crop does not dry in the field and flowers, fruits and ears. Ancient our ancestors quite aware of it. In fact, the earth was born out of the water, brought in its beak World Ducks, one of the oldest Russian myths. Water also carries the sacred meaning of purification. Slav washable in the bath washes away not only the physical dirt, but dirt and spiritual — shell defect, darkness, hatred. Obtained after perform rites ritual of rebirth, renewal of man — like the renewal of the skin and the body in the bath, renewed soul, his aura. Ablution was performed before the important things — the priest must wash in the bath, to perform the ceremony, a person must wash, for example, before the wedding — especially not for beauty, but for the ritual did not prevent the dark forces.

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