Water receded from homes flooded Karelian village

ode retreated from flooded homes Belomorsk Karelian village, where they had been evacuated about 60 people, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday in the Information Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Due to heavy rain on Wednesday afternoon was flooded 14 houses in this village. Rescuers decided to evacuate 56 people, among them 18 children.

Relatives was taken by 34 people, 22 others are in the temporary accommodation in the kindergarten "SPRING".

"The water of the houses left, planned return of the population", — said the representative office.

Squally wind and rain hit the Karelia on Wednesday night. Due to bad weather left without electricity for almost 25 thousand people.

In addition, in Petrozavodsk by rain collapsed eight meters pedestrianized mostacherez Lososinka river. Heavy rains also podtopili several roads and bridges in the city Lahdenpohja. As a result of heavy rain water flooded the engine room Matkozhnezhskoy hydro, no light left 1,5 thousand people.

On Wednesday afternoon October Railway traffic halted trains in summer — Sosnowiec in the White Sea area of the country where there was erosion of the railroad tracks from the shower. According to the Emergency Situations Ministry, delay the movement of six passenger trains. Movement to be restored to 12.00 MSK Thursday.

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