West against Libya: Information War

The UN Security Council on Sunday night unanimously adopted a resolution on the application of international sanctions against Libya Management.

According disk imaging RIA "Novosti", members of the UN Security Council declared that the proposed measures are intended to stop killing enemies of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Divine sanction ban on trade with Libya weapon, freezing zabugornyh accounts and denying visas to Libyan favorite, his family and several associates. In addition, 15 countries — members of the UN Security Council requested the internationality Criminal Court to investigate the shooting of anti-government speeches in Libya and bring the guilty to justice.

On Sunday, unchanging representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that our home support UN Security Council adopted a resolution, but calls on the international community to a political settlement and non-intervention in Libya. Vitaly Churkin called on the authorities Libya perform backed by UN Security Council demands to prevent a full-scale war on civilian clothes and keep the country as one and sovereign country.

Information warfare West

All week, the European and South American media, and right behind them and most of the global media reported on how "bloody dictator" Gaddafi suppress "popular uprising." But in Russia well remember in August 2008, when the Anglo-American media showed blazing Tskhinvali, Georgian tanks and commenting on these pictures, is that the town is burning Georgian and Russian troops invaded Georgia.

What are the major "news"? Here are the relevant title: "Gaddafi's associates are prepared to undermine the pipelines', ie under attack substituted Europe," either me or chaos. " (Http://www.kommersant.ru/news.aspx?DocsID=1590547) »- Gaddafi his son and they say that their care will lead to the collapse of the country's civilian and war, they say about the Air Force strikes on the country's population (channel "Al Jazeera"), "fighting for every home", "hundreds of corpses," the "infesting the country African mercenaries, "Gaddafi supporters to use" heavy machine guns, and mortars. "

But reportedly the Russian people, who were evacuated from Libya, the Air Force did not strike at Tripoli, in the center of Tripoli relaxed.

Assure the world community of the need to overthrow the tyrant Gaddafi. Virtually all messages from Libya have impartial character, because based on the reports of the Libyan opposition, and almost all of her favorites are in the West, in Europe and the U.S.. Opposition proposes international community to intervene.

In other words, there is a serious disinformation campaign around the events in Libya, the purpose of which is the complete discrediting of the Gaddafi regime and measures to restore order in the country.


— is hit by the European Union, the euro, to maintain Baksova system;

— is "pereformat" states the Arab world and black Africa, crushing the big states into smaller;

— change of the Arab elite in their place must come the "new growth", even more dependent on the state of the West, in the criteria of the global crisis the Arab world, with its oil and gas resources, and want to put under even tighter control.

— break the course Gaddafi to modernize the Libyan society in a secular spirit, the formation of a unified civilization at the expense of tribal solidarity and Islam, on the basis of Arab socialism. There is a counter-revolution, returning to Libya at the semi-colonial state in which she was in before the arrival of Gaddafi to power.

The main driving forces of counter-revolution — is breeding top (wants to make more profit from oil revenues), some young people brought up on the illusions of the western "gloss", part of officials (want to get a grip) West.

African Alliance is the first step toward a unified Africa?

The theme of Creation "African states" raised back in 2009, at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa. It was decided to create a single African government, U.S.-type. To begin to make a structure that will clarify the African political elites favor of unification, and will set about the problems of poverty, infectious diseases and education. "Our ultimate goal is to create a United States of Africa" — said at the summit in Addis Ababa, Jakaya Kikwete, President of Tanzania. By building the new U.S. African favorites and pushing the global economic crisis — problems which it creates is not solved within the framework of the 1st country.

But it is clear that most of the political elites will sabotage the process of unification, since the risk of losing power. You can merge only on the basis of some idea, of course, that such a unifying idea in all of Africa no. Some states belong to the Islamic world — North Africa and in other countries dominated by Christianity (for example, in Ethiopia), Central Africa are strong pagan traditions, large differences in racial, national characteristics.

Because the western clans consider it necessary to conduct further fragmentation (for example: in the Sudan, decided to divide the South and North), so it was easier to manipulate the "fragments" of the country. Destruction awaits Libya.

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