West: Algeria, then a bite

In the North Africa remains a couple of countries that so far have remained out of the equation so called Arab revolutions: the Morocco and Algeria. While in Morocco, the situation is quite a measured look, here in Algeria there is some sick seething. Since mid-February, Algeria shocking string of terrorist attacks, resulting in the deaths of people. Last March, the attack took place first: suicide car bomb led to one of the police stations in the south of the country. Specialists associated intensification of the terrorist underground in preparation for elections in the Algerian parliament, which will have to take place in May 2012.

At the same time, in Morocco in the middle of last year, the threat of terrorism was also quite high. In the local courts were numerous processes for the preparation of a provocative acts of terrorism, but weird, the Islamist groups have decided, at least on the outside roll their own, literally, subversion after Moroccan authorities supported the National Transitional Council in Libya. Algerian authorities also provided to the last diplomatically support the family of Colonel Gaddafi and even provided some shelter from the members of his family.

Moroccan ruler Mohammed VI last fall has openly declared that the days of the Gaddafi regime in Libya are numbered, and, apparently, the a priori secured the support of the West. At the same time, Algerian President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika to this day does not see in the Libyan NTC decent power for the start of cooperation. This alone could force the West in a different way to look at Algeria, in the light of unfolding events. We will not, by the way, forget the fact that Algeria is pretty tasty piece of cake for the vast African stakeholders. This is due to the supply of oil and gas mineral resources of Algeria, which at various times have tried to put a hand some European countries.

Against the background of openly negative expressions of the Algerian president at the NATO intervention in the internal affairs of other countries, the kingdom of Morocco decided to go even further in order to get deceived by a feedback from a number of Western countries. Moroccan authorities had initially said they are "deeply concerned" about the situation in Syria and how the government forces ruthlessly suppress opposition speeches, and then decided to go even further and suggested that little lot, its own version of the resolution on Syria in the UN Security Council to condemn Assad's actions and the need to continue the pressure on the current Syrian president until such time as he does not leave his post. Resolution of de jure was written with the support of France, de facto, apparently written by the French and proposed for inclusion in the Security Council Moroccans: that the Moroccan Arabs in a brotherly Syrian Arabs offer "a balanced and the only correct 'version of events in Syria . It's the one resolution which subjected the obstruction of the Russian authorities, saying that it illuminates only one side of the coin, and is counterproductive.

At the same time, Algeria decided to show that far not all Arab countries in ecstasy on the means by which the Western countries are trying to administer the policy in the region. The demonstration was very impressive: the authorities initially closed to the North Atlantic Aviation Alliance air space of their own country, and then decided not to give ground for the training of NATO Special Forces operations. With all this intense Algeria continued to buy Russian military hardware, including tanks T-90S tanks, and in addition continued to be guided by the conclusion of agreements on Russian oil and gas company.

Such a move on the part of President Bouteflika, of course, led West frown. And, in an unusual way, just after the Algerian authorities expressions of anti-NATO terrorist activity in Algeria severe image has increased.

Mass opposition demonstrations in Algeria have not yet seen, but it calls for a change of government by Islamic extremists are increasingly heard now. And the closer the parliamentary elections in the country, the situation will become more difficult. Of course, the wave of terrorist attacks has not gone unnoticed by the West, and maybe even get some sponsorship. This once again underlines words in the Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin, the UN Security Council, which on days of declared that the export of the revolution now looks like a faster export of terrorism.

Apparently, relative to the comparison with the 90s stability Algeria someone far away is not at hand. Certain forces apparently willing to spend their ideas with Islamic groups. Naturally, we can not state that the current state of economic and political life in Algeria is impressive — enough problems of their own and there, but again turning stability in the civilian war with hundreds of thousands of refugees, a complete breakdown of infrastructure and an endless armed confrontation in the image of Libya in plans ordinary Algerians obviously does not set. The standard of living in Algeria, of course, the highest not name, but he, for example, is almost two times higher than in the same kingdom of Morocco, where Islamic radicals in the past time began to behave suspiciously relaxed.

It turns out that discontent with the authorities inside the country is directly proportional to the discontent of those authorities outside of the policies of Western countries. Or this: the more sponsorship of the "opposition" and words of disapproval from the West to the current authorities, the greater the chance to bloom recent Arab Spring in terms of separately taken country.

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