West and new speculation on the subject Circassian

Geopolitical benefits from the emergence of the West on the map of "Greater Circassia" (the hypothetical union of compact living spaces in the Russian Federation, the Circassians, Kabardians shapsugs and actually Circassians into a single administrative unit) is less significant, and the impact of this project on the promotion of the situation surrounding the 2014 Olympics in Sochi is so obvious that the discussion turned into nagging motive Western analysts …

Naturally, candid comments about this destination "Great Cherkessia" is very rare. But nedavneshnee intention of the governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev reinforce police outfits Cossack patrols was the reason for regular attacks on the Russian authorities and the flywheel Circassian-Russian confrontation.

Let me remind you, Alexander Tkachev suggested extensive use of the Cossacks for law enforcement, particularly in combating unwanted movement of the republics of the North Caucasus. Liberal Russian and Western media responded to this barrage of criticism. What to say to that?

In 1-x, Kuban Cossacks, along with law enforcement officers will fight (if they are allowed) with unnecessary (!) Migration. What is unnecessary migration? This is an uncontrolled influx of working-age population, threatening the entire edge of socio-economic imbalances. Kuban — a region with a relatively low unemployment rate. Unemployed visitors will be required to fill the ranks of the underworld, or "shadow" economy. If there are, say, the 1st job does not make sense to settle near 20 healthy men with nothing to do. Anthropological streams require regulation, as well as entry into the country money.

In-2, an initiative of the Cossack patrols will support those who do not need the destabilization of the labor market. This is including entrepreneurs Caucasians having a hardened business.

B-3, in the West for the initiative A. Tkachev seized on as an excuse for a good pick up another cry of Russian nationalism and imperialism. Expressive comments zabugornyh analysis centers (for example, the South American Jamestown Foundation) and the media about it — another example of interference in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation, an attempt to squeeze "in the situation," to speak in her intermediary to control it from the inside.

Fourth, the comments of the Western media deliberately oriented toward the inevitable deterioration of the situation in the South of Russia. "Cossack" initiative called the attempt to preserve the "racial purity" of the regions inhabited by Russian (although Russian, in contrast to the Anglo-Saxons were never racists) refer to it as a prerequisite for future unrest in the Circassian environment. Quotes (in fragments) are just being asked: «The Cossack police … would specifically harass newcomers from the North Caucasus and other non-Russians» («Cossack police will especially chasing immigrants from the North Caucasus republics and other non-Russian»); «Tkachyov's overtly xenophobic remarks … clearly discriminatory statements »(« openly xenophobic statements expressing Tkachev … obviously discriminatory »);« fight for the racial purity »(« the struggle for ethnic purity »);« the absence of political will for dialogue and compromise »(« lack of political will for dialogue and compromise »);« this may also lead to the rise of radicalism responding to the growth of nationalism and the apparent reluctance or inability of the Russian state to do something about it »(« it can lead to the appearance of radicalism as a response to the rise of nationalism and the apparent unwillingness or inability of Russian country to do something "). And ironically emphasized that this initiative provides support «at the highest levels in the Kremlin» («at the highest level in the Kremlin") — after all, "Krasnodar region will host the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014."

Hard to imagine that Moscow so long and hauntingly climbed with his advice to Washington about the internal contradictions in the U.S. (for example, statements about the independence of the Redskins Lakota or the displeasure of African Americans vneglasnoy discriminatory policy of the authorities) as Snow White gets into the house, "Circassian" theme.

The situation with the influx of Hispanics in North America migrants — generally a separate issue for the United States. Argentine philosopher and geopolitics Alberto Buell wrote: "The American strategist and analyst Samuel Huntington in his work, entitled" Spanish duel ", emphasizes:" The permanent influx of immigrants to the United States from Latin America, the United States threatened to reincarnate in the country 2-people, 2- Cultures and 2-languages. Unlike previous generations of immigrants, Mexicans and other Latinos are not integrated into the dominant South American culture, but form their own political and linguistic enclaves — from Los Angeles to Miami — and reject the Anglo-Saxon Protestant values, which is the South American statehood. The United States did not notice the call "… political scientist from the Institute of Boston, Peter Skerry notes," Unlike other immigrants, Mexicans come to us from the adjacent country, which at one time suffered a military defeat of the United States, and reside usually in the part of the U.S. which was once part of their country. They feel at home there … "

What kind of strict measures adopted to strengthen the whitewashed house border with Mexico! Someone immediately voskriknet: "Here it is about Mexico and the United States, that is, of 2-different states, and not the movement inside the United States, "then the recall, the Sanford, Florida, where in April 2012 appeared on the streets and unauthorized armed (!) patrols composed of members of a local neo-Nazi party. Miami New Times newspaper said the group decided to favorites patrolling the streets in order to avoid disturbances on racial grounds. The authorities ignored this shocking fact.

The motto "United States — free country, born thanks to the immigrants' loses its own radiance, when you see that after some expats have decided that other immigrants can not come here. This is the real "Iron Curtain". This is poignantly said naikrupneyshy South American sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein: "Expose worst communists, who do not let people out of their own states, it was a good show, but now we have seen what happens when there is no hard-core Communists in power, capable of limiting immigration."

In the Kuban prompted classical and regulated by law (!) Activities Cossack patrols, controlled by law enforcement authorities. "Circassian Question "in the comments of the Western media came here only as a means of destabilizing the political situation in the region ahead of the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. Clearly visible attempt to bump heads of Russian and Circassians. Information about the relationship 2-peoples served strictly metered, negative points protrude, positive — are silenced.

Silent about the first embassy of the Circassian princes to Ivan the Terrible in 1552, Circassians asked the king to act together against the Crimean Khanate, the terrorizing of the Circassians. Members of the delegation even took part in the Russian campaign in the Crimea! In the same year its intention to enter into the Russian officials said the country Kabardinians. 1557 generally considered the beginning of a great education Adyghe diaspora in Moscow, as specifically in this year's influx of Circassians in the white-stone was particularly omen. After the wedding, the daughter of Ivan the Terrible Kabardi
an Prince Temrük Idarov Kabardians had access, in modern language, the highest echelons of Russian power, and son Idarov became the first person in the country after the king. Many Circassians then took military posts (governor and the commanders of the various military units) participated in the battles with the Poles, Swedes, Turks and Crimeans. Even some streets of Moscow received the name in honor of the capital of the Circassians (for example, Mastryukovskie, named by the name of Dmitry Mamstryukovicha), and the descendants of Ivan the Terrible kabardian wife were buried in a joint tomb of the Romanovs and Cherkassky — Novospasskoe monastery. Ethnic Circassians in Russia were senators chancellors, ministers and even GENERALISSIMO (Alii Michael Aligukovich).

At that time, the Caucasus region was serene, and Russian — not the only ones who fought the war. Kalmyks staged raids on the Nogai and Crimean Tatars on the Circassians, the Circassians — to the Russian settlement. Portray the situation as if the war waged only when our homeland — viciously sin against the historical truth. Term genocide — it is a political invention of the twentieth century. intensively applied by Washington for the information war against its geopolitical enemies to provocation of ethnic clashes between those who are "subjected to genocide" and who this "exposed".

Zabugornye Circassian activists in the western tip of their own patrons do not tire of talking about the genocide of the Circassian people of Russian Empire. Contemporary ethical and political apparatus (the concept of democratic freedoms and the right of nations to self-determination, genocide) is projected on the situation of two centuries ago. But let me!

In 1-x, you can not take what is not, and the concept genocide — nedavneshnee invention.

In-2, if a XVIII-XIX centuries. apply modern terminology, it can be accused of genocide in any country, fought in those years, and it is — half the globe. At the theoretical level, any war can be subsumed under the concept of genocide.

B-3, the train of thought can lead us into a deep old. If the term genocide applicable to the XVIII century., then it applies to the century XVII, X or V … It turns out the historical absurdity: the Spartans were engaged in genocide against the Athenians, the Romans — genocide of the Phoenicians, the Iranians — the genocide of the Byzantines, etc.

Fourth, our homeland has never put to the liquidation of the Circassian people. Do not be lured by other Circassians to the highest office in Moscow. Zealous "reformers" make cheap propaganda move awkwardly and associate genocide Circassians from the liquidation of the Jews by the Nazis. Can you imagine, that Hitler was not much that he married a Jewish woman (as Ivan the Terrible at Kabardinka), so also would confer Jews seats in the Reichstag, and the general staff, calling the Berlin streets in their honor? And what is all the same for genocide such, if the commission of the offense Circassian culture is unusual flowering (created script, go national primers and grammar schools are set up)? Those of the Circassians, who left Russia forever, often losing their native culture, forget their native language, vaguely remembering their own roots.

In 1796, accomplished Bziyukskaya battle where Circassians and Russia fought together against shapsugs. Although Shapsugs — it subethnos Circassian Circassian princes called for help from Russian. Circassians have won the battle but lost it mentally, because their credibility has fallen because they were invited to the resolution of conflicts vnutricherkesskih third force. Now, calling themselves advisors for the Yankees, zabugornye Circassian activists fall smuschyayutsya not own authority.

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