West begins to devour itself

Given that the economic crisis will deepen, it gets completely doomed

We have written many times about the fact that at least some global project, and in particular who went into the imperial stage, not just heavily promotes its values and principles of design, and makes the most brutal system of control over their execution. Operated such system and in the USSR (although, as the failure of some of the basic principles of "Red" project in the late 50's, the effectiveness of this system always went down), and it operates in the U.S. and in other countries of the "West" project.

With all of this, in view of the imperial stage, the control system is very bureaucratic and very formalized. Roughly speaking, everyone knows that you can read and what not, and the samples deviate from this model is always expensive for those who meet them. You can recall the history of those journalists who 11 September 2001 questioned the official version of the attacks in New York, you can remember some scientists, for whom the rejection of established concepts led to the harsh dilemmas (eg, E.Vallerstayn or Joseph Stiglitz), you can remember the newspapers, which, as if on cue, start to carry the same nonsense. Very good it was visible during the anger of Western countries in Libya, and it is visible on the history of the group Pussy Riot in Russia.

With all of this I do not think that, say, all of these media get tough orders. No, they know what the position of "right" and what — no, why can not not write bad things about Libya or Russia, why not write about ordinary musicians or artists, and certainly about the bastards — and so on and so No. Again, I repeat: the elite of the "Western" global project aggressively look to it that the people that do not reflect the interests and principles of the project, not to make a career or would swiftly flew with the highest positions (Stiglitz, well, not just one).

There is nothing unusual or unknown in this, but now the situation has become unsafe for the most elite of the "West" project. The fact is that, as we have already explained, the current crisis — is not just a crisis in the normal development of the model that became the basis for the "West" project. It is a crisis of the model itself, which no longer gives more resource not only for its development, but even for ordinary existence. In other words, we need serious reform or "West" project, or whether it should disappear.

This was the situation with the "Islamic" project in the XVIII-XIX centuries., As frisky technological growth of the West did not allow the Ottoman Empire, which at that time was the basic state of the "Islamic" of the project, while logged into the imperial stage, normally compete with him. I have already said that I think that the limited ability of technological growth is the fundamental part of the "Islamic" project, in which the financial model of VII century. entered into dogmatic texts. In any case, the inability of development has led to the destruction of the empire and the return of the "Islamic" project in the network stage. If you now or tomorrow under it there is a direction that will overcome this problem of the dogmatic, the project can rapidly start in the future, and if not — most likely it will fade evenly.

Note that the "Red" project had a similar situation, although it is just a fault has occurred on some basic principles of design, which is not allowed to develop his victory in the 70-ies of the last century. In general, this is no longer so fundamentally. In principle, that "the West" project take into account the errors of the "Red" and very aggressive observes the principles of design. But specifically, it is now becoming a severe discrepancy.

The fact is that if it is severe on reforming, it may simply be a network stage, and (partly) in the tree when it is already more or less true design formed elite and the base country (countries) of the project. But here in the imperial stage, when the shape and structure zakostenevayut, harsh reforms can not be, because the imperial system to protect the "purity" of the project aggressively fight even what the reformers, eliminating them in the embryo.

Specifically, in such a situation now in the United States. They would need to fundamentally change the model of their own development, start finding new approaches, namely, fundamentally change the social structure. But instead of the more tougher municipal control specifically in terms of saving an old structure, the U.S. authorities are preparing to give a stern fight anyone who tries to resist attempts to change anything.

As a result, virtually all of the potential reformers automatically fall into the marginal and replaced in order to reform it, begin to destroy the system that does not allow them to turn around. It is — quite typical situation (remember the last decades of the Russian Empire, and of the last years of the USSR), but it makes a completely unworkable or less measured, without the harsh social and political upheavals, the output of the general economic crisis.

Elite "West" project, which is very afraid of losing their privileges and power, begins to beat heavily against those who are at a theoretical level, it could be a lifesaver. This behavior can realize, without even having to lure new members to preserve the resources of the elite "West" project in today's scale is not. Those who suspect that they could leave the elite group, desperately struggling against all attempts to reform anything, as this will only speed their way out of the elite.

With all of this aggressively dogmatic and institutionalized imperial structure only helps this part of the elite in its struggle against all attempts to reform the existing system. There will always be some kind of rule that professional and active man breaks — and end up on the upper floors of the political system reigns absolute and hopeless mediocrity, we are now looking in person. And this greyness, in turn, more intensively trying to eliminate any attempt to change something — even from a purely career judgments.

All this is very well seen by the quality of Western political elites that is not something that can not find a solution, but not even able to more or less clear construct prepyadstviya faced by their country. Pretty to look at the G8 meeting and the G20: more misery for themselves hard to imagine. And it's — favorites of your own! You can imagine for yourself what's going on just below the ladder …

In general, the main conclusion which I'd been wanting to do from this text is that the "West" project now begins to devour itself. The crisis may even get worse: what is happening at the moment, is pretty, that the elite of the "Western" global project "ate" herself. And given that the crisis will deepen, the situation is completely hopeless. Specifically, because of the imperial stage of the "West" project to me and now seems completely doomed in any way and negotiate something with it. And the prospects will be the only ones who will bet on its destruction.

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