West buries the Russian science and education

Russian education reform continues to gain momentum. And these reforms inside the country to be recognized as enemies to order more, if adherents. Certainly, as no matter what reform, the reform of the educational system runs quite painful. All the more so in our country, where society is characterized as rather conservative, and the management is accustomed to equate the first to land any ingrained base, and based on it to try to build a sparkling "building" modern reality. But, as we know, no change and development is not expected. Cons of these changes until more than enough, but without the drawbacks of reform agree that impossible. Even the world was not created immediately, what to talk about the vain attempts of death from education officials trying to build the latest training system of trained professionals in our country.

Meanwhile, criticism sometimes comes to the transformation of delirium. Many rush to conclusions, nothing less than a lot of imminent death throes of the whole educational model of, based on the international ratings of Russian universities. With all this people, blindly worshiping these ratings, sometimes do not even think of who these rankings are compiled and what aspects are taken as the base. If you look at the global ranking of universities, placement agency Thomson Reuters, is that over the formation of a Russian general to serve in such a dirge, with immediately.

Rating compiled in 2011 this is definitely pochetaemym in certain countries around the world agency puts Russian universities around one bar with the institutions of Iceland and Cyprus. So, MSU takes to experts on Thomson Reuters 280-e place, and the St. Petersburg Institute of generally languishing at the end of the Fourth Squadron … The ratings of other Western analytical agencies situation at Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University is somewhat better, but even in the first Sotk them still do not. At this time all the "pedestal" the institute's honor, as well as the following three places belong to the South American universities. In first place is the Harvard Institute, 2nd place belongs to Caltech, closes the top three honorary Institute of Massachusetts. Niskolechko without loss, and listing of American universities, it is necessary to see that it is unlikely universities from other states could behold in the leading positions in the list of a noble, because the agency Thomson Reuters located in the United States. It would be surprising if the Americans suddenly took well and gave the first place, "Baumanke" and the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute.

In this context, one can only wonder how the first 10 of the Americans ventured prevent "any there," Cambridge and Oxford institutions. But, perhaps, everything is clear: universities satellite countries place in the upper part of the South American ranking is always there. For example, in the first fifty men "somehow" because of the same South American "experts" managed to get a pair of German technological universities and one Chinese. 60% of the first fifty percent of Americans gave their carefully universities, diluting their little universities in Canada, Britain, the land of the rising sun, and Switzerland. Like it or not, and in this ranking politicians obviously larger than the real situation. It would be mind-bogglingly, if analysts Thomson Reuters put on the highest place of the universities of other "most democratic" countries of the world. You'll see — and would have been here Tbilisi Daugavpils or state universities …

But the ratings, as urged by representatives of Thomson Reuters, are made solely on the basis of proven materials related only to research activities. These materials include the number of Nobel Prize winners in the universities, and the number of scientific publications of students and teachers of high schools in the western, of course, the press. This approach to the calculation of rating points is smirk. If you track the number of Nobel Prize winners in such disciplines as physics, chemistry, medicine over the past few years, about two-thirds of the ear — the Americans. In this case, the Americans then the Russian, the Chinese, the Indian origin. Even in times of dawn Russian science of our scientists are not very tightly far come near to such things as the Nobel Prize. Russian laureates-nobelevtsev can be counted on one hand. Russian and Russian scientists who made the sensational discovery of "proved" in the best case behind ushlyh Yankees and the British. What is already here rating if at least some Russian or Russian discovery is put before called into oscillation. Achievement for us that we can assume that at least a role in the development of the periodic system of repeating units is not disputed …

With scientific publications in the Western media, too, everything is transparent: the value of universities in the U.S. and England, and later can be printed and "selected" works zabugornyh (including Russian scientists).

According to those same Western agencies have outstripped even the Dutch. With all due respect to the "orange" civilization of its achievements in physics and chemistry hardly come to mind. Vskidku could remember the 1st Kamerlingh Onnes with his discovery of superconductivity … But the Dutch civilization is more applicable to U.S. statistics, than the Russian, because it 13th place in the overall ranking of universities, and to us — the 14th. Further west statistics renders the general apocalyptic pictures of Russian education system. Another couple of steps, reforms and overtake us so, no doubt, is the greatest technological power like Turkey. Apparently the Turks that no teacher of the University, the Nobel Prize winner, and that no student, as published dozens of papers in the prestigious British or American scientific magazines. How many Turkish physicists know the story …

And to sing praises to our educational system is unlikely at present costs. According to the plans of the Government in the coming years in Russia seem to be around 25 million jobs. With all of this, unfortunately, no one reads about sverhtehnologichny jobs for Russians. The main question is to invite foreign experts. But with our current legislation mass influx of scientists from the West to expect, of course, is not necessary. Therefore, in the best case under zabugornom "experts" need to be aware of the Tajik and Moldovan guest workers, who, no doubt, went out and brought in the market itself, that on there, and sverhtehnologichny skilled labor.

Russian education Perplexed, of course, almost all of the potential that was decisive for the Russian science for many years. It definitely needs obmyslennom reform to prepare a truly competitive professionals. But look at it through the prism of U.S. ratings is like to take the world by uneven mirror.

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