West dragon asks victims

According to estimates of numerous professionals, including Western, the first wave of the economic crisis, which is palpable tapped the European Union and the United States, was not repaid Innovative financial and logistical tools. One of the ways which has permitted for a while Brussels and Washington to breathe more freely, it billion of the Gaddafi regime, which fell to what one would wait for the winners. The second path — 10's narco billion coming into the EU from Afghanistan, where at the peak of the financial crisis the number of harvested opium crop with his next shipment suspiciously increased.

Cash hole that formed in the EU budget, could have split off in 2011 from this geo-political education a couple of pieces — Greece and Spain. But thanks to monetary support, organized their own hands in the form of the war in Libya and the "farm" in the Republic of Afghanistan, the crisis went on a decline. But the Libyan and Afghan billion, which later became the regular "salutary" loans given to the Greeks, are over. Yes, now also start talking about large-scale assistance from the Spanish treasury EU economies that gave the latest leak. What do all the same in such a situation the European Economic thinkers?

In this regard, the EU has remained subsequent versions. Option first: venture out, that the Greeks and the Spaniards returned to their state currencies. Option Second: to force those other again and again to cut the budget expenditures and look for reserves to pay its debts. Third option: the newcomer victorious war that will distract the world from the problems of the crisis — this time, and provide new sources of income — that's two.

Let's try to analyze the three available options. So, to return to the Greek drachma and the Spanish — to the peseta, of course, can Brussels. But now it does not stick to any of its interests or the interests of the United States. Returning to the lawful currency of Greece and Spain now will mean the beginning of the end of the euro zone, and together with it the beginning of the end of the current monetary system in the world. After all, where at the moment the Greeks with the Spaniards, after a couple of months may prove Italians, Portuguese and other Europeans, once entered the path of an uncontrolled flow of credit to their country. The euro totter so that it is able to hit and hurt by the buck, which is now evident in Washington do not want to.

The second option out of the situation — a new belt-tightening. But Greek citizens have not once shown, including, and in polling stations, they are not going to put up with a reduction in wages and social benefits in order to pay off a large debt, hovering as a Damocles sword over Hellas. Seeing what the Greeks violently express their dissatisfaction, do not wait for Brussels sheep and obedience from the Spanish. No one will want to turn away from the Pyrenees of what used to in recent years. If Brussels is to press, the situation could result in a fine of bloody conflict, compared with the past that the Greek riots seem only flowers.

It turns out that looms on the horizon third option. West at the moment as the air needs another victorious war that seriously enhance both the euro and the dollar, and, in addition, will allow access to the accounts of those against whom it is this war and will be directed. Now the fate of becoming a new donor to support the Western monetary system can understand Syria.

While this war has not started, but the Europeans have at the moment are preparing themselves suitable conditions. It became clear that most of the Syrian accounts in European banks have frozen. The EU first announced the freezing of assets of the Central Bank of Syria, and later published the information that freezes accounts of spouses of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and senior Syrian officials. All this once again proves that Western banks at some point may be to allow yourself to dispose of investments will be profitable because their management. 100% situation repeats option Libya last year, when Gaddafi billion in the EU and the U.S. have ordered at their discretion.

After Assad would be one hundred percent "obezdenezhennym" by the West, and can start the active phase of the operation, bypassing the UN resolutions, all veto and concerns. After all, there is at stake The favored financial system, which is focused on enriching the rich and the upcoming vtaptyvanie in gryazyuka endless loans poor countries. To go against such a system now, not everyone can afford for themselves. With all of this can be safely read that if the West starts the Syrian campaign, this can only mean that system again overcame common sense. All this reminds fairy dragon, which each year must bring human sacrifices, that he did not attempt on the life of others. Only here in the parable of the good, as a valiant knight, dragon was overcome, but the reality is still more prosaic. Western money Dragon gets measured and how its victims in his stomach starts rumbling peculiar, he asks the newest production.

While Syria, with the help of, holding the last effort, the crisis began to walk back to Europe. Assistance than the Spaniards requested Cypriots. If up to 30 June, the Government of Cyprus does not procure a 1.8 billion euro, it may begin to crumble banking system country. The situation was not helped out even though our home at the end of last year has given Cyprus a loan of almost 600 million euros, which is not in itself caused a storm of ecstasy in Russian society. Funds, as well as the custom in modern Europe, flowed into the sand, and the islanders requested new cash infusions.

In Spain and Italy continue to increase interest rates on bonds, which says no-confidence on the part of investors and the Spanish and Italian government rates. So how is trust when profit in the form of loans already swallowed and jump off of the hook or the Pyrenees, the Apennines nor no one in the state.

The only thing that has so far gives little space to the west of the monetary system, so it's regular income from the sale of Afghan opiates. Not so long ago, in one of the Western publications contained information that the key to smuggle heroin from Afghanistan via Central Asia should find no where else but in the UNODC — is the management of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Western makers blame the company in that it engaged in "racketeering" traffic of drugs, which are grown in Afghanistan without the assistance of NATO coalition. Due to the fact that NATO troops are going to leave Afghanistan in 2014, worth the wait, that during this period of time will be launched another system of control of drug trafficking, which feed the Western economy.

In all of the above, must wait to see if he is now "a fabulous knight" which once and for all put an end to the dragon, and whether our civilization will be affected without a dragon in the form of the Western financial system to survive and evolve? ..

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