West finds the punishment for Putin for the Camp David

Of course, after the failure Vladimir Fishing season visit of Eight summit at Camp David, the West some strain. Initially, many Western politicians pretended to, say, anything in particular did not work: what's the difference — Putin or Medvedev, but later the "democratic" media began what is called, do the "democratic" thing. Aha! — Putin is not going to the United States to meet with the other favorites and, at first, for a meeting with Obama! .. Aha! — Putin probably can not leave the country because he feared a string of popular unrest in Moscow! .. Aha! — Putin will not fly, because it ignores the democratic impulses of other countries Eights! .. In general, the wheel completely to themselves ordinary hysteria in the West, well, in some Russian media began to turn with such force that, here and there began to be heard other than idle speculation and discussion about the failure of Putin's role in the summit, to the same word how it (this-syakogo-razetakogo) Putin punished.

One of those who propose to place the punishing sword over the head of Russian President, is such a man as Anders Aslund. In his article for the publication of Foreign Policy, he proposes nothing less than, excluding the Russian Federation of the Big Eight. In his view, the power in Russia absolutely discredited, and the country was reincarnated from the "semi-democracy" to "authoritarian" government. Allegedly, this has nothing to do RF in such pochetaemom team, which of themselves are the United States, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Italy and England. Like, how to sustain this "barbaric country" to those who so vigorously advocating for democratic change in the world of "democratic tomahawks" and carpet bombing. Aslund calls on the international community in the face of the favorites of the above exercise diplomatic "relations" with Russia, in the best case in the Big Twenty.

Well, what can I say … frightened, so frightened this esteemed Aslund. The proposal to exclude Russia from the G does not look like a different offense with the exception of child abuser among friends. Although even here the word "friends" can be pronounced, perhaps, with large stretch. If the course does not consider these cutesy friendship strained grin and figs in a never-ending pockets with the expectation that when, in the end, this is our homeland will sag under the "ideals" of Western civilization.

But here is our homeland, of course, is in no hurry to sag. That breaks down all of the West in greater and greater degree. And, because you need the same, even the old Carnegie psychology, it does not help. Maybe send this sovereign Aslund "leaf rage" with a picture of President Fishing season — Even though the darts pometat something … Perhaps, heart in man calm down …

But the furious shouts at the address RF Now is not the only manifestation of the probable directions of future cooperation. Some hot heads who rode on the back of the cup Aslund Western scales, offering Russia for the work it (in other words, us) to encourage job. And how do you think? Yes, take us all and take polls to NATO! .. This idea, namely, states CEO of 1st American magazine Kenneth Benedict. Position that Russia should take into NATO, that Moscow was posgovorchivee, support and Mrs. Lungesku — the official dealer of the North Atlantic Alliance. Curious as to offer his own subordinate took such man Anders Fogh Rasmussen? Not if he hissed Mrs. Lungesku when it put forward a proposal that Russia could fully take in the Union? And if the Secretary General of NATO hushed, in connection with which such a sudden "warming" appeared in the Alliance against Russia.

One could venture to imagine that such preferences are typical in the address of the Russian Federation by some members of NATO and the Western media is new version of how Russia again want to force to do whatever she utter. It is totally like the option "Reboot-2" when the reboot, poking at all the buttons, which can be only Russia, while they themselves continue to operate as before — from the deployed missile defense system in Europe, which aims to replace the political authorities in third countries, the possibility of three times a day to remember the main "evil world" — "non-compliance" of human rights in the Russian Federation.

But after all, I'm sorry, once we have restarted so that once again the desire to fall for this bait with a cheap "friendship for centuries" desire somehow does not appear. No … I will, and in Russia there are enough people who are willing to both hands to vote for accession to NATO, but only good people, who are we perceive there? .. Let's not be naive … 20 years of promises, the next steps in the form of conversion "were good fighters — will be good pans" and later another provocation by the type string of the Caucasian conflicts — that's all friendship … So unless there is none we were? With the memory of something, like, the majority of Russians still all right …

So all of these promotion like "Do not take us to Russia to NATO" — less than a decoy in order to Russian power and, most importantly, Russian people once again took the West as the head guardian of freedom and the security of Russia. But we'd better from that offer politely turn away, even if one rank higher Oany Lungesku, it will sound again.

In the end, it is worth saying that one thing is clear — West obviously nervous. Well, there could not be used, so that other states have favorite view of a good one that has a few people in the institution, called the South American Senate. And in fact while saying that no single position on the hidden demarche of the Russian president not. So that's what the "political surprise" … And while there — the ocean — will ponder how to punish Putin, you can spend quiet diplomacy reconnaissance and identify the real values in the external policy of Russia. And in fact, the G8 has become associated more with only the first letter of …

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