West is waiting for Putin

The United States has accomplished a meeting of foreign ministers of G8 — Big Eight. Diplomats in its course touched on sensitive issues of the contemporary world: the Iranian nuclear programs from the DPRK and start launcher to display the artificial satellite to the situation in Syria and the so-called adaptive missile defense plans.

Naturally, it would be hard to imagine being that bureaucrats from different states at once will work out a common position on each of the issues identified because the meeting was looked faster, as another demonstration of each of the delegations of their own vision of the world or other difficulties.

Not without a series of mutual recriminations and founder of what once again as hosts of the summit were U.S. Secretary of State. There is nothing new, in fact, Mrs. Clinton said, and once again made a number of claims in the address of, which, in its opinion, continues to openly support the regime of Syrian President Assad, the Tipo condemning Syria for an endless bloodshed. With all of this as usual, Mrs. Secretary of State for some reason did not mention that the bloodshed so far not stopped either in Libya or Iraq or Afghanistan, but in an act of American "diplomacy" in those areas Our homeland is not interfered with.

It would seem that the words of Hillary Clinton have been angry diplomatic representatives of the Russian delegation, but Sergei Lavrov and his colleagues decided to adopt a different way of responding to the words stamped American municipal officials. Watching the progress of the Clinton speech and behavior at this point Sergei Lavrov could not see that head Russian Foreign Ministry tried all kind show that repetitive charges expressed in the address of Moscow in support of Bashar al-Assad, much stuffed mouth. Well, what's the point in terms of protests about the words of the head of South American diplomat, if only from the Russian Federation and expect these protests to pass them off as a complete unwillingness to listen to "common aspirations of the West."

After the fiery speech of Mrs. Clinton Sergey Lavrov gave an interview in which said that the United States is once again trying to defend openly sided position. This is the belief that is open pressure on the Syrian president, although any pressure from the West to the armed rebels have no one and does not think. In addition, the West led by the United States ignores the usual fact: Bashar al-Assad of Syria does not support a handful of fanatics, like, for some reason convinced Washington, and more than half the people in the country, and this certainly must be considered when drawing the lines of foreign policy work Middle East.
If we talk about trying to resolve the situation in Syria, the United States for the current day or have already shown that the Middle East peace in this country a lot of them do not worry. Their most important task — is the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad his post and the introduction to the power of its own protege, which will bother about the observance of democratic norms in Syria in the same way as, for example, Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan or head NTC in Libya …

There are no trade-offs between the United States and the Russian Federation on the dilemma of deploying missile defense in Eastern Europe. Well, hardly worth waiting for that one day own a microphone forget to turn to the same Mrs. Clinton repeated puncture nedavneshny own boss — Barack Obama. Now the Democrats, while still in power in the U.S., of course, have much to try to 'restore internal reputation "is bewildered by quietly promises from the South American president to be more flexible after the election. Of course, that verbovaniya voters to their side and Clinton, and now Obama must by all means put Russia as a major obstacle to the realization of their own purely "humanitarian" plans for the reign of "world peace". In this regard, we have to get used to the fact that the more negative words expressed in the address of our country from the mouth of today's American managers, the more trying to keep Obama in the second term of the Democrats.

This explains perfectly ignoring the words Hillary Clinton by Sergey Lavrov: that the states Mrs. Secretary of State for as long as possible necessary-that we are aware that you are addressing all their words are not to us, but to the voters. A typical battle for Snow White House, in which our home is used as a skeleton in the closet.

In this regard, it will be very interesting to look at how the country will host a meeting of heads of Eight at Camp David in the middle of May, in which the Americans are waiting to behold as Vladimir Putin. Of course, the U.S. wants to arrange a typical bride, during which we tried to get a new answer to the age-old question of your own «Who is mr Putin (today)?» The hope that Putin will suddenly, well, support the West in its attempts to impose its position on Iran, Syria and missile defense, apparently, does not leave the South American control.

With all of this in Russia, many believe that Putin officially take office of the President of the Russian Federation, will immediately start to show "gruel" to the West. But with all the charisma of Putin, he is well aware that at this moment is not the time when you need to shoot from the hip. In the end, all the sensitive issues entirely possible to take a stand (and it is, in principle, Russia is already so busy), and all samples meet the external pressure of arming themselves with Sergey Lavrov way — easy and immediate "ignore." In the end, saying, "Listen to the Yankees, agree with them and make their own way" — has not been canceled.

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