West Marine lowers the barrier. Russian mariners forbid go where they wish to

The personnel of the U.S. Navy's Naval Boarding Party, similar in appearance to the pirates stopped rising on board a civilian ship in the sea.
Photo from the official website of the U.S. Navy

July 28 on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry was posted comment department manager disk imaging and printing Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich in connection with the decision of the EU Council for additional sanctions against Syria. "We do not want to take any role in the events of the implementation of EU decisions aimed against Syria, including not consider appeals and give consent to the inspection of ships sailing under the Russian flag, as well as on the application to them of other restrictive measures" — said the official dealer of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Maybe this statement will force some shipowners to review business plans and concluded that it profitable to recover their ships under Russian flag and to work with the Russian operators and insurers rather than foreign ones. As the recent story of the Russian multi-purpose dry cargo ship "Alaid", "convenient" for the captain to keep the flag profitable, as they say, up to the first cop. As soon as the authorities in England to provide that "Alaid" carries cargo, violating EU sanctions against the Syrian regime, as the English insurer Standard Club withdrew the insurance of the vessel and the commercial operator "Alaid" — a Danish company United Nordic Shipping — expressed "great" regrets that completely so long had ties with the group of companies "Femco", which belongs to the "Alaid."

Well, the flag of Curacao — the island government, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands — did not help the captain to avoid a scandal forced steer the ship in writing our paper (see "HBO» № 21 dated 29.06.12).

DELICATE MISSION dry cargo ships

Naval flag and the flag of the Soviet Union, under which floated civilian court, in the last century were always there for all of the fairways, showing the presence of our country in the oceans. From this, of course, come and those who now instructs civilian courts delicate missions away from the territorial waters of Russia. The failure only in the fact that in the age of the web, mobile and global navigation systems hard to ensure privacy and secrecy of similar missions. That's about the "Alaid" immediately after its release in the sea information became known to virtually all.

To reflect on the disposition of missions for State Courts induce paranormal and mysterious because the facts. For example, on the road from Nakhodka to Moscow the same "Alaid" mysteriously disappeared during the period from May 2 to June 4. No one can explain where he was, because the system is the automatic identification of the vessel was disabled.

Very reminiscent more mysterious case of capture by pirates Tipo timber carrier Arctic Sea with a Russian crew in the Atlantic in the summer of 2009. Timber-steered in Gibraltar, but suddenly disappeared from the information space, the identification system has been turned off.

After many days someone somewhere miraculously found the Arctic Sea, the crew members who have Russian citizenship, safely delivered to the home port of Arkhangelsk, for previously taking with them a receipt for non-disclosure of events related to the seizure of the ship. So this story has remained shrouded in obscurity.

Now captains for State Courts, left without cover Navy ships are required to act on your own risk, because our ships fall prey to pirates, detained and subjected to humiliating body searches, which resembles the shape of a pirate seizure.

Inspection in the Pas-de-Calais

Oh, so this is going on, for example, with steam-ship "Captain Abakoumov."

From a report of the master Vadim Lisovtsa placed on the website-Russian movement support the fleet.

October 18, 2010 the ship "Captain Abakoumov" under the flag of the Russian Federation and under my command, under the control of SC LLC "ORION", registered in Saint Petersburg, followed by a flight from the port of Porto Empedocle (Italy) at the port of Holbaek (Denmark) with a load salt in an amount of 5290 tons.

At 11.40 MSK, being in the zone of the French act fast traffic control "Gris-ness" (the Strait of Pas-de-Calais) in complex, for navigation, and tight criteria (within the one-sided movements) motor ship was stopped by the Coast Guard warship France under the pretext of carrying out customs inspections under French law. Rule Code des Jovames Framcais par 44 Bis. Inspection unit produced Direction Regiouale Garde. Cote. The address: 21 Avemue Georges Gizet BP 13, 76380 CANTELEU, ph: 02 32 83 21 30, fax: 02 32 83 21 46.

Despite the announced protest by me on VHF station violations of rules of transit passage of international straits and swimming in the open sea, and the team was rejected by the French warship Coast Guard DF P1 ease her up to 5 knots and take on a group of people for Customs ship and cargo.

At 12.00 MSK on board Plant a group of 7 people. Climbing up onto the bridge, head of the group shown the certificate French Customs, Team Control Agent № 50542. Asked to provide the following documents: 1) the crew list, 2) sheet ship supplies, and 3) personal list of supplies team, 4) List the last 10 ports of call, and 5) the tactical and technical details of the ship; 6) plan of the premises of the vessel, and 7) the cargo manifest.

But only the documents were taken at 1, 2, 4, 5. Other documents were not in demand. Senior group said that they should look around the room and cargo ships to detect a huge amount of undeclared cigarettes and drugs. Were examined by all residential and business premises, premises forecastle, and the engine room, accompanied by representatives of the administration of the ship. Partly dissected ceilings and bulkheads. In violation of all human rights and human pros inspected all the cabinets, boxes, bags and personal belongings.

Inspection (and practically search) was performed in a rude and dismissive form with respect to the members of the crew and the ship accompanied by representatives of the administration of the ship. Inspection made by men dressed in dirty overalls and rubber gloves. After examination of wastebaskets in cabins without changing gloves made search personal items, bags, shifanerov, boxes, beds, turning mattresses with linens. Inspection of premises for the storage of goods and food galley was carried out in the same clothes and gloves, in violation of all norms of hygiene and sanitation.

From the inspection of cargo and freight documents refused. So Makar, an excuse to stop the ship was not justified. The case came down to the obvious searched in search of a huge number of cigarettes and drugs. During the search in violation of the Code of internationality on the Security of Ships and Port Facilities without the permission of the present members of the crew were opened shields electrical equipment and automation equipment of the ship. Service areas, which are marked "restricted premises" according to the ship security plan, were also revealed. All been opened by different master keys that were on their availability. The result was a control panel opened an emergency control station carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system. Finally at 13.30 MSK has locked the fuel supply to the main engines and off the air supply to the turbines boost engines. The main engines are braked, the ship lost speed and maneuverability, out of control, the emergency situation was created in international waters in the constrained criteria for saturated diving and vessel traffic.

About the incident was reported post control of the traffic in the Strait of Pas-de-Calais. Thanks to Professor and timely actions of the crew managed to quickly regain control over the management of the ship and avoid Chertovskikh consequences.

After the incident on board the fault of the inspectors, apparently realizing it, at 13.35 MSK they finished the search and at 13.45 MSK left aboard the ship, did not find anything criminal or apologizing, have left no documentary evidence of the action.

Such searches are allowed only when the ship docked ships in the ports of call by the national authorities, the forces of the so-called dark Customs and exclusively in respect of ships of potentially unsafe in a criminal matter.

The incident made a serious memory on the morale of the crew the ship. "In the view held by vessels flying the flag of all the nations of the world, in the middle of a clear day or in the international waters of the ship under the flag of the Russian Federation within 2-hours 5 minutes was under the guns of a French warship that has suffered non-pecuniary damage the honor, dignity and prestige of the Russian flag" — said in a sea protest captain Vadim Lisovets.

Since November 2010, "Captain Abakoumov" sailing under the Panamanian flag. Of course, he fails to protect the property of the shipowner in the open sea, but provides a lot of small, but nice economic preferences.


Incidents with our vessels beyond the territorial waters of the Russian Federation occur more often than ordinary means wimp. In the first half of 2012, 63 were detained Russian ship that flies the flag of different countries. A refrigerator, two bulk carriers and eight dry cargo — a total of 11 ships — did fly the flag of Russia. But they, too, have been detained. One at a time — the British authorities, Italy and the Land of the Rising Sun, the other eight ships — the Chinese authorities.

Prerequisites for the detention and searches are different. But it is safe to say that the number could be reduced if used near a civilian vessel was fighting ship under the flag of St. Andrew.

At all levels do not get tired of repeating that our homeland — is marine power (some even add — "great"). By the length of shoreline as it is. But the number and the technical condition of the ship we operezhdayut many countries that do not consider ourselves sea powers. In the Black and Baltic seas relation ships — their own and others — almost returned to the state before Peter the Great. And the inclusion of the fleets of the Army military districts means that the Navy is doing puzzles solely for the benefit of ground forces troops and forces of the distant sea zone ordered forgotten.

In the 70-80s Navy ships on constant basis based in Conakry (Guinea), Luanda (Angola), Aden and the peninsula of Socotra (Yemen), in Nokra (Ethiopia), Berbera (Somalia), Cam Ranh Bay (Vietnam), Cienfuegos (Cuba) and other remote from the Russian Union of parts of the globe. 8th (Indian) Operational Squadron (OpEsk) Pacific Fleet provided security for Russian tankers and dry cargo ships in the Sea of Oman and the Persian Gulf. The squadron consisted of more than 20 warships and support vessels, in addition, to strengthen it sent naval patrol boats and minesweepers to the Black Sea Fleet. 5th (Mediterranean) OpEsk within 6 task forces controlled the entire Mediterranean region and surrounding areas. And there were 7th (Atlantic) — for the North Atlantic theater, the 10th — in the Pacific theater of operations, and many others.

But the ships allowed into the needles, the squadron was reduced to divisions and divisions — up crews. And it is not necessary steel naval bases and logistical support (E & P) in distant countries. There was only E & P in the Syrian Tartus, where he served about fifty sailors. With the fall of the Assad regime may be, and refuse from Tartus.

First, last year launched the Main Staff of the Navy in the media misinformation about the Tipo existing plan to make 2013 a distant zone command for action, including the Indian Ocean to protect shipping from pirates. "The new operational squadron will be on constant basis to solve puzzles Russian civilian safety of navigation and combating sea piracy in the Horn of Africa," — said the source Interfax mostly Navy Headquarters.

Only along the Black Sea Fleet will not be typed and 3 ships of the first rank to do the puzzles. So the squadron will have to wait another 30 years or more. But in this case, it is unlikely the U.S. military and NATO sailors heard a stern warning Russian Foreign Ministry that we do not give consent to the inspection of ships flying the Russian flag. Unfortunately, no one asked our permission, as evidenced by incidents "Alaid», Arctic Sea, «Captain Abakumovo" and other vessels. And Russia does not have enough warships, which could "pass" our warning in the sea to other countries.

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