West mired in heresy!

Go ahead and look for announcements of "Euronews". Yesterday in Paris, a conference was held under the title "Friends Libya. "Who do you think was in these" friends " Libya? Yes, those who bombed Libya and those who have sent their own special forces to help "rebels." By the way a lot of facts that in Libya there were no rebels, and were trained fighters from France, the UK and some Arab states, reptiles, facing west.

Here are the cakes with the kittens! It turns out to become a "friend" what that country, that country must first bomb, damage. Does it seem to you that the west and directly, in the United States in the last vremyach lot these "friends" come from? This Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Now Sarkozy threatens Iran. It looks and his soon to "friends" of the West will try to record. The same Sarkozy speaking said that Gaddafi's looted lot money and now the money will come back to the people Libya. Surely all managers were trained in the West seem to Goebbels! And Sarkozy himself is not one of the poor, and that it is not clear in his eagerness to return their stolen by means of the French people.

Whole west mired in heresy and hypocrisy. Any unseemly affairs justify their struggle for democracy and freedom of other peoples. It seems to be, and we have not tried to write to their "friends." In general, our elite and power already walks in these "friends" by keeping all the savings of the country in Western banks.

There is the question: "Do we need such" friends "as in the west, and we have in power?". Maybe it's time to change that power to power the Patriots, radeyuschie for Russia?

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