West never saw Russia as an ally — but as prey

This should be kept in mind and applied to the history of the First World War

Third channel is removed and another day or will pass "right to vote", devoted to the topic now preserve the memory of the heroes of the First World War and the need to install the monument to warriors who died on her front.

At this time, the usual scenario division of program participants to those who follow a similar monument, and those who are against, in general, it seems something otherworldly, as completely unclear why anyone would be owed against it. The parties were divided on the principle of "red" versus "white" may be based on guesses that the "white" will be at the monument as a monument to the generals of the royal army and the snow-white movement, and "red", respectively, will be in force against the natural negative cases to the "imperialist" war.

But the question in this case is not about the twists and turns of the dispute or the other, but rather that the side conventionally "white", other than the founder of the idea of such a monument Senator Lisitsyn, which energetically refuted ideological "antikrasnuyu" orientation own ideas and emphasized that the question specifically about the memory of the fallen soldier, do not read about the soldiers, and quickly slipped on charges of Lenin and the Bolsheviks, just saying that in a country so far there is no monument to the heroes of the First World War purely because of the ideological predilections of the Communist Party and the Russian government. However, they were unable to answer the question of opponents, why not put such a monument in the last 20 years, when the power of the Communist Party has sunk into the story and the obstacles to its installation such as the left.

Although, strictly speaking, the assertion that there are no monuments to the heroes of World War II, is simply not true. Thus, in the heart of Moscow, at the entrance to Red Square, stands a monument full George Knight ZHore Zhukov. There is also a prospect of his name, as well as the prospect of the same name George Knight Budennogo Seeds, Seeds and George Knight Tymoshenko, has monuments and streets of the royal army lieutenant Tukhachevskogo General Brusilov and even army officers Kolchak and Russian Marshal Leonid Govorov.

It is clear that most of the monuments of their first becoming not as members of the First World War, but the fact that they they were no secret of this fact and their biographies, too, has always been an object of reverence.

Generally hardly likely he is debate about whether to put or not to put a monument to the heroes of this war. Question can go faster on who should be this monument — The soldiers and officers who hold the front and drives away the enemy bayonet attacks, or have pushed Russia into a reckless and unnecessary military adventure degenerated courtiers, bestalantno substitutes the army under the blows of the enemy generals and rob the fighter procurement officer.

Russian soldiers were in 1914, the best in the world for military training and were ready for battle with the enemy. The system of management and supply the army was ready to just one — condemn them to death. And these men — which in ordinary uniforms, that officer's shoulder boards — twice deserved honor and memory, and that went to the battle, when the country sent them there, and the fact that three years held the front in the criteria when they betrayed Generals and robbed suppliers uniforms, food and ammunition.

And even from this point of view, of course, was a betrayal of the public involvement specifically of in the this war, not the way out of the stupid massacre.

In fact, the case, in the process of transferring one of the representatives of conventionally "white" side could not say a word to justify the war itself. Alexander Tsipko, speaking from this side, in fact, expressly acknowledged that the inaccuracy of involvement of in the war and the incompetence of its organization can not be questioned. But then if you count the stupid war, it is unlikely to be condemned out of it.

Usually condemning Brest-Litovsk try suggests that our homeland, came out of the war, and lost as a favorite bit of his own in the world. Even leaving aside the question of how well a participant in the world to be a robbery, you should be aware that the fraction that was guaranteed by the Russian Federation concluded its agreements with its allies, no one was going to give her. Of which no one was going to give her and the famous Bosporus and the Dardanelles, which indeed were it needed, as they need it now.

Allies of, of course, want to use it to defeat Germany, but only a start. Because once they bargained with Germany is very loosen and weaken Russia — to such an extent that it was possible without the great war and divide it.

In fact, the war on it and started. Britain promised then Germany, which remains neutral if Germany would not fight a war with France and the limited war against Russia. In other words, the UK were needed war between them and their mutual obessilivanie each of them. Implement this plan failed, and the UK at the last minute went to war. By the way, when Berlin was shocked by her treachery, for the end believed in her neutrality.

Yes, and entered the war in alliance with Russia, the United Kingdom has never recognized her victory. And allies of the Russian Federation began negotiations for a separate peace with the Central Powers to earlier than the start of negotiations with Germany, Russian government. Prior to the 1918 Russian Our homeland insisted on not signing a separate peace with Germany, and the general peace between all the warring powers.

And in November and December 1917, the United Kingdom and France renounce the world itself, but in parallel began negotiations with Austria-Hungary for a separate peace with it. And in December, has formalized its previously discussed among themselves with regard to the intentions of, approving at a meeting in Paris on the "Plan of the Entente": concluded the "Fundamentals of the convention," according to which after the war, our homeland to be divided between Britain and France.

Caucasus, the Cossacks of the Don and Kuban, Central Asia departed the UK, Ukraine, Bessarabia and the Crimea — France. This plan was made public on the eve of Woodrow Wilson in 1918. Moreover, in December 1917, one of the Allies — Romania, a year ago saved Russia from defeat Austrian troops began an invasion of the territory of Russia.

Allies officially recognized that not consider Russia as the Allies, and beheld in her only prey, which had planned to divide after the victory over Germany. In this case it is recognized at a time when our homeland was calling them to no avail themselves to the negotiating table with Germany — which, incidentally, also agreed to a general peace negotiations.

All this for one reason or another not often mentioned, but it has long been understood and accommodated. However, on the shooting of it was found that the above fact, in general, is quite extensive recognizable, was opening for the 2-eminent and claiming competence in the history of the participants of the "white" — a former MP from the "Democratic Russia" Shelov-Kovedyaev and often represented as a historian, director INION Pivovarova. Specifically, they tried to argue that the Brest-Litovsk was a betrayal of the public, although they are unlikely to have a moral right to raise such charges. Do they talk about the betrayal of the public? Shelov-Kovedyaev was the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in 1991-92. responsible for the organization and delivery of products RF EU and NATO, when the Minister was Andrei Kozyrev. Brewers fa
mous appeals to separate from the Russian Federation and give someone Siberia, also claims that the Soviet Union — the criminal government that Kutuzov — not a state hero, and an old Erotomaniac which brought with them to the war harem of young beautiful girls that Ice Battle and Battle of the Neva not was, and Alexander Nevsky — a medieval sadist, etc..

Generally this character, Yuri Brewers different mind-boggling historical illiteracy. In one of the TV show two years back it became clear that he did not know what a textbook Khrushchev's speech in 1956 was not read XX Congress of the CPSU, and the subsequent day after the closing meeting of the delegates without opening the debate and conduct transcripts, and now it turned out that he was unidentified has long featured information and a plan for the RF section of the Allies in December 1917 …

With all of this, not knowing the simple historical fact (which is logical, since he does not have a basic historical education), insulting the national shrine of the Russian Federation and calling for its partition, it is not only the three terms in a row retains the post of Director of Municipal Research Institute — Institute Public disk imaging Social Sciences Academy of Sciences, and is getting ready soon to be re-elected to his fourth time!

…But back to 95 years ago. In fact in 1918, went to the home of our world with Germany only if was not only the face of the failure of their own as allies of those negotiations, but also the danger of their own invasion that was to follow after it runs out before the end of their strength in the war with Germany.

In other words, the Brest peace has permitted to save the RF power is not only in order to drive off in six months, German troops from its territory, and in order to prevent Britain and France to divide itself into parts. And the first global war completed for the Russian Federation are not of this world, concluded in March 1918. It was completed in November 1918, his denunciation of the Russian Federation and the return of the ceded nearly all of it in this world territories.

And the soldiers of the war, of course, have earned their heroism endless memory and the fact that they fought with dignity, and the fact that three years held the front, despite the incompetence of command, shortage of weapons and wealth trench lice. And they deserved it that found the strength within themselves to rise up and overthrow the government bestalantnoe that sent them to the slaughterhouse and silly to speculate on their heroism. And after that no one is allowed to divide the country: neither the Germans nor the Austrians nor the British nor French.

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