West provoke a new massacre in Lviv

In Western Ukraine in advance preparing for the 70th anniversary of the Russian war majestically. In one of the villages of the memorial to the fallen turned into beer. A favorite of the ultranationalist movement "Freedom" Oleg Tyagnibok threatens to disrupt on June 22 in Lviv rallies memory.

The scandal erupted in the village of Buffoons Lviv region. Another seven years ago, the local authorities have allowed a businessman to buy a certain locality 13th of the frontier, which in June 1941 was among the first punch Nazis. Until then, there were nedavneshnih graves of the Red Museum of the chief outpost of the Hero of the Union of Russian Alexey Lopatin. Now there Restaurant — River pouring beer, vodka, gorilka. On the gravestones stand empty bottle. From the previous museum was gone.

Giving terrain museum restaurant, impregnated with a history of thought control bureaucrats probably knew what they were doing. The war with monuments to the heroes Russian majestically in the Western Ukraine became an everyday affair. So, for example, at the end of 2008 in the town of Komarno same Lviv region dismantled monument to the Soldier-Liberator. Not so long ago, in the town of the same region stry vandals defiled the same monument.

Disadvantaged business, and in the regional center. Still fresh in the memory of the Battle put on by nationalists in Lviv on May 9. The objects of attack are constantly neobanderovtsev graves of Red Army on Lychakivsky Memorial Cemetery. And in the area of the local fortress, where during the war were tortured 140 people, now is the hotel Sitadel Inn. From the same series and nedavneshnee decision Lviv authorities to provide one-time assistance of survivors Banderovites of OUN-UPA.

That is against this background that Lviv is preparing to mark June 22. It is possible that it comes to a new massacre. Favourite enjoys great popularity in the town of ultranationalist organization "Freedom" Oleg Tyagnibok vowed to disrupt the action of memory, which wanted to spend in the town of the Communist Party of Ukraine and are going to come to our State Duma deputies. Tyagnibok called Lviv repel activists who arrive in city from other regions of the country.

"June 22 is not only the" Liberty, "and every Ukrainian, every citizen of Lviv have to go out into the street. If we are not thousand, and ten of thousands, how many of those would be touring with a wicked heart, and with lousy intentions nor arrived, they did will not. Our mass will put an end to their provocations, "- said Tyagnibok. He especially has fallen by Russian MPs and urged countrymen to "show them their place."

Last outrageous manifestations mockery of history in the Lviv region and preparation Tyagniboka to the latest massacre commented with "Pravda.Ru" independent Ukrainian political analyst, editor in chief of "Kiev Telegraph" Vladimir jump.

— What's happening in Lviv? Authorities in Kiev was replaced a year ago, and there banderizatsiya never ended?

— There is an exponential fascization, neonatsifikatsiya city. Unfortunately, almost all of it is the fault of the central Ukrainian government, which so far has not made tribute to the conclusions from the events of May 9. Can not be left unpunished trained thugs who beat the elderly and children. How annoying would it sounds, these Mordovorot hitherto stroll on the loose, but in any normal country such provocative acts must be dealt aggressively.

— The mood in Lviv and Galicia as a whole clearly run counter to the historical memory of most other regions of Ukraine. Whether the country is not yet ripe for the federalization?

— If a complete split of the country read, maybe sooner, the idea of federalization, it seems it's time to see serious. In Ukraine, the government has developed a pseudo when a large south-east must constantly listen and constantly give way to lower the size of Galicia. Concede ideologically, well, then keep it.

In the criteria of federalization center will be weaker, but the city of Lviv contain insane, glorify Bandera, have a much lower extent. A policy of "linking" of Ukraine due to the south-east to substantiate its complete failure.

— In almost all the events in the Ukraine than once traced the hand of the West. Do not have it in Lviv?

— Yes, and how. In the western regions of Ukraine are the same as in the Baltic countries, exclusively to an even greater extent. The same anti-monuments, the same glorification of Nazism. And it all has the same western sponsors. Knowing how to relate to the performances of the same "freedom" in the south-east of Ukraine and in Russia, they are pushing for similar actions ultranationalists. In this case, there is double standards. If Europe condemned manifestations of Nazism, then such actions in the Ukraine and the Baltic West turned a blind eye.

— It turns out that the West is providing direct support to the nationalist opposition today?

— And so it is. As is the case with the Baltic states, all done with a single purpose — to tear Ukraine away from Russia. Diplomats from the U.S. and the EU in our country in general behave shamelessly, breaking all possible convention. So, they come to the Prosecutor General's Office building and make a human chain to not arrested Yulia Tymoshenko, who is suspected of severe sins — but they need it as a favorite of the opposition. The diplomats openly put pressure on the Ukrainian administration.

— Maybe there June 22 in Lviv new massacre similar to what happened on May 9?

— Not just may be, or may be a more massive scale. Targeted training for such an option is in full swing. And again I repeat — this development in almost all triggered from outside. So at least one can say exactly what provokes the West in Lviv new massacre.

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