West said that Tripoli would care to bombard Gaddafi

The main activities taking place in Libya in these days are in Misrata and Tripoli. Around Misrata, the third largest town of the country and the only one in the hands of the rebels in the west of Libya, now go ruthless battles, the troops of Libyan Muammar favorite Gaddafi almost surrounded him, but the rebels detained city. Meanwhile West sends more and more planes to bomb strikes on Gaddafi's residence in Tripoli. The aim is said to be clear — or force the dictator to leave, or else destroy it.

In Tripoli as a result of bombing aviation international coalition, which controls the NATO significantly damaged several buildings of the town complex with the residence of Muammar Gaddafi. His government says that 45 people were injured and there are missing. Counselors authorities they say that the coalition strikes are intended to "try to destroy Gaddafi. "

West tried to "remove" Gaddafi back in 1986 due to his involvement in a number of violent attacks, but then managed to escape from the dictator air strike. On the night of April 25, on Tripoli circling aircraft of an international coalition, explosions were heard, interrupt with 3 Libyan TV channels.

Government of the United States, Britain and France claim that air strikes on Gaddafi's forces will continue until such time as he does not resign.

The main battles lasted around Misrata

TV channel Al Arabiya reported citing a reporter of one of the radio stations in Misrata that Sun in the fighting killed more than 30 people dead and 60 injured as a result of the bombing of Gaddafi's forces. Government forces continued to shell Misrata, despite their declared on Saturday decided to suspend attacks on city.

Human rights activists have warned that in Misurata have killed more than a thousand people. British Broadcasting Company "Bi-Bi-Si" referring to the English journalist "Times" James Haider reports that Gaddafi's forces have surrounded Misrata, but in the center of the town themselves were surrounded. The rebels say they will knock out Gaddafi's forces out of the town, if aviation international coalition strike on Gaddafi's army the heavy equipment, located within the boundaries of the town.

It is clear that from Misrata arrived in Benghazi transport ship, on board of which was to thousands of refugees and the wounded. On the situation in a hospital in Benghazi with the arrival of a ship from Misrata told the head of the Libyan branch of international organizations move Jeremy Geslam. "The hospital is overloaded with work at the limit of the probable, — he says. — Although the last few days a lot of the wounded were evacuated, the clinic continues to receive more and more wounded. "

Rebel forces in Misrata report that is not expecting an early end of the battle for the city.

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