West: the USSR bombed Hiroshima and first attacked Hitler

"Russian analyst" wrote:

Wise the Russian people. Russian proverbs and sayings — is the essence of decades of experience. You read them and do not get tired to admire accurate wording.

Now remember only one: "An old who remember his — bygones. And who will forget — to both of you! "Those texts that you pochetaemye readers will read on, very well illustrated by this saying.
We do not want to remember what was, for the sake of the process of the publication of these materials. We want this to read everything right up to the creators (who live) within these texts.

Yesterday it was early — tomorrow, maybe not, God forbid, too late. We have decided to recall this now, when the West trashes Libya, Syria, and aims to have threatened RF.

Now, when our country is striving to become so dear to the heart of South American democracies, specifically at the moment because of the ocean began to be heard the cries of these impermissible. And why not? Since this is — a democracy. In other words — their system of government. Can their cries and does not respond — "the dog barks, the caravan moves on" — but the experience of the behavior of the United States points out, first cry, and later — the whip.

"In the face of a potential mass atrocity, our options are never limited to either sending the armed forces, or support combat crimes. Actions that can be chosen by us, a huge amount. They extend from the economic to the diplomatic intervention, and from non-combat military actions to outright intervention. " This text is signed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama August 4, 2011. The document is called "Presidential Directive" Research on mass atrocities »(PresidentialStudyDirectiveonMassAtrocities).

Let's start with the 2-killer facts is best to demonstrate to our readers exactly how to hate Russia in the West. "Among young Japanese people — and not just in the middle of them — vastly vserasprostraneno world that the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, in reality — the work is not the Yankees, and Russian."

You understand that forced the residents of the South American country of the rising sun, and local advocates? The fact that bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs Russian Alliance! This is — the result of many years of brainwashing! Means our country is not only blame the fact that she "unleashed by Hitler, along with the Second World War" (U.S. Embassy in Estonia acted as August 23, 2011, a statement in which, together with Nazi Germany, is responsible for the beginning of 2 — World War II in the Soviet Union), but public opinion is prepared to, to ascribe USSR the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs!

Remarks by The President of the United States of America, William (Bill) Clinton at a closed meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, October 25, 1995: "The last 10 years the policy in respect of USSR and its allies impressively substantiate the correctness of our strategy to eliminate one of strongest powers of the world, as of strongest military alliance. Using slips Russian diplomacy, extreme arrogance Gorbachev and his entourage, including those who are openly pro-American took the position we have gained that President Truman was going to do with the Russian Union means an atomic bomb. However, with one significant difference — we got a raw materials appendage, not destroyed atom government that it would be difficult to create. Yes, we have devoted to this, many billions of dollars, but they are at the moment close to that in Russian is called "self-sufficiency". For four years, we and our allies have different strategic raw materials by 15 billion dollars, hundreds of tons of gold, precious stones, etc. Under the non-existent projects we handed over the tiniest amount above 20 thousand tons of copper, nearly 50 thousand tons of aluminum, 2 thousand tons of cesium, beryllium, strontium, etc. In the years of the so-called adjustment USSR Many of our military and businessmen do not believe in the success of future operations. And for good reason. Loosening the ideological base USSR, we were able to bring bloodshed of war for world domination government which constitutes the main konkurentnst America. Our aim and task — and the coming to help anyone who wants to create in us the standard of Western freedom and democracy. When the first employees of the CIA in 1991 handed over to the East for the realization of our plans for 50 million dollars, and then again the same amount, many politicians and the military did not believe in the success of the case. Now, after 4 years, apparently — our plans began to be realized. Us … If these puzzles are solved, in the coming decade will follow the decision problems: the dismemberment RF for small countries by inter-regional wars, similar to those that have been organized in Yugoslavia and the final destruction of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation and the army, establishing regimes detached from RF republics, suitable for us. " That's how Russian Manilovism broken metal logic of American cynics. No one there with us and is not going to be friends — "raw material appendage" period!

(Quoted in part)

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