West will face the Russian Federation from the territory of Ukraine?

U.S. and NATO are pushing Yanukovych to place on the territory of Ukraine of certain parts of the European missile defense

The longer, the more obvious it becomes to Ukraine of the Russian Federation "pike in the pond," appropriate in order to "fish awake." No other country in the CIS as such does not go with her to any comparison. And recent announcements again cry out that we were nervous about the bilateral Ukrainian-Russian relations have a lot.

Viktor Yanukovych has for a long time before his presidency in Ukraine has been stylishly oppose his namesake Yushchenko and other reckless selfless fighters for integration into the European Union. Yanukovych's election campaign was riddled with almost sweetly poignant thesis of the unity of our states, of the one, in fact, people. Theses on humanitarian monolithic sparkled in the other concerning mutually beneficial economic and trade cooperation. On the prospects of Ukraine's membership implicit in all initiated by Russian organizations seemed to be uncomfortable and ask.

As they say, the years went by. And now the order of the day or there are issues that previously could perhaps that dream in a terrible dream supporters "that" Yanukovych: save or not to save their own non-aligned status of Ukraine, fit or not fit into the architecture of a U.S. missile defense out of the "shadow of the Kremlin" or remain therein. These "either-or" — as would be a shame as it sounds, not the standard political science point of absurdity, and really sounded today in Ukraine "soft ultimatums" or temptations — whatever you like. And the official Kiev seems to sincerely does not see anything special about the presence in its own waters parts of the U.S. missile defense ("Monterrey" and "Vella Gulf"). The negative reaction of the Russian Federation is so special about the awareness of "non-alignment" with the Ukrainian elite descended like water off a duck's back.

Now Washington and quite openly, without the smallest scruple diplomatic, Viktor Yanukovych has finally determine a benchmark in security — Our homeland or the United States, along with NATO. We want to offer Kiev conceive of the concept of common security space, Washington asks to speak directly on European missile defense. And the not to distant summit NATO Chicago Yanukovych must come hard times: one way or another, the practice of seats on the 2-chairs in this matter would be likely to come to an end. The only question is — which of the "chairs" will be "knocked out" …

With all this the West, in contrast to the chagrin of us, far more zealous in seeking to specify Kiev "only true" vector. But the Ukrainian-Russian rhetoric while drowning in a frank diplomacy verbiage, In the autumn of 2011 Washington categorically raised the question of determining the Ukraine with a partner on security issues. "Kiev should take a more independent stance and evenly out of the shadow of the Kremlin on this issue," — then admonished the Ukrainian top on one of the international conferences of senior analyst of international security programs from the Atlantic Council of the United States Ian Brzezinski. And last salting the USA in Ukraine Steven Pfeiffer there pointedly added that Kiev would have to rush to a decision by another state may not be enough space in the resulting configuration of missile defense. And Pfeiffer replica itself to itself is very revealing: the ex-ambassador obviously put pressure on corn ailing Ukrainian elite "arm-twisting" the danger of isolationism prospects

It is also noteworthy that in his own response the Head of Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Konstantin Grishchenko did not remember about the non-aligned status of the country, which in principle would be a sufficient answer. Instead of the foreign minister called the Yankees the first thing to agree with Russia: "The worsening of relations between Russia and the U.S. in the field of disarmament and arms control could compromise the effectiveness of multilateral efforts to strengthen security and confidence in Europe." Ukrainian side also recalled that, in general, under the Budapest Memorandum on December 5, 1994 Our homeland and the United States are grants Ukrainian security of the country.

But it's hard not to agree with the United States in one: a multi-vector policy of Ukrainian control — it does not matter. Strategically converging on this truth, our motherland and the United States are beginning a fascinating game of tug of war — who eventually left Kiev. Yanukovych's position, it is easy to assure until neutral, but in May the respective question — "So who do you, Victor?" — Is set to Ukrainian favorite at the summit in Chicago right "head on". And a good idea to answer Viktor Yanukovych, whatever it was, was right. In May, begins the presidential possibilities of Vladimir Putin, the Russian favorite and has the right to formulate the Russian-Ukrainian dialogue based on the realities, not forecasts, grandmas-tellers.

With all of this until all the experts tend to overestimate the willingness in principle to tame the West Kiev militarily. In an interview with "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" Managing the analytical center "Nomos" Sergei Kulik said: "Seriously question not intended, it does not pick up on the level of the top management of NATO. A discussion among diplomats and professionals on what not affected. " In this position, he is not alone.

But Is not there just a case where silence is a symbol of top Pentagon evidence of their positions? Put "Monterrey" and "Vella Gulf," anchored at Sevastopol — is not this all a dream Brzezinski?

Recognizable Ukrainian political scientist and director of the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict research Misha Pogrebinskiy in an interview with columnist KM.RU presented his own gaze to the intensively developing debate about whom to build Ukraine safety:

— Yes, this read as here in Kiev. United States really as clear spoke on the topic of the last intrigued cooperation with Ukraine on the part of the missile defense system, right up to the ability to accommodate certain parts of its territory. Just do not talk about, but obviously the respective hint was given. And the U.S. expects proposals from Ukraine, what form, it is ready to participate in the system.

— The West accuses Kiev officials that he, they say, is in the "shadow of the Kremlin." How is it true?

— While the official Kiev is completely independent from the Kremlin, from the white house, so often and from common sense, too … There is no reason to believe that Ukraine has some geopolitical support of. Cases from the Ukraine and Russia did no better than with the European Union and Washington. I have even said that the latest case in Kyiv better. In any case, Ukraine is now strongly emphasizes the priority of choosing the euro itself.

— Whether to keep Ukraine in the proposed criteria for its own non-aligned status?

— At the moment non-aligned status of Ukraine is not threatened, but fairly speaking, it is possible and when this status intensively to develop cooperation with NATO and the right not to cooperate with Russia and the CSTO.

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