Western and Russian technology to assist Chinas best self-propelled, for the views of Chinese professionals

Chinese military industry continues its supply of new ACS PLZ-05 artillery units in the PLA.

As mentioned earlier, this artillery system was shown for the first time in 2005. Presumably, the Chinese designers and engineers have designed this howitzer artillery part due to improvements in 155-mm systems PLZ-45 and PLL-01 that were made back in the early 1990s.

It is clear that the work on self-propelled gun was started in the mid 90's. A first mock-up was put to the test about 8 years ago.
ACS has tracked shestikatkovoe chassis, which gear the engine compartment placed ahead. Apparently, there used design elements taken from the main battle tank type-96. Welded tower, whose size is much greater than the tower of export PLZ-45 self-propelled guns. In general, on the concept and physical appearance, system Chinese clearly recalls the self-propelled 152-mm setting 2S19 "MSTA-S" (the creation of the Russian Federation).

It should be noted, the main armament on the ACS PLZ-05, is a 155-mm howitzer with automatic charging system (a copy of "Msta-S"), whose 45-caliber barrel length. All of this greatly increased the tactical and technical characteristics of the entire system, in comparison with previous versions of similar Chinese cars such as "Type 83" and the ACS PLZ-45.

By the way, in the howitzer management system includes: two-channel quantum rangefinder sight with thermal imaging, panoramic sight, a digital ballistic computer, and also installed directly above the barrel radar measuring the initial velocity of the projectile. In addition, satellite navigation.

In addition, in the tower of self-propelled anti-aircraft gun mounted W85 (12,7-mm).

For creating smoke screens used 2 Quadruple block smoke grenade, placed on the front of the tower. In the rear of the housing is provided for the crew hatch, which can also be used to replenish ammunition, at the time of ammunition from the ground into the system loader.

It is necessary to clarify that for ordinary shells maximum range is more than 39 km, and for the active-rockets — almost 50 km. By the way, the Chinese bought earlier in the RF guided missiles such as "Krasnopol", today organized the creation of their own clones. The highest rate — more than 10 rounds per minute.
Note that the ACS PLZ-05 — striking example is the introduction to China of Western and Russian military technology.

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