Western candidacy, heavy nuclear missile cruiser Peter the Great

At the current time the cruiser "Peter the majestic" is not the most massive aircraft carrier assault ship in service with the Northern Fleet of Russian Federation. The United States, after the campaign and the flagship of the Northern Fleet exercises TARKR "Peter Lofty", began hastily to prepare a draft project languid nuclear cruiser CGN (X) with a displacement of 25 thousand tons, and on which languid artillery and anti-ship missiles will be the main weapon system, will go into service about 2020-2030 years. Based on the fact that peers have TARKR "Peter Lofty" today is not, compare it with the coming of South American Navy ship similar in features, but specifically with nuclear missile cruiser of the "Virginia" — nuclear missile cruiser CGN-38 Virginia.

TARKR "Peter the Great"


KRA "Virginia"




— launched in 1998, designed to engage large ships and the protection of marine groups from attack submarines and air attacks of the enemy.

— launched in 1976, is designed to protect the marine groups to attack enemy air support and escort ships.


Displacement, dimensions


— Displacement — 23,750 tons, width — 28.5 m, length — 251.1 m, height 59 m, depth — 10.3 m, speed 57 km / h (31 knots). Length of the voyage (standalone) — Ware in store — 2 months, 3 years on consumption of fuel for a nuclear reactor — unlimited.


— Displacement — 11,000 tons, length — 174m, width — 19.2 m, height 22.3 m, draft — 9m, speed 33 knots. Length of the voyage (standalone) — at the atomic reactor indefinitely.

The power plant


-2 nuclear reactor, KH-3 (300 MW), 4 power plant capacity of 18 thousand kW., Two boilers, gas turbine generator — 1500 kW., Two turbines with total capacity of 140 tys.l.s., 4 steam turbine — 3000kVt., Two propellers shaft.

— 2 nuclear reactor D2G General Electric capacity of 60,000 hp (300 MW),


Team cruiser


— 635 out of their 105 officers, 130 warrant officers, 400 sailors.

— 560 people



— 20 launchers SM-233 with improved precision cruise missiles "Granit";

— Antiaircraft complex S-300F "Reef" comprising 12 launchers and ammunition 96 missiles;

— An autonomous system antiship "Dagger", the total in store — 128 missiles;

— anti-aircraft missile and artillery system "Chestnut" which includes 6 units with 2 AO-18 assault rifles and 2 30mm mount AK-630M1-2, two blocks of 4 missiles 9M311;

— 130-mm twin guns "AK-130", 840 rounds ammunition;

— two missile-torpedo RPK-6M "Waterfall", 533 mm. consisting of 10 launchers;

— protivotorpedny complex ZKPTZ-1 "Boa-1M";

— RBU-1200, two RBU-1000 "Smerch";

— two twin 150-mm launchers PC-14;

— two 45-mm guns MK.45;

— 6 torpedo tubes 324 mm;

— antiship missile system RGM-84 "Harpoon", filled with cruise missiles "Tomahawk";

— 4 standard anti-aircraft guns;

— two 15 mm anti-aircraft gun "Volcano" MK.15;

— one anti-complex "ASROK"


Naval aviation


— 2 multipurpose languid Ka-27 helicopters

— 2 helicopters SH-2 LAMPS system

Radar equipment


— two stations gallakticheskoy Communications (SATS)

-four stations gallakticheskoy navigation (Satpaev);

— four special power plants;

— Radar "Fregat-MAE";

— four navigation systems fire control;

— three navigation station;


— sonar system;


— Sonar: 1 EDO / GE SQS 53A bow-mounted

-one radar ITT SPS 48C or 48D / E 3D;

— a Raytheon SPS 49 (V) 5 or Lockheed SPS 40B;

— One ISC Cardion SPS 55;

— a locator Raytheon SPS 64 (V) 9

— two fire control system SPG 51D;

— one fire control system SPG 60D;

— one fire control system SPQ 9A


As you can see from our comparison of nuclear cruisers now heavy missile cruiser "Peter the majestic" is the most massive ship in the class. The ships of the "Virginia" has already decommissioned naval forces of the United States and do not have anything like that.


Ship Project 1144 "Orlan" — called "killer of aircraft carriers" or "nuclear murderer," "Peter Lofty" will be short-lived alone, as reported by the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation "Admiral Nakhimov", "Admiral Ushakov", "Admiral Lazarev" will be re-equipment and will join the Russian Navy. Alterations touches missiles, ships will go into service the newest missile systems and all-encompassing solutions. After entering the cruisers into service they will solve a variety of puzzles to repel attacks of the Air Force of the enemy, destroy ground targets with missiles and defeat virtually any enemy equipment.

On the cruiser bring the new electronic systems and repair hulls and propulsion.

The main goal of modernization — the substitution of anti-ship complex "Granite" for universal shipborne firing system UKSK who are able to carry out the shooting rockets of various kinds. The main weapon against aircraft carriers, cruisers will launch "Movement" and "Onyx". Will be delivered by air defense missile launchers S-400 air defense systems and new intimate act.

Overall refreshed cruisers will be able to carry on board up to 300 missiles of various calibers, becoming the most powerful ships with missile weapons in the world.

The first equipment will be released after the cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" in 2015, the work on its modernization and repairs have already begun.

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