Western coalition increases the ability to strike its own forces

Western coalition increases its impact on the ability of the Libyan front — London and Paris announced the transfer of the conflict zone of several 10-s attack helicopters. According to French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet, British helicopters will be sent "in the coming Days" will be based on the royal Navy amphibious assault helicopter carrier England Ocean.

According to the newspaper Figaro, another May 17 with a French naval base of Toulon to the coast of Libya, headed nepokorlivoy helicopter Tonnerre ("Thunder") class "Mistral", he takes to the war zone 12 helicopters. This information was confirmed by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Alain Juppe. According to him, the use of helicopters fits into the framework of UN Security Council Resolution 1973. According to sources, it will facilitate the conduct of hostilities, because Gaddafi's troops disguised as civilians, rebels use ordinary cars, hiding armored vehicles in residential areas.

Helicopter carrier Tonnerre

Reference: class helicopter Ocean, the contract for its construction has concluded with the UK Ministry of Defence by BAE SYSTEMS in 1993. In September 1998, he was accepted for service. His main problem: the rapid delivery of Marines landing by helicopter. On the ship may be located 255 crew members, 206 people flying personnel and 480 persons Marines. The size of the flight deck — 170m x 32.6m, calculated on 12 EH101 Merlin helicopters and 6 helicopters Lynx, there are two forklift to transport helicopters from the hangar deck. Other arms of four 30-mm cannon and three machine guns, radar weapons in advance helps to find and identify the enemy at a distance of 500 km.

Class helicopter Ocean.

The basic performance characteristics of

Displacement helicopter, t — 21760,
Length, m — 203
Width, m — 36.1
Draft, m — 6,6,
Power plant: type — diesel, the number of shafts — 2
Horsepower — 47808
Speed components — 18
Range, Miles — 8000 at a speed of 15 knots.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has criticized the decision subjected — Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed Elena Jespersen worldview that is a violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

What says this decision?

— This expansion of scope operation, followed by a step, it would be completely reasonable to expect and landing "peacekeeping troops". At first, "temporary", to eliminate the remaining stores with weapons, special operations, and later deployment of a multinational "peacekeeping forces".

— Recognition of the fact that Gaddafi was unable to put on his knees with blows air force and navy. Gaddafi's troops were able to cast away from Benghazi, Misurata, but as before under attack, "rebels" as before they themselves can not overcome the Colonel. Western Aviation is constantly bombarded positions of true Gaddafi forces, support the rebels delivery tools, food, medicine, just because they still hold. Without the help of the West rebels would have been crushed long ago.

— The loss of the Western coalition can increase dramatically, helicopters are more vulnerable fly in reach of hand-type MANPADS "Igla" in the Libyan army them fairly. Even in Iraq officially for the years 2003-2007 was lost 17 attack helicopters in Afghanistan — 7 units, according to unofficial data loss above. In addition, western wear out quickly enough helicopters in mountain-desert criteria themselves Westerners announced the loss of helicopters due to technical reasons.

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