Western coalition pounding on his Libyan rebels

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday announced that his country is negotiating with postantsami, and with Gaddafi emissaries to work out of so-called road map to resolve the conflict. It contains the requirement to complete the troops of Colonel fire and lift the blockade of the cities involved supporters of Benghazi.

Meanwhile, NATO searches responsible for the incorrect air strike on rebel positions in Libya. Earlier, Reuters reported that coalition aircraft took tanks and artillery in opposition Benghazi military equipment for the regime Gaddafi. And stormed them from the air. There is information on the dead and the wounded. In general, the alliance prefer read about their own successes. Now Western bombers attacked the oil field Sarir, which are kept under control advocates Gaddafi.

In the slowness and inactivity NATO is not the blame. Coalition ventured airstrikes on areas near cities. Bombs and rockets fell on purpose about Brega and Misurata — is in the east and in Tripoli — in the west of the country. But the bombed and our own. Under friendly fire hit rebel armor, I have a few of their tanks, as a passenger bus. Killing at least 13 people.

"Indescribable. Again they missed or it was a planned strike," — says a resident of Benghazi.

It's really not too far first fatal mistake of NATO forces., Each of which causes a tangible effect on the reputation of the alliance.

That's such — all in the dust and mud — machines vorachivayutsya after active operations in the desert. There currently are frequent sand storms. And if the locals are accustomed to such conditions, but for aviation coalition that is the problem. Satellites, reconnaissance aircraft simply can not see what is happening on the battlefield. And only such weapons to wage war rebels and not particularly wish.

Gaddafi's war machine trying to bleed — British air force bombed the Libyan oil field naikrupneyshemu Sarir. Damaged pipeline leading to the oil port. But the operation is obviously stalling, here a week, Gaddafi's troops, rebels, NATO stuck under Brega. No movement on the political front. The colonel did not give up. In the clinic Ajdabiya, Benghazi, meanwhile, each day brought the wounded 10s.

Ukrainian nurses in the clinic, "first aid" in Benghazi majority. Some work is already there for 10-12 years.

So much the wounded, as then in February, when the revolt of oppression, they say, never beheld. For three days — more than 100 operations.

About five Ukrainian nurses Gaddafi, whom he selected personally, here, of course, have heard. On how the colonel, his dad called maidens, gave gold watches with his portrait as paid trips to luxury shopping. Rumors are even rumors that case the patient and medical staff went beyond business.

Ukrainian nurse Benghazi happy with his contract. Wages on average $ 800, the home of every 6 less. But most importantly, they say, here a totally different attitude, especially now. In Benghazi, to open their doors at least some homes. And so to the announcement of an emergency evacuation of the Ukrainian people of Libya virtually no one responded. In the infirmary goes another change. Incidentally, cure all — Libyans rebels and the wounded soldier Gaddafi. And the work seems to still be very many.

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