Western economists have hit in the prophecy of the coming of the Russian Federation

Once again, the apparent trend to the fact that the situation in Russia apparently is haunted by the West. And if earlier about the Russian Federation in a bad way except that the policy expressed or journalists, who are often on the real life of our country recognized unless the issues of CNN or from the "analytical" reports the State Department, now the rising tide of criticism already from Western economists. They, you know, worried that our homeland so far is a member of the Big Eight, and the fact that it comes in the association of rapidly developing economies — the BRICS. All the more often you can hear the words that Moscow time point to the door and the one and the other organization, because our country is — entirely anti-democratic, anti-legal and completely even in any direction no developing country … These days are thought to have allowed himself to express pochetaemye economists in the West — Nouriel Roubini (which, according to his deepest conviction is considered a man who predicted the global monetary crisis) and the president of Eurasia Group Ian Bremer. Apparently laurels predictor so far do not give Roubini rest, he wishes to speak, "Nostradamus" is already in terms of exceptions RF of the above list of organizations.

Here, in fact, in any case itself can win prizes. If the international community in the face of all the favorites recognizable the world would lift the question of "excommunication" of of the G8 and BRIC, the sovereign Roubini here say: "Well, I'll read to you, and you also doubted …" And if the G8 is not will G7 and BRICS not reincarnate in NIRS, the same Roubini and his "fellow forecaster," Bremer said 'That's what you should not. We are warned that our homeland — this is a terrible country, which in the ordinary Western citizen is even greater horror than North Korea, Syria, and multiplied by the degree of built in Iran. "

In general, Roubini and Bremer placed in one of the bands on the Financial Times article stated that Russia is time once and for all end the case, as there (in other words here) the case — tobacco, corruption is such that we are already on the 143 site ( In this respect, according to the views of economists in Brazil or Turkey still positive). The population is falling, investing in Russian projects, no one longs (won and British Petroleum decided on its own bit of TNK-BP says to get rid of) democracy in danger — in general, the traditional western hysteria, which we hear soon. Again infest debate that whole thing only Russian authorities. Either way: first place — in all povinet Putin, second paragraph — if Putin does not povinet, we see the first paragraph … The prophecies about the collapse of Russian economy — a favorite horror story of Western and domestic "experts" who are chasing the next sensational information.

One gets the impression that the West can not understand that in Russia it is the time when the power to make decisions without consultation with the West. The same "venerable" economists at what apparently did not ask for advice, it struck a chord. On the other, with what reason people who beheld Russia unless because of tinted windows "Mercedes" and actually called to answer for economic prepyadstviya, suddenly began to make political statements. Apparently, the West it was a typical gentleman's set to move up the career ladder or cash. Do you want to climb one step — obley Russia mucky, bind all who have problems with Vladimir Putin, and will be for you a true democratic happiness.

No, no one is going to argue that our current home still is far from the status of a real economic and social development of the country. Yes — there is corruption, there is a problem with low wages, there is a sufficiently high unemployment and bureaucratic obstacles to business development. These challenges must be addressed. But is our homeland in this world alone? Neuzh then the same in Turkey, which is so praised by economists mentioned, either in the Big Eight countries (eg Italy) are all very simple clear. Why not raise the issue of the exclusion of Italy from the G8, as there are record-high municipal debt, because of which the country is now — maybe tomorrow will be in place in Greece. And why not remove France from the club, as its president Sarkozy now does not unreasonably charged to use the money of the Gaddafi regime to win the last election. Yes there Italy and France. It's time to get rid of the G8 and the United States, the national debt which just manages to be updated in the direction of a full and uncontrolled growth, and unemployment is pounding all the records from the end of stateliness Depression. And if so, then maybe, just disperse all this huge T brand, so the economists Roubini and Bremer's nerves calmed down …

Naturally, proponents Rubin, who has, by the way, and expressed to him in connection with the fact that Vladimir Putin has refused to participate in the Summit of Eight, saying that Roubini — well, Pravdorub that he supposedly had caught Russian authoritarianism, opened the world's eyes to the fact that the "happening" in the country. Utter and that in Russia there is no democracy, no freedom of speech (although their fabrications about the "absence" of freedom of speech quietly published in the Russian media, however) — but it is a traditional information attack, for which there was soon a lot.

Apparently, the Russian Federation decided to organize an "information Stalingrad" with the use of thousands of "experts", "analysts" and the heavy artillery in the form of a "prominent economists looking ahead." Say, did not want to RF live by the laws that produced "know" people in the West — so here you are — get, sign … For hardening of positions informational shocks are the usual places: raw materials economy, the creation of non-upgraded, support global regimes (Qaddafi, Assad, Lukashenko, Ahmadinejad, Chavez etc.) Only now the thing is that we somehow do not have it all once were. All this "rat race" has long been familiar to the Russians, and all have long been aware of what she might end. Another "victory for democracy", which has at one point drove Asphalt roller in Russia in the 90's, when for some reason none western expert did not dare to read about, but it is Yeltsin's Russian Federation is doing in the eight. Either situation in Russia a reference, for example, 1996-1998, was even better than it is now. Why did not the Emperor Roubini says about it, why does not affect the blatant falsification of the presidential election of 1996? Yes, just when properly performed the western Russian Federation regulations, and now Russian authorities had their own point of view, what West, of course, can not tolerate …

Well, in such cases, we have decided to read: carry water to the offended. By the way, do not forget that the Russian Federation and its own information and lack of attacking potential. Already arranged RF Stalingrad, but only the end of the battle was obviously not in favor of those who gave up. In this regard, Messrs. Roubini and Bremer should recommend: replaced in order to find the illusive political prizes, do have their own economy, which is based on complete speculation and endless resale American, unsubstantiated, currencies. And then it will take our homeland, and of earnest heed to your words: she will come out of the G8 and things together in terms Baksova will translate well, and, for example, gold or something … It was then that the yuan and let's see if you're ready, gentlemen economists, pickles for the winter. You should have predicted, when the United Sta
tes has already paid off its debts …

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