Western experts carefully evaluate the potential of the new Russian aircraft

Airlines are always wary of new aircraft, in particular, if they are available hitherto unknown company. Quite a striking example of this is the Brazilian company Embraer, which took about 2-decades of the fact, that firmly establish themselves in the market of civilian aviation aircraft.

It is the same ideology is a combination of Western analysts have in relation to the Russian company "Sukhoi Civilians" (GHS). Previously, the company "Sukhoi" was known only for its supersonic fighter jets, because the initial market confidence civilian aviation she was not.

Errors with an air conditioning system that emerged after the transfer of the 1st of the first SSJ100 aircraft "Aeroflot", has only strengthened so valued the attitude of Western professionals to fellow Russian aircraft industry. Certainly, mistakes were corrected, but they say once again how difficult would be the way to winning at GSS confidence of foreign carriers. According to the views of analysts, the Russian aviation industry is a very long time been subject to security dilemmas, failures and disasters languid. This eventually led to the fact that the production of the Russian aircraft industry agreed to take only the former Soviet republics, Iran, Cuba and several African countries.

According to the analyst agency Ascend Forest Huila, Russian aircraft have historically formed the typical style, but liner Superjet almost all eclipsed analysts' expectations. But the huge demand for this aircraft from Western airlines are not expected, as to win the trust of these carriers can be time consuming.

But in the GSS, yet lozhut high hopes for aircraft Superjet. Catalogue value of the new liner is $ 31.7 million, so Makarov, it is cheaper by about one third of the aircraft in comparison with a comparable class, which are issued by companies Bombardier and Embraer.

Western experts at highly appreciate the Russian Interior Airbus, noting that great friend of the aircraft Tu-154 and Tu-134 gloomy interior, lit by Merkley and cheerless interior remained in the past. Also been enticed assessments deserve SaM-146 engines with high bypass ratio, which, unlike their predecessors, are much quieter.

GSS expect to realize a more general difficulty Superjet 800 aircraft in the coming 20 years. Two liner is operated by the airline "Aeroflot", another one flying the flag of the Armenian "Armavia". In general, the company is now "dry" has received more than 170 orders for aircraft SSJ100, while among the customers were zabugornye airline.

One feature of the advertising strategy of GSS is that emphasized not the Siberian roots airplane that could cause incorrect associations, and role in the project by French and Italian partners, namely the development of engines and avionics for aircraft Superjet. Perhaps such move would indeed be justified, taking into account the company's desire to sell the aircraft on the world market.

By the way, for some Western airlines one of the main requirements is the only flawless safety of aircraft. For example, in the economical airline Ryanair ready to take the Russian aircraft production, provided that they meet the safety requirements of the European Union. With all of this indicates that the passengers in the main are only familiar with the title of the carrier, and on what aircraft to fly — it does not matter who is given enough. What did the specific case of aircraft Superjet, then Ryanair pointed out that these liners are very malehankih for the airline's route network, well, reputation Russian airliners for all that is relegated to the second plan.

Problems discovered in the summer the air conditioning system of the 1st of SSJ100 aircraft "Aeroflot" was uncritical and were caused by flaws in the 1st of the sensors. Yet, the plane flights were suspended, which shows the latest safety culture at the Russian aircraft manufacturers. In addition, during commissioning of the aircraft revealed that he was two tons heavier than the declared weight initially. This in turn affects the fuel efficiency of aircraft and its flying characteristics. But, as noted in the GSS, such differences completely typical for new aircraft.

In recent years, Russian and Russian aircraft building gained notoriety due to the whole string of big crashes. Such an event, of course, affect the attractiveness of the Russian commercial product. International experts as one of the causes of such disasters is called the age of aircraft, but not the last role in such incidents and safety culture plays in the Russian aviation industry. Namely, Western analysts have once again remembered the incident with 70 engineers working in the GSS, who settled on their positions with fake diplomas. However, in the company noted that these employees were not involved in the production of aircraft Superjet.

The barriers often prevent the emergence of new aircraft manufacturers in the world market, but at the current time airlines seek to find the product candidate Bombardier and Embraer, at least, so say in the SCAC. In addition, some carriers seek out the candidacy of such recognized airliners like Boeing 737 and Airbus A320neo. One such example is Ryanair, which is negotiating the purchase of aircraft C919 and MC-21.

Soon SSJ100 can receive type certification EASA, which would open the way for supplies to Europe. Regarding the FAA certificate in GSS noted that the role of certification in this program will take place exclusively in the case of receipt of firm order from the U.S.. With all of this in the Superjet International believe that clients in the U.S. at one point, interested in Russian plane.

Company "Irkut" at this time continues to work on the liner MS-21, the first flight is planned for 2014 to this day received around 200 orders for the new narrow-body plane, and now are working on the final assembly plant liner in Irkutsk. Certification of the aircraft should be completed in 2016, and the first deliveries will begin in 2017 on disk imaging management company "Irkut" design of the aircraft should be completed by the end of 2012 a total difficulties "Irkut" expects to produce about 1,200 aircraft MS-21 different versions.

Of course, that at the first step, "Irkut" will have to contend not only with the products of corporations Boeing and Airbus, but also with a new single-aisle jetliner C919, which is being developed by Comac. Both aircraft — C919 and MS-21 — must perform the first flight in 2014 on plans Vibrations "Irkut" still does not appear, but for Comac such doubts among professionals there. Part of such fear associated with a delay in the program develop regional jet ARJ21. In this case, the delays Comac has faced in a time when the need to bring the vast resources to work with the project C919.

Delivery of the first ARJ21 this year, probably will not happen. At least, Western experts are convinced of this. But it is not clear how the delay in the program ARJ21 project will affect the C919.

Yet, the most severe neuvvyazkami for new aircraft MS-21 and C919 are remotorizovannye aircraft Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX. It is clear that the refreshed liners from 2-giant aircraft will become more efficient, and thus more a cheap operation. So, for example, Airbus said that A320neo Family aircraft will consume 15% less fuel compared to its predecessors.

The company Boeing, in turn, say that their ships remotorizovannye 737 MAX will be 4% more efficient aircraft A320neo. With all of this Airbus has already received more than 1,200 contracts and obligations to purchase aircraft A320neo, while Boeing have received about 500 treaties and obligations.

How effective are MS-21
and C919 in comparison with the production of Boeing and Airbus, is not yet clear. But managing and Comac, and "Irkut" confident that the market single-aisle aircraft will be a place for 2-additional aircraft manufacturers, but competitiveness is complex. One of the ways a successful fight against Boeing and Airbus is to offer high quality and efficient products at lower prices.

According to the plans Comac, C919 airliner will be launched in 2016, in other words in the same year as the A320neo. With all of this management Comac emphasizes that A320neo — it remotorizovanny plane, while the C919 is designed with a spotless sheet that will allow designers to realize the potential of absolutely new engines CFM Leap-X. By the way, the MC-21 will be put into operation a year later than the A320neo.

Western experts estimate the potential while diversifying projects C919 and MS-21 in the world market, considering that violate duopoly Boeing and Airbus will be quite difficult. But in the domestic markets of these projects rather rosy outlook. And in Russia, and in China, local carriers, most likely, will use the products of its own aircraft industry, but rather whether such demand for effective implementation of the programs is still not clear.

Company Bombardier, meanwhile, continues to work on the project CSeries and quite appreciated the prospects of their own ship, noting that the aircraft would enter into service in 2013, as planned earlier. First flight of CSeries airliner will take place at the end of 2012 when all of this, as the management of Bombardier, the company soon faced a number of problems, but they should not affect the progress of the work on this project.

At the current time, Bombardier engineers are paying close attention to by-wire control system, and avionics and power supply system. Also, according to the views of management of the company, you need to pay attention to the composite wing and fuselage separate sections, which are executed in China. What specifically neuvvyazkami faced Canadian aircraft builder, is not specified, but the position of Governors Bombardier is not causing professionals pessimism about the future of the project CSeries.

According to estimates Bombardier, in the coming 20 years, the global market will need about 7 thousand aircraft with a capacity of 100 to 149 people. In this CSeries is one of the best choices in this sector, together with A319neo and 737-700 MAX. But as the Ki Asha, managing Canada's Bombardier, Boeing and Airbus airliners are heavier aircraft CSeries, besides their deliveries will begin in a couple of years after the commissioning of the aircraft Bombardier.

Bombardier does not want to stop the production of CRJ aircraft family despite the fact that the demand for this model in the near future has fallen sharply. Maybe in the next decade to replace the CRJ family of new model will come, as the current time at Bombardier are simply not enough resources to start programs from the newest.

Also unknown to the fate of the long version of the turboprop Q400, the creation of which was seen earlier in Bombardier. Not so long ago, Q400 has opened itself up new markets, including India, so that the prospects for the continuation of the current cycle, this model has more. At the current time, the management of the Canadian company is considering two options: creating an elongated version of the same aircraft or develop entirely new model. But of course, that the value in this applets while also quite small.

According G.Ashi, at Bombardier are certain difficulties in financing their own projects, in particular, taking into account the difficult economic situation in the euro area. As a result, Bombardier finds other sources of funding, including a number of Asian banks. It seems that it was, but so far Bombardier not particularly worried regarding financial condition of the company, noting that revenues are on the applicable aircraft manufacturer level. In the future, Bombardier can shift part of the production for the Canadian border, as even at this point is the expansion of the company's infrastructure in Mexico and is a set of employees in India.

Review is based on materials Aviation Week, Flightglobal and New York Times.

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