Western intelligence agencies were activated in regions of the Russian Federation

As said on March 4 life informacia.ru, in Russia there is a flurry of activity of Western intelligence agencies. It is reported that in order to destabilize the situation in the Russian opposition hold rallies, and not only in Moscow, but also in different regions of the country. Means for implementing such activities — like grants received from abroad.

Known history with the "spy rock", which took place in Moscow in 2006 by British diplomats stone passed valuable information. So here, history the stone had now continued.

One of the participants held a scandal — an employee of the British embassy Paul Kronton — after a while after the story went to Volgograd. The diplomats of the highest level so will not just go for a drive through the town of.

After the visit, P. Krontona activated in Volgograd club "UNESCO". It turned out to be the creator Ira Malovichko, ordinary Russian woman. It is clear that the case for the United Nations "club" has not, but, as the web-based resource informacia.ru, "office" was sponsored by several western states.

At acquired from foreign funders money Mrs Malovichko often leave their native aside and went abroad. In the middle of its trustees was zabugornyh and Michael Stone — recognizable special to prepare for the "color revolutions". This he is the manager of the American organization "Freedom House", which was involved in the revolutionary events in Kyrgyzstan (source: informacia.ru).

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