Western media report a death of the number one terrorist

The Reuters and Associated Press, citing a source in the South American government report that terrorist No. one, Head of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is dead and his body is in possession of U.S. intelligence.

According to CNN, NBC, bin Laden was killed about a week back the explosion of American bombs. Hey BBC adds that it came out in north-western Pakistan.

Hey broadcaster BBC reported, citing its own sources, that the leader of "Al Qaeda" Osama bin Laden managed to kill with the South American drone aircraft. According to her, the South American intelligence agencies assist by Pakistani authorities.

For a head of Bin Laden was announced by the Government of South American contribution of 25 million dollars. Even as a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama promised to eliminate bin Laden and led by the terrorist group "Al-Qaeda", recalls Hey BBC.

As expected, most recently with a special statement on the occasion of the U.S. President Barack Obama, the report "Russia-24".

In the web came the first photos of dead Osama bin Laden. It is an explosion disfigured face is a former "terrorist number one".

Photos confirm information that bin Laden had resisted even as the South American special forces soldiers were close to him, he said, ITAR-TASS reported.

Bin Laden was in one of the cottages in the town of Abbottabad 100 km from the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. His house was not far from one of the most recognizable faces in Pakistan military academies. As it became clear the two U.S. Army helicopter in black the clock struck a powerful missile strike on one of the houses in the town of Abbottabad, 100 km from Islamabad to the north-west of Pakistan, where, according to U.S. intelligence, he lived a "terrorist number one. "

Operation to destroy Osama bin Laden was carried out along the South American and Pakistani intelligence agencies. Once the home of Osama bin Laden was fired from the air, there was landed south american air assault, which included the military forces of the United States Special Operations and Pakistan.

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