Western Military District in the 2nd half of 2012 will receive 8 Mi-28N Night Hunter

Under the state defense order before the end of 2012 Western military county (WEST) will receive from the manufacturer in its own composition 8 Mi-28N "Night Stalker". Receipt of this type of helicopter will significantly expand the ability of the Western Army Aviation Military neighborhood, reports the press service of the cooling zone. AEX.ru

"Crews Mi-28N "Night Hunter" Army Aviation completed the theoretical training and the recent start instruction in piloting, navigation and combat use of specialized simulators for new STV-28 ", — the environment.

The visual system simulator was based on computer image synthesis vnekabinnoy environment and includes a six-channel spherical projection-screen complex with viewing angles of the thermal imaging system simulator survey the terrain and simulator operation of night vision goggles.

"The crews during preflight training at the gym to work out all the acts of automatism in unusual and critical situations in different weather criteria at the lowest possible altitude, both day and night. Doing practical flying, flying in a full range of altitudes and speeds, improve the ability to generate and implement standard weapons flight crews will be on the ground in Central part of Russia and the terrain of the Southern Military neighborhood, "- said in a cooling zone.

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