Western Military District will receive complexes Iskander-M and T-90 tanks

Operational-tactical missile systems "Iskander-M"Tanks -90 and other weapons have recently acquired 20th army, which is part of the Western Military Area, said on Saturday the army commander, Major-General Alexander Lapin.

"Soon we'll be getting such modern and robust control systems and combat support, and percussion tools such as operational-tactical missile systems"Iskander-M"Modernized tanks -90, infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment, "- said Lapin on the radio station" Echo of Moscow ".

The general added that in recent times in the 20th Army armored cars and go "Tiger-M", the new army air defense systems and new means of communication. The commander of association recalled that in 2017 fraction of new weapons and military equipment to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation must be notified at least 70 percent.

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