Western ratings of democracy and prosperity: U.S. hand over positions

Ratings — it is so stylish. They have the politicians in high schools, in television shows and even states. On the days of the Austrian organization «The Democracy Ranking» has released a new ranking of democratic states in the world. "The hit of the season" here is that the United States of America, who boast of their own has long been a flawless democracy and taught her the planetoid, slipped to 15th place. We can not say so Our homeland (88th) pulled ahead US, but the fact that democracy in Washington and New York, retreats, already attracts attention. In addition, our homeland from researchers and is not considered a democratic state: it refers to the "semi-free" states.

Rating «The Democracy Ranking» — not yearly. He drafted only twice: in 2007-2008 is estimated. and 2010-2011. (The last one is named in the report rating 2012 years). The table compares the characteristics of 104 countries (which the organization considers the "democratic" and "semi-democratic") with 42 features and weights — from 1 to 100.

The United States fell back in the ranking from 14 th to 15 th position. However, they were slightly better in terms of scoring — from 78.3 to 78.5. They climbed over the lines "Politics", "Environment", "Health" and "knowledge", but lost in the "Economy" and "gender."

The last remark is not surprising. Barack Obama, followed by the Pentagon and supported the "gay" genders in 2012 alone, and the rating is made by the end of 2011. Well, the campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in some states resisted earlier gained momentum this year, too. With the "Policy" is also clear: the United States points added Obama's victory in Libya and generally full of commotion under the title "Arab Spring." It is also clear from the "economy": the crisis is a crisis of public debt and public debt is.

Advanced democratic countries on the basis of 2010-2011, were: Norway (88.5 points), Sweden (86.9), Finland (86.3), Switzerland (85.4), Denmark (84.1), the Netherlands ( 83.0), Bimbo Zealand (82.7), Germany (81.6), Ireland (81.0) and Austria (80.6). This is the first 10-minute. Recall that the organization — one of Austria.

If the United States fell in democracy, then who is up?

The most highest relative progress of democracy has been achieved (plus points) in Tunisia (8.1), Bangladesh (6.3), Libya (4.1), Zambia (3.6), Pakistan (3.6). Of the states of the "Arab Spring" best prospects for democracy — in Tunisia.

And who fell?

Most affected by the sharp decline of democracy: Hungary (-2.5), Bahrain (2.5), Honduras (-2.3), Latvia (-2.2), Ukraine (1.7), Sri Lanka (-1.7), Italy (-1.7), Greece (-1.7), Mexico (-1.3) and Guinea-Bissau (-1.2). Hungary and Italy separately lost in the line "policy." Loss in the quality of democracy and were the countries of Central America.

In Asia, more democratic countries were Japan (20 place in the table) and South Korea (33 place). In the Middle East a good position in Israel (23th place).

Obviously, our home is in the tail of the list — at the 88th place. "Procession" Short Haiti, Nigeria, Egypt, China, Pakistan, Togo, Guinea-Bissau, Libya, Syria, Yemen.

In another ranking of 2012, from the British think tank «The Legatum Institute», compiled since 2006, Our home is also not in front, but the United States and fell back two positions. This rating is dedicated to the welfare of the world, but its characteristics are identical. There are estimated economy, entrepreneurship, governance, education, health, safety, personal freedom, social capital.

In this ranking prosperous countries Our home was on the 66th position (in the past year was on the 59th).

Our homeland — Approximately in the middle. Total positions — 144. According to a study, level of the economy in Russia in 2012 rose to 62th place in the world to 72nd in 2011, but the business climate has not changed (remained at the 50th position). According to the level of trust in government country seriously slipped from 96 th to 118 th place. Public Health Level Our homeland has fallen from 42 th to 48 th, in terms of safety — from 82 th to 97 th, and in terms of cash — from 48th to 74th place. But the level of education of the Russian suddenly went from 34 th to 27 th place.

Bypassed the Russian rating of Kazakhstan (43rd place), Vietnam (53rd), Belarus (54th), Mongolia (59th) and Uzbekistan (64th).

About Of, at the 65th place — Belize, and on the 67th — the Philippines.

Falls in the ranking of Europe: Greece has dropped from 10th place to 49th, France — from 18 th to 21 th, Italy — from 30th place to 33rd.

The top three in the ranking of 2012 occupy Scandinavians: Norway, Denmark, Sweden. At the 4 th place — Australia, on 5th — Bimbo Zealand. Britain is in 13th place, after the United States, followed by Germany after her.

China based on in the 55th position. According to the views of analysts «Legatum», if the economy in China not bad, the situation of people with personal freedoms and security is in poor condition.

As for the U.S., then in 2012 the first time they were not included in the 10 most prosperous countries. The study of America's 12th place (last year ranked 10th).

Researchers believe that the loss of the country's 10-ki means "American Dream" in the threat. Fewer Americans believe in the fact that thanks to the work they will be able to succeed and achieve much, they have become less trusting of their own government. In their eyes economy the country is destroyed.

Worse than in the USA about security (27th place in the column), the economy (20th), with personal freedom (14th). This makes sense: there is a growing demand for guns. Exceptionally this year, there were two terrible disaster with mass murder — in Colorado and Connecticut, not counting the constant skirmishes with 3-4 victims. Kids die. The U.S. economy with more than 16 trillion national debt. bucks is facing a "financial cliff": Republicans and Democrats can not agree on cuts and cutting, including on social services, insurance, pension and military programs when necessary, and in January is expected to fall into the abyss. With regard to personal liberties, they destroyed the U.S. unconstitutional, for example, authorizes the National Defence Act of 2011, which simply passes the case on domestic terrorist investigations and interrogations into the hands of the military and intelligence agencies. The act removes the legal function and allows life to be detained at least some people. Snow-white house can only enter the "troika" and declare open the Gulag.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
— Especially for topwar.ru

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