Western world closer to a hot war with Syria

The situation in Syria is increasingly complicated — the West increases its pressure, and in the State of bloodshed. Syrian troops in the morning on July 31 stormed the large town of Nahal, they were oriented to the town a few weeks back, but they were not going to storm the town, limiting sweeps the suburbs. Bugger — this is one of the largest cities Syria, with a population of over 600 thousand people. He became one of the centers of anti-government protests, the city had previously been at the epicenter of the bloody events — in 1982, then began the uprising against the regime of Hafez al-Assad (Bashar al-Assad's father), he was drowned in blood.

His views on the Syrian authorities to the unrest provoked Nekhel foreign intelligence services, since July 8 city Ambassadors visited the United States and France in Syria. And Damascus has accused France and the U.S. of interfering in the internal affairs of Syria. Since July 20 Damascus claimed at foreign diplomats in advance to request permission to travel across the country. Threatening to completely prohibit foreign diplomats around the country.

"Counter-terrorism operation" Damascus holds in several towns — troops entered Deir az-Zaur, and August 1, began stripping the border with Iraq town of Al-Bukamal.

The Syrian opposition should own footsteps Libyan predecessors — 16 July in Istanbul (yet another signal that Turkey has decided to intervene in the affairs of Syria) held its own congress and made a "Council of State of salvation" for the confrontation with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. It included representatives of liberal and Islamist movements also are independent candidates. What a touching alliance — the West has managed to combine completely retroactive, showing the world that can be used perfectly as a "fifth column" and liberals and Islamists.

Do not suspend the Syrian opposition and the news of the introduction of a multiparty system in Syria. This was announced on July 25 Syrian Cabinet of Ministers. It would seem, "Dreams Come True", which still covet the Syrian opposition and Western critics "authoritarian government"? Virtually abolished the monopoly of the party "Baas" of power in the country. In addition, the official control of the Syrian elections ran from the executive authority (Ministry of Internal Affairs, the bodies of regional self-government) in the judiciary. See the election process will be the Supreme Electoral Council, consisting of 5 arbitrators appointed by the Supreme Tribunal of the country. The next step of Damascus, according to the Lebanese newspaper Ad-Diar, should be the introduction of a provision on the Syrian state's presidential election, with the role of multiple-independent candidates.

The reaction of the Western World

In July, the EU approved a new package of sanctions against Syria, the Syrian sanctions were four of which are associated with the security of the country, and seven officers who, according to the views of Brussels, is responsible for the use of violence against the civilian population. At the current time the sanctions are planning to expand by adding a "black list" has 5 teammates Assad.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on August 1 that the end of the regime of Bashar al-Assad is very close, giving him a deadline of a few weeks. Israeli President Shimon Peres called for the end of July Assad to resign.

Their embassies in Syria, Qatar and Italy closed. Italian Foreign Ministry suggested that "all countries in the Euro Union to withdraw the control of their own offices from Damascus diplomatically." At the UN discussions are adopting a resolution condemning the violence in Syria, insist on this western countries, but China and Our homeland far against such resolution. Beijing and Moscow oppose interference in the internal affairs of Syria.

What will the victory of the opposition in Syria?

As indicated by the example of Iraq, and a number of other countries in Asia, the country may delay the stability of the world and only the strong power of centralized, authoritarian, with a strong favorite. Syria is waiting on another civil conflict, liberals and Islamists will not be able to get along peacefully, plus a religious conflict, the problem of the Kurds. Thus, the Syrian "Muslim Brotherhood" is supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Teyip not once sought by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to end the persecution of the extremist organization. In the end, if the government will come out of this situation, the casualties will be much greater than with the hard to restore order by the central government. Well, about the independence of Syria, with the victory of the opposition have forgotten.

Taking into account the experience of revolutions in a number of states, it is a steel safe to say that the standard of living will plummet — there is a serious problem with the system of education, medicine, food, work, etc.

It is clear that the West "controlled chaos" in the country of Syria, just by the way — will be destroyed by anti-Western regime crushed an ally of Iran, the destruction of the Syrian state fits into the picture of the "Eurasia in the fire."


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