What is it and why Ingliizm lead to fire the Inquisition?

What is it and why Ingliizm lead to fire the Inquisition?For our contemporaries in the Russian state and beyond the very name of the ancient faith and Slavic Aryan peoples — Ingliizm forgotten and seems to be something alien, a stranger. In today's world there is "indisputable, scientifically proven opinion" about the so-called traditional Russian religions which have their "invaluable contribution" to the creation of Russian history and the Russian state. These religions today include Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.
But if you look closely at this "undeniable, proven scientific opinion" on the traditional Russian religions, the tradition of it can lead.

Christianity is only 2000 years ago, has been brought into the Russian land from the Byzantine Empire, later Islam — of Saud, Judaism — from Israel; Buddhism — from China. And what was with the Russian people initially, in the "what" or "whom" they believed before the "traditional Russian religions"? Official history on this question is answered unequivocally — The Russian people were pagans and professed pagan, barbaric cult of ignorant, semi-human.
But look at the word "pagan" on the other side. On Old Church — pagans it
1) aliens, strangers, foreigners, the representatives of other nations, with foreign to the Slavs beliefs, traditions and culture (Old Church Slavonic Dictionary. Moscow, 1894), or
2) "hostile Slavic tribes speaking different languages and believed in other gods" (Russian Veda. Appendix. Moscow, 1992). That is, from the point of view of the Slavs, the Gentiles were Christians, Buddhists, Jews and other religious followers foreign scientists, flood the Russian state.
If you ask the representatives of the official historical science about which beliefs were the other peoples of the world until the world's traditional religions, the answer is the same — the paganism. Unwittingly it seems that all of the nations in the world until the world's traditional religions practiced only one religion, paganism. People worshiped the same gods, the same forces of nature, and consequently all the polls were ignorant barbarians and had no history. Or all the same in every nation on earth created its own history, culture, tradition, have its own folk belief, which had its original framework and its unique name?
Our Russian history, unfortunately, are beginning to consider the time when The Great Powers had already posed the greatest social system with a strong people. Moreover, the Great Power, a rich trade, crafts and industry, somehow divided into two independent states: Kievan Rus and Novgorod Russia, as well as several small Russian principalities. Although the size of any small principality was several times larger than any Western state. Now very few people know, even among scientists, as originally called The Great Duchy, and the fact that they were one of the Slavonic-Aryan Power, covers vast areas of Europe and Asia, called Russenia.
At the same time hide the fact that the division of Great-Power into separate and sometimes conflicting Principality started due to interference in the VIII — X centuries. in the internal affairs of Russia foreign countries, from the Volga Bulgar and Khazar Khanate to the Byzantine and Roman empires. Highest authorities of these countries used various ways inciting hatred and enmity among the princes of the Great-from flattery, deceit, fraud, slander, bribery to armed raids on the Slavic towns and villages, and when these methods have not had success, due rebuff from Slavic ratey then Great Russian princes and their retinues in the guise of a "civilized education" began to impose new and alien to the Slavs and Aryans religion.
Persecution of practicing the ancient faith and its priests, arranged Clergy are not true followers of a religious scholar who recognized the deep, inner meaning of the Word of God in a new form, and the latter-day followers, who used the new religious teachings in their personal and selfish ends. As a rule, the latter-day followers to achieve their goals, including the usurpation of power used bigotry and utter ignorance of converts followers who do not know the essence of Spiritual Exercises, inciting their followers to ancient beliefs with a call to destroy the latter, because they are supposedly enemies of the "true faith."
One of the ways that these "experts" have chosen, this imposition plausible lie. For example, the myth that supposedly ancient faith Slavic and Aryan peoples disappeared more than a thousand years ago, during the Christianization of Russia, and in the modern world has been preserved no trace of the old faith and its followers do not exist.
This is a lie, which imposed on people for a long time. If there had been a period of dual faith in Russia, destroyed by Patriarch Nikon and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov in the XVII century, when lived in peace in the Russian representatives of the pre-Christian lands of Ancient Faith — Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings and faithful, in other words the righteous Christians. But the period of dualism is well described in the works of Academician Rybakov.
Patriarch Nikon in the XVII century, led the Christian Church in Muscovy. Held a church reform, which led to a split among Christians. Did not accept the reforms of Nikon Christians were called Old Believers, or official church dissenters. Patriarch Nikon of its reform, not only to replace dvuperstie trehperstie and procession around the church sent towards the Sun, he did his best to erase from the peoples inhabiting the Muscovy, the memory of the ancient pre-Christian Orthodox Faith. Burning in the monasteries of the Old Believers Old Believers, Nikon was trying to reach the desired
Another lie, occasionally appearing in books, newspapers and on television, is that the alleged "heathen" have been engaged in bloody sacrifices. From the position of the ancient faith of the Slavs and Aryans, it is absolutely not true and completely unsubstantiated claim, but which, nevertheless, finds echoes in the hearts of the ignorant people. Lies spread specifically to tarnish our ancient faith.
Must immediately declare that Ingliizm — Ancient Faith ancestors — in its original basis will not be anything anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic, as like to claim "experts" of pre-Christian religion and culture of the Slavs and Aryans. For Ingliizm existed long before the appearance on earth of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions. The original sources of Ingliizma to be found in the depths of antiquity, and the grace of the legendary country Daarija, which was on the North sinking continent.
Orthodox Old Believers-Ynglings always been, is and will be tolerant people who respect the right of every person to profess any religion or belief, and worship the God what he dearer and nearer to their liking.
The name of the ancient faith ancestors — Ingliizm, comes from da'Ariyskogo character words — the image of "Ingle". Meaning given by our wise ancestors to the original image Ingle, always meant the Divine Primary Fire of Creation, in which there were a variety of life forms in endlessly endlessly generated in the new reality, that is, multiple universes.
In modern times you need to know, or to any representative of the Slavic Aryan clans that spiritual system called Ingliizm — is ancient Faith of our ancestors, not a religion or a neo-pagan doctrine is like trying to treat today, some of our "scholars." Should immediately calm the political, social, and "religious" leaders, koi shout at each corner of the threat of racism and racial discrimination alleged in Ingliizme. Ingliizm teaches that every nation (clan, tribe), regardless of color, must maintain its own ancient original (generic) Faith, unique culture, unique traditions and live there, where the graves of their ancestors.
We — the Orthodox, because we are right and the glory of praise. We know indeed that the right — the gods of our world brighter and glory — Bright World, home to great and Mnogomudrye Our ancestors.
Excerpted from the website Svetomir.

Faith of Our Ancestors — Ingliizm — refers to the so-called, the ancient sun cults — light and spirituality, which gives priority to concepts such as conscience and worship their wise ancestors.
Ingliizm is the most affordable and simplest of worship for the Slavs, as it is the harmony of not only the existence of man and the gods, and harmony with nature, and harmony in the relations of man to man. The purpose of human life — it is life itself.
The meaning of all life, hid it in life itself, and to know the meaning of life, one must fully live it all without the rest, with all the joys and sorrows, with all the twists of fate and creatively to build, for the benefit of their clans and developing spiritually, to learn the Ancient Wisdom the gods and their ancestors.
The desire to explore the Ancient Wisdom, to the knowledge of the world and of itself, does not cause damage — there is an inherent feature of professing Ingliizm.
"He who runs away from his land to a foreign land in search of an easy life, the renegade clans of his, but he will not pardon him Rod, for the gods turn away from him …"
Study of culture and worldview of other (non-Slavic peoples), does not mean that the knowing of a foreign culture and traditions, the Slavs must abandon their families and friends of Culture, to abandon the faith of their ancestors and accept religious doctrine, according to which, all his deeds led , some anonymous and amorphous entity. Man is not a puppet run by anyone who wants. The man himself is responsible for all their actions and mistakes, and be responsible to the gods and their ancestors, the head of all the deeds of man must be just — conscience, for only in pure thought and conscience — God.
Life is made for life, not just in the World Reveal, but in the world, Navi, and the world of rules. Life, as a phenomenon, is given to man for a comprehensive study itself, as an integral part of the universe and for the knowledge of the universe, as an integral part of themselves. This man needs to learn creative work to be God — creator, to match our ancestors and the gods. And, knowing the creative life, and spiritually evolving, one comes to the conclusion that just as with life, the most important companion for him is — death, because life and death — is a form of existence, the two poles of a magnet, does not exist apart from each other in Nature.
"Do not be Slain Son in the womb of the Mother, Son, for who would kill in the womb, will bring the wrath of God, the Creator of the ONE"
Faith can not accept or reject, as opposed to religion or religious thought up. Faith exists regardless of whether anyone agrees with it or not. Vera (Vera — Shining Wisdom — a word consisting of two Rune: Veda — Wisdom, Knowledge, Pa — glow pure Light) — This is an ancient wisdom shining gods and ancestors of our (over 110 000 years). And just as it is impossible to change the lifestyle of their ancient ancestors, as you can not change the Faith, adjusting it to modern living conditions and political programs.
Ancient image transfer knowledge about the living structure in the universe is described by the Vedas can not be brought under the current criteria of the existing science, as modern scientific and political thought are degraded-regulating and backward with respect to the ancient wisdom stored in the Vedas. This is due to the fact that modern science is based on materialistic laws, which do not include intangibles (soul) and God (spiritual) phenomena and structures, as well as shared living forms of existence (mobile and immobile) on the living and non-living matter. All this is contrary to the Ancient Wisdom, contained in the Vedas:
"The soul is the stone and the tree."
"Alien life not to have known the mind and you will not become smarter …", says the ancient wisdom. Therefore Childbirth Great Race must develop its own laws, in accordance with their culture and traditions, respecting the purity of their own systems Mirovospriyatiya and Worship, not all kinds of tips and advice of well-wishers, various pastors and "spiritual teachers" come from nowhere and of calling to paganism (another faith, pagan — Lat. Pohane — foul).
"Do not take the victim's blood, not your anger of the gods (as the heathen do, ie foreigners) because disgusting for them to take the blood of the innocent creatures of God."
A man should not abandon their families and friends of culture, denying the old faith of their ancestors, from their history and traditions in favor of any new ideas or "scholar." Man must strive and work for the good of the Faith, a sort of People, Motherland and it must be ready to defend their family, their people, their homeland and faith from any external or internal threat to his heart, at the behest of Sovecti as bequeathed Our native gods and ancestors.
"Our Blood — Holy Blood!"
The territory on which settled Birth of the Great Race, called Russenia, and its inhabitants were called Rassiyane — Noble Race. Later word Russenia passed into Latin, and began to translate it simply — Russia. In ancient times the area Russenia washed by the waters of the four oceans: Frozen (Arctic Ocean), Eastern (Pacific), Western (Atlantic) and Marin (Indian Ocean).

Santee Vedas Perun (Wisdom of Perun) is one of the oldest Slavic-Aryan Holy Tradition, the priests, the keepers of the saved Ancient Russian Orthodox Old Believers' Church Ingliisticheskoy-Ynglings.
Santee in the original, but visually you can name the book as Santee — a plate of precious metal that is resistant to corrosion, which are inscribed h'Ariyskie Ancient Runes. Ancient Runes is not letters or characters in our modern sense, Rune — is secretly transmitting huge amount of ancient knowledge. This ancient form of writing has not disappeared, as other ancient alphabets and letters of the alphabet in the depths of the centuries and millennia, and continues to be the main form of letters from priests of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy church. In ancient times, runes h'Ariyskaya served as the main base for the creation of simplified forms of writing: the ancient Sanskrit, the Devil and cuts, Devanagari, Norse runes, and more.
To h'Ariyskaya Runic letter form continues, for our future, it is taught in the seminaries of Ancient Church, that Ancient Wisdom perished in a timeless and handed down from generation to generation.
Santee consists of 16 slokas, each sloka has 9 rows, each row 16 runes on each plate four slokas, two on each side. Santee nine to 36 plates — are terms, and these plates containing 144 slokas, stitched with three rings, which symbolize the three worlds: Jav (human world), Nav (World Spirits and souls of ancestors), right (Bright World Slavic-Aryan Gods) .
Santee have a meaningful dialogue form and recorded about 40,000 years ago. In the First Circle describes what gave people the commandments of the Great Race and the descendant of the Heavenly God Perun, forthcoming in future developments for Svarog Circle and Ninety Nine Circles of Life "that is, 40176 years, and much more.
The first transfer from h'Ariyskoy Karuna (h'Ariyskogo ancient language) was made in the summer of 7452 from the Creation in the Star Temple and Summer 12,952 from Great cooling (1944 AD) for the newly revived Slavic communities throughout Belovodye or as stated in Santee — Holy Land Race (now the territory of the Urals to Lake Baikal, and from the Arctic Ocean to the Mongolian Altai). Belovodye name derived from the ancient name of the river Iriy (modern river Irtysh — Iriy quietest, Il — quiet), in the ancient language has a rune Iriy, figurative meaning of which — white, clean water.
Used when translating the Russian form of the letter provides a more complete disclosure of the image of Ancient Runes, not Soviet, distorted in the 20-30 years of the twentieth century. Many words are given in the original basis, as neither in Russian, and especially in the Soviet language counterparts to the word and the image is not present.
The new edition follows the first translation of the Vedas Santee Perun and is also designed for the newly revived Slavic-Aryan Commons.
Translated Santee attended by several priests, so the sound of Santee diverse, but their meaning is unchanged. This publication is not a comment, but only explanations of some words, as all explanations can be given only by custodians or clerics Kapenov-Ynglings ie Keepers of Ancient Wisdom for the Slavic-Aryan temple and the sanctuary (temple).
Dots and lines of dots mean that these places contain such information, which is soon to open in the form as Ancient Knowledge, designed for service of goodness and truth can not be used for evil …
• Santee Vedas Perun — one of the oldest Slavic-Aryan Holy Tradition, the priests, the keepers of the saved Ancient Russian Orthodox Old Believers' Church Ingliisticheskoy-Ynglings. Santee have a meaningful dialogue form and recorded about 40,000 years ago.
• Harati Light — ancient Aryan tradition of the birth of the World. One of the sacred books of Old Believers Ynglings, along with the Indian Vedas, Avesta, Eddami, Sagami (Saga of Ynglings). Translation performed in the 60 years of this century, several communities of Ancient Church. The book of the sacred, but now it's a time when everything comes to light, and the elders of the Church of Ancient allowed the publication in late 1999.
• White Way — small in size, but big on the content of the ancient image of the legend that says about the basics of the Slavic world. Slavs have always been free men, for Will and conscience led them to the White (God) Path.
• The Word of Wisdom sorcerer Velimudra — Opinions of ancient sages recorded runes on the tablets of oak, clay tablets, and were called in Santee — the Word of Wisdom. Meet some of the statements of one of the ancient sage Belovodye, named Velimudr.
• The Saga of Ynglings — Tradition of the Old Believers Ynglings relocation to the West, to Scandinavia, cherished Genera Staroverov in Western Siberia and Iceland. And tells the story of the legendary historical and mythical times, a turbulent era of the Vikings and other nations.
• The Word of Wisdom Prophetic Oleg — Word of Wisdom, one of the great princes of the priests of ancient Russia. He went to Constantinople and arrived at the gates of his shield, showing Romeo, who is a real force. But even he could not escape his fate.
• Source of Life — For centuries, the ancient traditions and legends handed down from generation to generation, from generation to generation. Each Slavic Aryan or Intrapartum particle preserved its ancient world of images.

We had an expression of thanks Thank you, it means God save you. So pronounced the Jews, to ask God to save his own son during the crucifixion. Now such utter devoted Christians, when they want to protect themselves from outside influence, and ordinary people have imposed an opposite meaning.
We have nothing to defend themselves from each other. We talk to each other Thanks, Thank you, that is, I give the benefit. Hence the figurative concept Grateful people grateful posterity, thank you notes.
If there are words related concepts, semantic extension, the value of the word now, not invented by human beings. We can not say Spasibny people- God man escaped. Nonsense.
THANKS — abbreviated "God help us."
Rescue desire only created beings, as they are — servants of God.
Russian people neotchego escape, for they — children of God and create our own destiny.
So when they say, "Thank you" — they say, "Please!" That is "perhaps one hundred" (RR?), For the salvation of the children of God do not need.
When the "thank you" is used as an insult, meaning "God save me" from this dialogue, gift, or anything else, then the Russian people say, "Nezachto!" That is nezachto save you.
Slavic-Arias, expressing his appreciation for something, say, "Thank you," "Thank you!" (Ie — "I give you good"), and in response, says: "To your health" (ie . — it to go on your health.)

From an early age, all children, from the birth of the Great Race and the descendent of heaven, brought up in accordance with the Laws of Heaven Rod — originator: the sincere love of his ancient family, tribe, in respect to its original Native Faith Heritage (history), original culture and folk traditions, in reverence for elders and in the care of the younger, as required by the ancient law of Rod and patriarchal way of life.
Ancient Laws and Rod Ingliizm always brought up in the younger generation svastichnoe feeling of Love, which itself includes four kinds of love:
-Love to the original faith (truth) and Gods (parent);
-Love to Rod (person, family, family, women, children, traditions);
-Love for Mother Nature (the various forms of life);
-Love for the land of their ancestors (Fatherland, Power, Heritage (History), and Cultural Organization).
These are the four kinds of love helps to create a child of the Great Race harmonious man, the future successor of the ancient Slavic-Aryan clans, help it grow and improve in their lives, filling their four components: body, soul, spirit and conscience — the Divine Light of Love.
Love for the Original Faith and Light Gods childbirth develops human spirit, love for the native land of his great ancestor, develops human body, and the love of family (Heaven and the Earth), and develops in a person's conscience.
The harmonious development of svastichnoy person (body, soul, spirit, conscience) is always determined by the two great principles which are constant component of the ancient law of Rod, "honoring the gods and their ancestors, to live always in good conscience and in harmony with nature", and feeling svastichnoe love only kindly supportive.
Harmonious human development is possible only when a man from the birth of the Great Race, developed all four components: body, soul, spirit and conscience. If you do not develop them all at once, or to develop only one particular part of the whole, the harmonious development of the disturbed, and this leads to a violation of human and children of his family, the degradation of man, and ultimately to the degeneration and death of the Old Rod.
Getting a child to race a kind of figurative symbols and Faith begins in infancy with oberezhnyh signs and ornaments depicted in the crib or cradle, with wooden and clay toys, in which live images and Ancient Tradition. Familiarizing children to the Original Faith of the Ancestors, to master the skills of creative labor is between the ages of 3 to 7 years, for in this age of all children, from the birth of the Great Race, greatly develop the community thinking. Children learn about the world and learn the skills of creative labor by imitating the older generation, and to draw much from their peers from other genera. For children it is a special, interesting way in real life, where they are trying to be like their older brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents.
At first the children at an early age, play together, then six years old, the boys began to put his paramilitary game, and the girls — their own, but they have retained the general games that they play with infancy.
In Slavic and Aryan Rodach small children under 12 are not separated by gender, and called them all equally — Chado. Every boy and every girl has always brought up to respect the opposite sex. Children dressed in a shirt, made not from a new cloth, and be sure of the clothes their parents. Shirt boy shirts sewn from the Father, and the shirt girl — Mother of a shirt, it is connected with the mighty oberegovoy parental force that guards the younger generation and helps carry lessons that give parents and the priests of the Old Faith.
On the lessons imparted to children the concept of honor, sincere friendship, mutual fidelity to the Word, and the duty to the race. Girls, strongly stated that the boys — the future of men of war, defenders of the native land and the Ancestors, loving and gentle wife, fathers and heads of households, the owners and to multiply the good old gentile, God-Clans of the Great Race organizers, curators Ancient Faith and Wisdom kind, and so they have to respect and honor the boys as well as the heavenly gods.
In turn, the boys always says that girls — beautiful women are the future, designed to continue the ancient Childbirth Great Race, patient comfort creator in the native land of the Ancestors, loving and gentle wife, large, caring mother, hardworking lady, Domestic Goddess Guardian hearth, so the boys have to respect and honor the girls as goddesses and heavenly Virgin.
Starting from 7-9 years, children will learn all the basics of the original Ingliizma and general literacy (four kinds of writing Race), numeracy and computing, writing, natural history, ie knowledge, explaining the divine, natural and human sources of life on Midgard-earth.
Education of children of the Great Race, both spiritually and physically, from the Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings, only men, the heads of the Slavic-Aryan Clans and family union, ie Fathers and grandfathers. The lot of all Slavic and Aryan mothers surround children affection, care, love and attention, but they should not indulge the whims of children, for this, they can ruin a clean soul and spirit bright child who will indulge.

On the third day after the birth of each child gets his first original name, as determined in accordance with the law of the ancient clans Lubomir. When the children of Slavic and Aryan Clans, celebrates 12 years (108 months) and they achieve growth 7 genius (124 cm), for children, the Great Race, a new chapter in their lives.
All of the younger generation is an ancient rite of age and naming ceremony, because our ancestors believed name of an important part of the human person. After passing the ancient rite of the old faith, boys and girls are considered adults, adults who are prepared to carry on the traditions of their ancient birth.
If, before the passage of the Rite of majority, they are under the protection and full custody of their parents, who bore the entire responsibility, after the Rite of age, the younger generation is fully responsible for all his acts committed, words and deeds, as befits an adult. A young man of 12 years received two swords — meant that for nine years they have to master fighting techniques Sword and become warriors, Gods defenders kinda its ancient faith and their own land, regardless of the chosen path and caste.
Keeping Spiritual and moral commandments, Slavic and Aryan peoples were spiritually invincible! Does not affect this even that the descendants did not know all of his past. In the Holy Land — Belovodye where our ancestors originally lived after the Great Flood, and then in all the territories where the Slavs and Aryans settled, based on the Ancient Wisdom is always the cult of ancestors, and not some mythical amorphous forces. It is the cult of ancestors — the basis of the high spirituality that people have Clans of the Great Race.

Priestly wisdom was not always possible to transfer in full, which led to the inevitable changes in the cultural and spiritual image Clans of the Great Race. Faded about the land from which their settlement occurred. If the Holy Land of the White peoples of Belovodye, ordinary people knew very little in the tenth century AD, in the XX century became know even less. The reason is hidden aggression on the part of the dark forces in all areas of our lives, both physically and in mental terms.

First, replace the native faith on another religion. Missionaries, preachers from other countries called to renounce in favor of Native Gods foreign god. Changed and simplified to the extreme ancient alphabet, removing from it the "extra letters" and figurative foundation for the good pretext of simplicity and perfection. Thus deprived children creative thinking and the ability to think creatively, to match the Gods. Modern theologians are trying to prove the unprovable. In 1700 Peter I changed the calendar and thus deprived the Russian people has its own heritage (stories) with a length of 5 thousand years. Bible are trying to present as the only scripture among the Slavs and Aryans at the turn of the ninth and twelfth centuries. AD

From a certain point of life on Earth, the evil, for the generic Great Race, was to find his way in this world through the Jews. Evidence of this is man-book Talmud, Jewish Ledger.

For example, to refer to non-Jews, the Jews are the following words: goy — not a Jew, Gentile, nokri — a foreigner, a stranger, Akum — idolater. As we see, goy means Slav or any Russian who practice the pre-Christian Faith. Talmud permits the Jew and Gentile were punished destroy them physically. "We must kill the most honest among the Gentiles" (Tozefot, I, a), "shed the blood of non-Jews is pleasing to God" (Nidderas-bamidebar-slave, p.21). Talmud Jew constantly inspires a person can be called only by him. Person does not recognize anybody, except the Jews, because they were descended from one of the first man, and all the other nations of the unclean spirit, and should therefore be called cattle (Yalkut Ruben Paraska Beres, nx 10, 2).

Not behind the Talmud Christian Bible, in which the Old Testament, painted Jews and for Jews, makes recommendations to the Jews for economic strangulation of other nations through usury, and to destroy them. Engine of economic enslavement of the peoples through usury or as they say in Russia, extortion (quickly and many have), painted in detail in the book of Deuteronomy:

"4.1. And now, Israel, listen to the statutes and judgments which I have [today] teach you, that you may live, [and multiply], and go in and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers, gives you [a legacy];
23.19. Not lend upon usury to thy brother (by context — Jew) nor silver, nor bread, nor anything else that is lent upon usury:
23.20. stranger (ie Jew) lend upon usury, but unto thy brother not lend upon usury, that the Lord thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to land that you are entering to possess it;
28.12. … And you will lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow [and will reign over many nations, but they will not be on you to rule]. "

Isaiah said that to do with those people who do not obey the economic and territorial expansion of the Jews:

"60.10. And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings — to serve you;
60.11. And they will be open continually thy gates shall not be shut, day or night, to bring to you the wealth of the nations, and that their kings.
60.12. For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you — die, those nations shall be utterly wasted. "

In the book of Deuteronomy is given a direct order to destroy not only the culture of the Slavs, the ancient faith of their ancestors, and the physical destruction of people, along with their name:

"12.2. Destroy all the places, wherein the nations which ye shall possess served their gods, upon the high mountains and on the hills, and under every green tree;
12.3. and destroy their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire, and break down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place. "

Kiev Prince Vladimir the Red Sun by the nature of Novgorod was the illegitimate son of Prince Svyatoslav hazarki Malusha. He was one of the first Russian prince betrayed the Faith of progenitor. Kagan Russian Land — as he called himself. As a result of baptism, or rather the first civil war, in 6508, the (1000 AD) of the 12 million rusichej in Kievan Rus three quarters were destroyed. Only 3 million people slaughtered, the baptism of fire and sword. Christians were mostly merchants, traders, the ruling "elite". At the turn of the ninth and twelfth centuries was broken between the generations. Parents — Slavs and Aryans — were exterminated newly minted Christians and missionaries and orphans hammered faith of the people of Israel. Honoring the great ancestor became a crime, sedition and idolatry and the worship of idols of Israel — a great virtue.

There is a distortion of history, which corresponded to please those in power. White becomes black, and black — white. Destroyed ancient cultural tradition of millennia of Slavic peoples. In the X-XII century it has known Russ. Previously, the doctrine of Israel know the Romans, Greeks, Germans, Franks, Saxons, Scandinavians, Wends. Without the participation of the opponents of the Light has not done in the destruction of the ancient library — storage of valuable books: proto-Sumerian Babylon, Alexandria in Egypt, the destruction of the archipelago of Santorini, the death pantry papyrus in Thebes and Memphis, the destruction of the Etruscan Library in Rome, setting fire to the church, temple in Athens, destroying vast library in Constantinople, the disappearance of libraries Yaroslav the Wise and Ivan the Terrible. Anything that would indicate a 600-40-10-thousand-year life of the people inhabiting the Midgard-earth, is not there, his "someone" destroyed.

On Russian soil, the term "Orthodox" was adopted from the Old Believers Ynglings and introduced to Christianity only in the XVII century by Patriarch Nikon, in times of Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, and prior to that wing of the Byzantine Christianity in Russia called orthodox, ie faithful. Romanov dynasty destroyed Russenia or Old Russia. Acts of Peter: to destroy a united state, withdrew India, Persia, Turkey, China, Scandinavia, Palestine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Siberia, Far East, etc.; gave ancient faith of their ancestors, destroyed the conservatives, the wise men, put down the uprising Russian people, unleashed civil war between the center and the provinces, with a shot gun at the temple bells, cut boyars, destroying books and old tribal customs; allow incest, introduced the fashion to marry a foreigner, let family marital ties, which initiated the genetic degeneration of the nation, especially the ruling class; reformed Calendar, depriving Russia completely past, began to write the history and laws for themselves; abolished the patriarchate, entered the synod.

The whole church reform Nikon reduces not only the replacement of the liturgical books in the phrase "the orthodox Christian faith" to "orthodox Christian faith" to dvuperstiya trehperstie etc. The true purpose of the reform was to Nikon to erase from public memory the original meaning of the word "Orthodox" — is rightly famous (!) And put an end to the period of dual faith in Russia, when the tolerant co-existed in the Russian land "faithful Christians," or, as they call themselves Old Believers — "Righteous Christians," and Conservatives — "Orthodox Slavs" confessing Ingliizm whom Christians called Inglyanami. For Inglyan (Old Believers Ynglings) Christian Patriarch Nikon and Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov was preparing one event — complete physical destruction, as required by the Bible.

Particularly successful in promoting the Forces of Darkness spirituality and incest. The main recipe for degeneration of the Slavs and Aryans — incest, ie Violation of the law Rita.

Because of the information war waged by the ministers of monotheistic religions, began the division of the once united and great Slavic-Aryan Power into separate parts. Oblivion Faith ancestors from the leaders of tribal communities, teams and Cossack units led to the fall of the Slavic principalities, which contributed to the decomposition of a single Slavic-Aryan Power on the part of religious and ethnic characteristics predetermined beginning of fratricidal wars of former Slavic peoples together.

Nowadays you can watch breaking into small fragments that remained of the great powers. And the process continues at a heightened pace today. In fact, at the turn of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing the final tragedy of the Great Powers — the disappearance of it from the face of the Earth, along with a delivery of the Great Race.

All of the above is only part of the goal pursued in their work world government, and those who stand over him.
Slavic-Aryan Vedas, as the Avesta, goes back to the original source of knowledge — Vesta. Hence — the word "are known", ie — From Vesta. Similarly, the word "story" — From the Torah-I, ie originating from iuddeyskoy Torah. To refer to past events, the experience and wisdom of ancient Slavs and Aryans originally used the word "legacy" (ie, that the next time, generations and human actions).
Profanity language has reached the point that the concept of faith — has become synonymous with fanaticism. But we remember that faith — Radiance Pure Light of Wisdom and Knowledge.
Word of Faith consists of two runes Aryan `s letter: Veda — Wisdom, Knowledge, Pa — Light, Clear Light. Thus, faith — it is not "belief and confidence in com-than-n., Belief in the existence of God, the same as religion" as it treats the concept of "Dictionary of the [new] Russian" S.I.Ozhegova (M. 1964, page 70). Such an interpretation of the concept of "faith" is close fanaticism: "Fanaticism — extreme intolerance inherent fanatics … fanatic — a man ecstatic religiosity, bigot, a man passionately devoted to what Mr.. the case. " (Ibid., page 835).
Faith can not accept or reject, as opposed to religion or religious thought up. Faith exists regardless of whether anyone agrees with it or not. Faith — an ancient Shining Wisdom of the Gods and our ancestors, and also how you can not change the way of life of their ancient ancestors, as you can not change the Faith, adjusting it to modern living conditions and political programs. It is also possible, as, for example, to choose a new parent, and to be born of them.
White people should not abandon their families and friends of culture, to renounce the faith of their ancestors, from their history and traditions in favor of any new ideas or political programs. Man must strive and work for the benefit of a kind, the people, the Fatherland and it must be ready to defend their family, their people, their country against any external or internal danger, by his heart, in his conscience, as bequeathed to our gods and ancestors.

Based on the Chronicles of Ancient Runic Ingliisticheskoy Orthodox Old Believers Church Ynglings, ancient Slavic-Aryan name of our Earth — Midgard-Earth. It revolves around the Sun Yarily. Jarilo-Sun is in the structure of the Galactic stellar systems Swati (no parallel in modern constellations), also called the Way of Perun, or Heavenly Iriy. Swati presented as a left-handed swastika. At the bottom of one of the sleeves svastichnyh Swati is Yarylo-Sun. It is Trisvetlym as illuminates the three worlds: Jav, Nav, rules. Jarilo-Sun enters the constellation Zimun (Celestial Cow, or Ursa Minor), is the eighth star.
In Svastichnom arm of the galaxy is the solar system with Zlata Sun. Births of White people living on Earth in the solar system, it was his Dazhbog-Sun (now Beta Leo). It is called Yarovelikim Zlata Sun, it is more for exposure to bright light beam in size and weight than Yarylo-Sun. Zlata revolves around the Sun-Earth Ingard, the orbital period is 576 days. Ingard Earth has two moons. Most of the moon — period of 36 days, and the Small Moon — 9 days. Zlata solar system is in the Hall of Races at Svarog Circle (Slavic-Aryan sign of the zodiac). The System Zlata sun on Ingard-earth, there is biological life, similar to life on Midgard-earth. This earth is the ancestral home of many of the Slavic-Aryan birth.
Midgard-Earth was at the intersection of the space of eight paths that linked the inhabited earth (planet) in the different worlds of Light (star system), home to only the people of the Great Race (White). In ancient times, the first representatives of the White Humanity and settled obzhili Midgard-Earth.
Many years ago there was a great Assa — The Great War of the Gods of Light Heavenly Peace rules with Dark Forces, who came from the world of hell. Great Assa between Light and darkness covered the Worlds Reveal, Navi and the Government. This battle of light and darkness occur at regular intervals, "at the expiration of Svarog Circle and Ninety Nine Circles of Life", ie over 40,176 years.
In one of the battles of intergalactic space ship (flying celestial chariot — Vaitmar) carrying migrants to other fly past Earth and the Sun Yarily crashed and forced to land on Midgard-earth. Vaitmar down on the mainland, which was named star travelers Daar — Gift of the Gods.
Vaitmar — big celestial vehicles capable of carrying in the womb of his to 144 Wightman. Wightman — small flying chariot. Wightman carries a different type of ships — Wiman. Wiman — scout craft.
On Vaitmar were representatives of four nations allied Lands of the Great Race: Childbirth Aryans — h'Ariytsy, da'Ariytsy; Childbirth Slavs — Russ and Svyatoruss. Da'Ariytsy acted as pilots. H'Ariytsy were kosmonavigatsionnye work. Svyatoruss engaged in life support systems, the ship conducted damage control. Rassam meet the ship for servicing systems. These were people with white skin, and average more than two meters. Iris of the eye of each of the clans had different colors: green had h'Ariytsy; silver — da'Ariytsy, heavenly — Svyatoruss; fire — Russ. Eye color depends on what kind of sun light to people of these genera in their native lands. Aryans are distinguished by the fact that we could detect falsehood from truth.
After repair of the crew flew Vaitmar (returned "to heaven"), and some stayed on Midgard-earth. Many like to Midgard-earth. There were no people, there were only animals. Those who remained on the Midgard-earth were called "Az am the". Ase or Aces, are Gods — The descendants of the celestial gods, who live on Midgard-earth.
This was followed by migration to the Ingard-earth people of the white race on Midgard-Earth, Daar. People have moved on Midgard-Earth remember their ancient ancestral and called themselves only as "Dazhbogovy grandchildren," ie, descendants of the Clans of the Great Race, koi live under the radiance Dazhbog-Sun. Living on the Midgard-earth were called the Great Race, and those living on Ingard-Earth — ancient race. Ancestors called themselves the descendants of the Clans of the Great Race and Rod Heaven, or Rasichami.
On Midgard-Earth Gods repeatedly came and talked to the descendants of the Great Race, handing them their Wisdom: Knowledge of the World, the World of Radiance, and other worlds. All residents in the various worlds (in galaxies, star systems) and on the ground, where representatives of ancient family, living up to the Ancient Wisdom, childbirth and the foundations of the Rules, which adheres to Rod. Wisdom of the genera of the Great Race is passed from generation to generation. It took 165,032 years from the time when the Goddess Tara visited Midgard-Earth. She is the younger sister of God Tarh called Dazhbog. Goddess Tara always sparkles kindness, love, affection, care and attention to the people. North Star in the Slavic-Aryan people in the name in honor of this beautiful Goddess — Tara.
God has given many Kolyada Rodham Great Race, settled in the western area, the number system of seasonal time to conduct field work — Calendar (Christmas Carols Dar), and their wise Vedas, the Commandments and instructions.

STEPS OF FAITH Clans of the Great Race
Ingliizm, kak and any of the ancient systems of Worship, based on the gradual ascent of the stairs cheloveka Spiritual Development Mire Reveal, called Steps of Faith, and further progress on the path of spiritual Zlata development and improvement through Miry Navi and glory to the Divine Miru Rights.
The most important thing for cheloveka of Sorts Great Race — not to focus on themselves, on their feelings and their reasoning. The goal has never been fully justifies the means, for it is possible to make every effort and money, but not tak or achieve its cherished goal.
At the beginning of his rise up the steps of the Faith chelovek listens mostly only themselves to indulge their desires and whims, but the higher he climbs the ladder of spiritual development, the less he listens to his inner voice, his desires and feelings, and most of all start to listen to the okpyzhayuschemy to the world of Mother Nature. So the most important thing for Spiritual Development cheloveka — learn to see and hear okpyzhayuschy world. When chelovek learn to see and listen to the outside world, the outside world will open it takie Spiritual Quality Assurance, the kotoryx he had no idea. Following on the harmonious development of world okpyzhayuschego Steps of Faith, acting at the request and building okruzhayuschego world with love in his heart, the ancient name of "follow the fate" or "Poky obey."
For the beginning of his spiritual development, the new generation of the families of the great race back at three stages of the Faith, performing nine Upokov.
People should never create a dark, pekelnyh and chaotic worlds, ie Worlds (images), which manifest evil, cruelty, parasitism and idleness, selfishness and hatred, bloodshed and violence, lies and deception, fear and disbelief. The most important thing is not to create the forms and types of end of life for a new reality (imagination), because the latter may destroy not only created a new reality, but also to destroy the person who made such a dark world.

Climbing on the first stage of the Faith.
The first lesson — climbing the ladder of spiritual development begins with inner peace, that is, when chelovek stops to listen to yourself and open your ears and eyes to okpyzhayuschego world, while he begins to learn the diversity kpacok and sounds created by Nature.
Second Lesson — chelovek begins with the fact that he looks inward to see the variety of sounds and kpacok interior, and come to know that takzhe ancient sorts of wisdom, which was at its birth on Midgard-earth. The key to this great words of wisdom known to everyone from the birth of the Great Race, it is enclosed in the ancient admonition: "Go there, not knowing where, know that one knows that for you."
The third lesson — begins with a comparison of varieties that exist outside, and varieties that exist in, and awareness of the unity of all of these images and manifolds provides the key to understanding what chelovek — an integral part of Mother Nature (and not a king and not a slave), and the nature and the entire universe — an integral part cheloveka.
The first three Uroka help a person to climb the first step is never ending ladder of spiritual development, and the man should not see themselves as an integral part of pabskuyu anything or anyone, but should see themselves as full and productive a single particle of the universe, able to create new universes and new creation.
In order to get on the Step of Faith, have to master the first three learned, then the following three lessons.

Climbing to the second stage of the Faith.
Fourth Lesson — reveals to man that can be great in the small, and may be small in the grand. This lesson begins with a complete relaxation and focus on the external image of himself.
After that, the created image is moving away at a rate that is removed before the eyes of the city, the country, the Earth-Sun system Yarily, galaxy, etc.
Fifth lesson — is a continuation of the fourth, but with a hollow in the visual itself. Before the eyes close kakoy nibyd organ, cell, molecule, nucleus, etc. to energon.
Sixth Lesson — called "Two Pyki." This is due to the fact that in the palm of his left hand, we have focused the entire image of the microworld, and the palm of the right hand, we have focused the entire image of the macrocosm. Combining the two hands together, we combine two of these images into a single image.

Climbing to the third stage of the Faith.
Seventh Lesson — helps cheloveky perceived image Ancient Runes inscribed in Santee and Harati, helps to understand them and revive these images by Living Word. To fulfilled the above, you must clear the mind from unnecessary thoughts that knock with meaning, drawn in Santee and Harati. Santee Harati and compiled so that the image is transferred slokas certain sequence Ancient Runes, and for any given line or more Ancient Runes of slokas can not convey the full image of all the slokas, as well as separately taken part of the human body can not describe the full image cheloveka.
Eighth Lesson — This lesson tells the nine consciousnesses cheloveka that ancient image transfer knowledge about the structure of the Living in the universe described in Santee and Harati, it is impossible to bring to the modern criteria of the existing science, because modern scientific thought is deteriorating and backward relative k Ancient Wisdom, stored in the Vedas. This is due to the fact that modern nauka built on materialistic zakonax which do not cover intangible (soul) and God (spiritual) phenomena and structures, a well shared living forms of existence (mobile and immobile) on the living and non-living matter. All this is contrary to the Ancient Wisdom, contained in the Vedas: "The soul is the stone and the tree."
Ninth Lesson — allows cheloveky recognize previous eight lessons a single image. Anyone who is aware of a single image, a packroet Oko Spiritual Knowledge, kotopoe cheloveky will become a Man with a capital letter, for only Chelovek is the creator of the universe by the new law of succession: "Gods of ours, the essence — our fathers, and we are their children." When Chelovek vividly imagine kakoe-produced an event or action, thus he has already created a new image of the Mire Navi that will last forever. In explicit Mire is the embodiment of all the ideas and dreams of Cheloveka. And in the process of climbing the ladder of Spiritual Faith Chelovek increases and develops the form of existence of the Mira, and after Life Transformation (physical death), he is the Creator God of the new reality. The more harmonious will the new reality created and the more it is filled with love and God's creation, so in a more harmonious Supreme mir at the Zlata spiritual path gets Chelovek Life after the Transfiguration.
The basis for the Ninth Lesson — people should never create dark, chaotic and pekelnyx Mirov, ie Mirov which manifest evil and cruelty, parasitism and laziness, hatred, selfishness, kpovoppolitie and violence, lies and deception, fear and disbelief. Most importantly — do not create the forms and types of end of life for a new reality, because the latter may destroy not only created a new reality, but also to destroy the person who created the dark MIP.

We have learned to recognize the bodily ailments. Why is at the Spirit do not have such high sensitivity?
Because we are in the vast majority — are blind! And this blindness is cultivated deliberately and very aggressive.
Think of what the lot set aside for people that rely on shaping the worldview of children (kindergarten and school teachers, libraries, museums, serving, and administrative staff of these institutions).
Pandemonium of the curriculum innovations and miserable on a light image and likeness of miserable U.S. — best forgotten, like a monstrous amount of lies, which is under a lot of pressure in the head is pushed out of the mouth of children and teachers from the pages of textbooks!
Let's stop praying for IQ!
Which oblivion sunk free mugs and clubs, DSSH, Youth Academy, DOSAAF TRP? One of the young know what these abbreviations?
Do not live better doctors, academics, the Corps of Engineers, scientists and artists (not trash, not mass, not ersatz, not pop and not pop, and — Culture!).
The content of television programs and commercials, in addition to mental debilitation of the nation, and plant the utter lack of spirituality, worship the golden calf, permissiveness, impunity, formed purely consumerist psycho, tough cut on the brain, that corruption, alcoholism and smoking — is an essential element of life.
Thus, in addition to alcohol-and drug nicotine genocide, there is a strong ideological sabotage directed against the Nation. For the embodiment of that paid a lot of money! To whom? I suppose it is easy to understand … and then, and another character is deliberate, since "Dark forces used two ways in which to lure people and prevent them from developing … creative … build, develop spiritual and emotional: the first — ignorance, and the second — ignorance. At first do not give way to know the people, and the second — assert that knowledge is unnecessary and harmful to the people. "
By the way, you know what the "people" is different from "public"? People — is part of people working on the race (human), and the population — those who inhabit a certain territory. Inhabit — and all! The last 16 years have led to an undeclared war that the people now is 5, maximum — 7 percent of the population.
People! Wake up!

Historical materials are taken from various sources.

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