Who — in Brussels, and who — in June

The candidate Dmitry Uss preparing a TV show — this time longer than 7 minutes. Victor Tereshchenko "went to Chervensky area and beyond." Or bought that Yaroslav Romanchuk at Mogilev market? How was the day of the presidential candidates, tracked our correspondent.

At noon, when this information is gathered, not all candidates managed to get through. Helped managers election headquarters. On Alexei Yanukevich, presidential candidate Gregory Kastusyou morning met with activists in Mogilev, then arrives in Minsk, where he will prepare for tomorrow's speech on television. "What can you tell about the second television appearance of the candidate?" — I asked Mr. Yanukevich:

"If the first address many of the program was carried out, the second is more focus on the current political situation. Evaluation will be given to the authorities, the opposition."

Dmitry Uss said that today devotes time to come the speech on television. A week ago, the presidential candidate has used only 7 minutes from the thirtieth allocated to it, "What is your new television it?"-I asked for Mr. Uss.

"I will make sure that people understand what I want, and supported me. Already 7 candidates have supported me, and now must support the majority in Belarus. This will be the result. A 7 minutes, 8 or 10 — it's just … people who say this do not understand. Nothing better to do what they say. "

Let me remind you, Dmitri Vc included in the preliminary presentation proposals to amend the electoral code and continues to promote them vigorously.

Victor Tereshchenko Wake found in the car. "I'm going to Chervensky region and beyond in the Minsk region," — said the candidate. Also, presidential candidate Viktor Tereshchenko said that in the first half of the day meeting with representatives of public organizations, including the Society for the Blind, and the veterans of World War II.

The head of the organizing committee of the Union "For modernization" Alexei Mikhalevich about his affairs, tells his story:

"I had a number of meetings, including recorded for" Belsat "along with Yuri Khaschevatsky. Tomorrow meal at Mogilev, so get ready for the trip."

Vitaly Rymashevski answered the questions of "Freedom" at the airport "Minsk-2". Presidential candidate flew to Brussels, where he had a number of meetings. The morning of the candidate recorded speech on the radio, but about the situation with the printing of its program in the state media asked to turn to the head of his staff Paul Sevyarinets.

"Until now, the state of the newspaper refused to print our program, because there is a call to come to October Square. Evening, the issue will be resolved."

Paul Seviarynets added that a single line of program Rymasheuski headquarters of the candidate will not be removed.

Similar problems with the printing of the program in the state media have emerged and the candidate Statkevich:

"Cling to each critical word. Example, when I recommend not to take part in early voting, the editors of regional newspapers have decided that this is not a program."

Statkevich does not intend to withdraw from their program a word.

In Yaroslav Romanchuk Today a number of meetings in Mogilev. The candidate met with workers at the checkpoint, "Man-made fiber", visited the city market, but with 18 hours a Romanchuk is a meeting with voters in the College of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

"Today Andrei Sannikov preparing a speech on television and hold important meetings ", — reported in the headquarters of another presidential candidate.

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