Wildfires have destroyed dozens of homes in the U.S. Oklahoma

Wildfires in Oklahoma.  USA.  Photo: fwnews.ruGrassland fires getting to the three settlements in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, burned more than 30 homes and hundreds of people evacuated, reports on Saturday channel CNN.

Burned houses located on the outskirts of cities Choctaw, Miduest City and Shawnee. In all the 77 districts in the State introduced a state of emergency.

"According to our information, homes and other property was destroyed by fire, we do our best to help the people of Oklahoma," — said the representative of the emergency services in Oklahoma, Mary Fallin.

Wind velocity of 24 to 40 meters per second, with gusts up to 64 meters in some places in the second, to the rapid spread of fires in dry weather. According to weather forecasts, next week in the state will be warm weather without precipitation.

Another fire raging in the neighboring city of Boulder, Colorado.

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