Will change if the drones the U.S. Navy carrier-based fighter?

The news portal Lenta.ru spread information that the naval forces of the United States accelerate the development and adoption by UAV weapons (Unmanned aerial vehicle) carrier-based. According to current plans, enacting carrier-based drones to happen by 2018, but the command of the Navy of the United States believes that it is necessary to speed up development.

As you know, the United States Navy aircraft carriers need to approach the enemy on the banks of the least distance of 800 km, but in this case the deck strike aircraft can perform combat tasks assigned. But every year the world grows the number of states with aircraft and precision-guided weapon capable of hitting targets that are at a distance of over 800 km. Just in case the drones come and "help" carrier-based fighter.

The American company Northrop Grumman currently being developed deck impact UAV X-47B UCAS. This same development is more enthusiasm for the U.S. Navy, as the radius of the acts of the UAV is about 2.5 thousand kilometers. The design of the UAV will apply stealth technology, establish a system of in-flight refueling, electronic means of oppression, a set of reconnaissance equipment, also corrected bombs and missiles.

X-47B at the current time is in the testing of early stage: the UAV is undergoing flight tests. It is expected that in 2012, the UAV will take the penalty takeoff / landing on an aircraft carrier, and the tests on the aircraft-carrying ship will begin in 2013. Adoption of the X-47B on armament scheduled for 2018

We recall not so long ago, the Pentagon released a report, which focuses on testing a promising carrier-based fighter F-35C. The Ministry of Defense of the United States remains very distracting skills F-35C, also in time testing in the aircraft structure has identified a number of significant drawbacks, chief among which was the failure fighter landing on an aircraft carrier. If you remove the deficiencies in the coming time does not work, and the project will be closed F-35C, it is possible that the adoption decked drones into service will be able to make up for the shortage in the Navy U.S. carrier-borne fighters.

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