Wind snapped power lines in 32 points Transnistria

Hurricane winds on Monday night snapped power lines in 32 towns of Transnistria, told local news agency "Olvia-press" referring to the Emergency Management Ministry of the Interior of the unrecognized republic.

Suffered most Dubossarskii and Kamensky areas. Accidents were recorded in 10 locations Dubasari, nine — Kamensky District, seven — and four Grigoriopol Rybnitsa areas. In Tiraspol and Bender also been cases broken wires. Strong winds felled a tree 33. In Dubossary flooded households, the number specified. No human casualties.

Created Emergency Commission, dealing with restoration of electricity supply. All night the work was carried out to eliminate the breaks. Were involved in energy supply services, municipal engineering, rescue the Chief Directorate of Emergency Situations Ministry of Internal Affairs of TMR. Brigades of these services have been strengthened, work continued in the morning.

Despite the difficulties, the ability to live in the settlements is not broken, the report says.

Forecasters predict rain again and strong gusty winds. Citizens are invited to be careful at the first appearance of storm threats not to leave their homes.

Shortly before the collapse of the USSR, September 2, 1990, five on the left bank of the Dniester area of Moldova announced a Transdniestrian republic of the USSR, and then — independent Dniester Moldavian Republic (PMR) with headquarters in Tiraspol. In this case, the city of Bender and several surrounding villages in favor of the right-bank affiliation to TMR. The reason for this step was the statement of nationalist radicals in Chisinau Moldova to withdraw from the Soviet Union and its possible connection to Romania.

The Moldovan authorities did not agree with the decision of the Transnistrian deputies and tried to solve the problem by entering troops in the unrecognized republic. In 1992, Transnistria began an armed conflict, which lasted several months, until mid-July. As a result, Chisinau lost control of the left-bank areas, and Transnistria became virtually uncontrollable Chisinau territory, with all the attributes of statehood, including its own currency.

International recognition of Tiraspol did not get, but it is actively seeking. In the negotiations on the Transnistrian settlement involving Moldova and Transnistria — the sides of the conflict, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the OSCE — as mediators, the European Union and the United States — as observers.

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