Winter Day God Perun

Dear friends!

Congratulations to all on a holiday winter day Perun!

33 Beylet SMZH summer 7518 (10-11.01.2011 city).

That is what is written about the holiday in the Vedas:

In ancient times God Perun freed from hell people. All who lured there by fraud and force, and gave them the opportunity to return to their homes. When people come out of hell, God Perun flunked the entrance to the Sunshine (gate mezhdumirya) Caucasian mountains … but the Earth, in addition to people slipped out of hell and all ungodliness …

Liberated people gladly welcomed their home, and when they were in the house began to say evil, ransomed from her gifts.

Since then, people celebrate the holiday of Change (now known as Christmas Carols). Part of people get up in the various monsters (mummers), depicting violence, and go home … To keep evil spirits (clowns) to the house and did not have in misery, give them to the verge of mercy, because of cookies, muffins and other goodies … getting them , evil spirits away, because although she loves all sweet and tasty, but can not stand the joy and happiness.

After the Feast of Changes (Menard) people thought of those who did nevernulsya from hell … so the people began to celebrate the memory of ancestors week (Slavonic week consisted of 9 days). And as long as people remembered all his ancestors, the God Perun walked the Earth and destroy the evil … for nechest overeat sweet so profusely that she could not move. Nine circles had to Perun on Earth, one circle in the day to find and destroy all nechest …. and as it is said in the Vedas:

"… And conquer zlyya forces dug into the ground a shining sword Perun God …" (Later it was reflected in the legend of the sword in the stone).

Since that time, people began to celebrate "Winter Day Perun" as a celebration of victory over evil … and pass nine laps svastichnomu maze called — Perun Way.

Bog Perun (Perkunas, Perkon) — The patron god of warriors of the Great Race, Lands and defender Rod Svyatoruss (Rusich, Belarusians, Estonians, LTL, LVL, Latgale, Zemgale, glades, Serbs and others) against the forces of darkness, God of Thunder Lightning manager, the son of God Svarog and Lada -Mary, the grandson of God elevated. The patron god of the Hall in Eagle Svarog Circle. Told people in Asgard Erie, Holy Vedas, written x `Aryan priestly Runes in" Santiyah Perun Veda "(Book of Wisdom of Perun).

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