Worldview of the ancient Slavs and fractal physics as a factor in understanding the sacred laws of the universe

Mankind has no true knowledge, so is war and arms, to solve their problems, while greatly reducing your potential survival: exploded and burned out Earth ozone layer bombings and missile firing. Scientists and governments of all countries continue to be in a serene state, although their fictional world of mechanism and mysticism long dead.

By righteous tree of knowledge, embodying the law of the unity of the three worlds: the natural, the human and the cosmic mind, no one was allowed in the last 2000 years. Therefore, in a society dominated by science and not laws, but an artificial invention. We are experiencing is not a crisis, but the greatest tragedy caused by mankind imposed misconceptions about the universe. Vernadsky was right when he wrote [1]: "The scientific outlook is not synonymous with truth, just as it is not religious or philosophical system."

Humanity for 5-6 thousand years before Christ was the true knowledge. To confirm this, we present the ancient knowledge of the Slavs set out in the Holy Scriptures "Book of Veles" [2]. The book has been carved on beech tablets Novgorod priests in the IX century AD and dedicated to the god Veles. The book describes the history of the Slavs, and many other peoples of Eurasia from the time of progenitors (20 thousand years BC), and from a certain time, which we define as the beginning of the 1st millennium BC, and up to the IX century era.
It gives us a spiritual universe of ancient Rus. "The Book of Veles" — the only extant scripture Europe.
"The Book of Veles" [2] was published only in 2000 in St. Petersburg. Interestingly, in 2000, the year in the book "The fractal physics. The science of the universe "[3]. Both books talk about nature, man, mind, based on a single law of the universe of the law of universal interaction, interpenetration, and the law of the world was.

At the heart of the ancient Slavic world [2] is the struggle of forces Reveal and Navi — an ancient dialectical doctrine, like the ancient Indian teachings on the various aspects and driving forces of life, the "gunas" or Chinese dialectical doctrine of Yang and Yin.
Jav, Nav and the Government — Three essentially three forces, three faces of God.
Reality — Is the material world.
Nav — The spiritual world.
Steer — This is a universal law that rules the world (edit — this rule) is the law of life and the law of development, that is the law of interaction, interpenetration, kolovrascheniya, change Reveal and Navi.
It is called the law of Triglav (or Trinity). The stars, the movement of the planets and stars is subject to the Government — to a uniform law for the entire universe. Having learned the Rule, learn to predict celestial events, and learn how to predict the phenomenon of earthly life, for the right subject and Heaven and Earth.

According to the ancient Slavs and God is one and the set [2]. In the set of faces of God given Rights. In the fullness of their God is unknowable and unreachable the limited human mind. But a man given to know his licks, his incarnation on earth, His descent. Therefore Velez — God, which leads the world in motion. He has the energy, which leads to flow into Reality Nav and Nav come true. Velez is on the border Reveal and Navi. Change Manifest and Navi — it day and night, seasons, life and death, joy and sorrow, of inhalation and exhalation. The reason for the variability of the world in its qualitative separation of reality and to Nav, the masculine and the feminine, the Father and Mother, the "+" and "-". Time, but there is only a burden.

We can see that the ancient knowledge of the Slavs match scientific knowledge of fractal physics, the science of the universe [3-6]. According to the fractal world of physics on its structure (form) is a fractal, and in essence (nature) of electric, including media awareness.
The beginning of the universe is electrical (positive and negative) charge, but not the mass. Weight is a product of education electrical carriers (electrons, quarks, photons, etc.) geometries of all physical objects.
Found that the electric charge is composed of elementary charges and is similar to the grain bins. That is why the concept of fractal associated with the rough surface of objects macro and micro view of the discrete nature of the charge. In addition, it means that the basis of nature, man, mind, are both positive and negative, which are manifested in the form of good and evil, and should be in unity and balance.
The interaction of charged objects in the universe is almost instantaneous electromagnetic force through the electrical structure of the space, and the speed of information faster than light. This is the law of universal interaction and interpenetration, the law of life and development of the world.

We discussed above, that humanity knew about the law — the law of universal interaction, at least for six thousand years before Christ. [2] These ancient knowledge was discarded and foisted false knowledge to enslave humanity.
Here are the last words of the "Book of Veles": "Our forefathers are on dry land … And so we do not have the edge of that and the land. And baptized Russia today. " So took Askold Baptism of (already second after Fotieva Baptism) in the year 876. It is known that the third baptism is made Prince Vladimir in 988.

Now I understand why the "Book of Veles" [2] has not been published over a thousand years? The answer there is in this book: "The leaders of our offering to each according to his needs." However Askold "creates rites are foreign." As we can see, this book did not meet Rurik, the Romanovs, the church, the Bolsheviks and capitalists. Only time could post uncontrollable righteous worldview of the ancient Slavs and reflect the exact date of arrival to power in Russia, the world mafia.

We now understand that the Church reserved the ancient Slavs and introduced them to the Gentiles. Vedic faith of the ancient Slavs essentially monotheistic faith. Opponents of the Vedic teachings is paganism. In the "Book of Veles" [2] called pagans who live in bondage. Slavery itself is justified only by the pagan faith. In a land where the spread of Slavic belief, immediately abolished all forms of violence, the people's government introduced Veche. A departure from these same ideals led to the fall, the destruction of society, extinction of birth. In the "Book of Veles" says that God does not give vision to those who follow the path of evil. Those who violate the laws of the universe must be stopped.

Politicians have worked hard to fill the rites of the Church antislavyanskim content, distort and transform moral Slavic slaves. (In English slave and Slav one and the same). Since that time in Russia began internecine war. Therefore, from the first steps to date Christians torn apart and torn heresy and rumors which reached the wars (so, today, the Pope can not come to his Russian parishioners).
This led to the fact that over 95% of people are only interested in the food, reproduction and group interests. After selection for thousands of years, people have lost their cosmic origin and have only a shell of a man. Most are in the lowest stage of development, because people in the community is classified by material circumstances without step achieved by the spiritual evolution.

Based on the Slavic world, one goes through several stages.
First stage — A ministry family and society.
Second SPEEDb — a man gets in the way of knowledge. We know that the tortuous path of knowledge: what is today recognized as true, often suddenly declared to be false tomorrow. In fact, almost all of the representations of the current physics were incorrect.
Third stage — Is the degree of mastery of knowledge spiritual. After passing this stage the person becomes a spiritual teacher.
Perfection — The fourth. Who rose to this level as a teacher of teachers. Slavs called these people entice (Buda).

The ancient Slavs had a wonderful calendar. It was 6.5 thousand years ago. Were introduced 12 zodiac signs. For about 2000 years, the Sun is one sign. Now humanity lives in a pivotal era — the sun moves from the constellation of Pisces in the constellation Aquarius. Such knowledge is confirmed [3], for 100 billion stars in the Galaxy are moving with nearly constant speed of 250 km / s (the velocity of the Sun) around the center of the star system. So distant stars of the flat component of the Galaxy have long periods of circulation, and the stars, which are closer to the center — a smaller period.
Note that the current science hidden from mankind constant velocities of stars in the Galaxy, for by its "laws" this should not be.

Mankind has been put on the dead-end path of development due to the fact that civilization was built on the ancient mystical ideas changed. Winning lenders organized research to inform their group beliefs, which are based on a striving for truth, and gain. The current study was on the path of scientific conformity, based on mechanistic and mysticism and is seditious in nature, which has led to scientific feudalism, ignorance and lawlessness.
Immorality and the fundamental failure of the scientific views of a cover technological success of the atomic bomb, because science itself has become a simple protocol of the experiments because of its features accurately represent the phenomena and processes of the order of 1%.

Now it becomes clear what position was civilization on Earth: all the concepts of the nature proved to be wrong, it is common not only in space physics and nuclear physics, and chemistry, geology, biology, cybernetics, synergetics, economics, and history. Not surprisingly, this has led to monstrous conclusions "black hundreds" of scientists Club of Rome: "The main reason to go beyond the limits of development is the growth of the population." Not knowing the foundation of the universe, the Roman club is conducting a series of studies called "Project difficulties of humanity" to justify the "golden billion" in order to stabilize a program of world population for the sustainable development of society.
Incompetence and immorality of such a study are presented in the publication: "Introduction to the basics of science," Part I, II, Moscow State University, Faculty of Economics, TEIS, 1997.
Author of a scientific conference of the Nuclear Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the 11/20/1998, the second All-Russian Conference "Physical Problems of Ecology (physical environment)," 66, the 19/01/1999, and at other conferences [7-11] revealed the depravity and wrongful acts of academic theory and practice.

Because humanity is at a dead-end path of development, includes a program of self-destruction, for it is recognized and ignored the one law of the cosmos. Our civilization — is a cancer in the universe that wants to develop understanding of the ancient changed and is committed to the "golden calf." We can now refine the moral concept: while the person is controlled by the laws of the cosmos, it does not create evil, but when people transgress those laws, it is a dark, satanic force. This is directly supported by the electron-optical (TV) measurements of energy-shells: the people exercising violence against others, surrounded by a shell in the form of dark clots in people's spiritual energy-shells have a blue tint and a mediocre predominant dark green color. However, the main difference is that the spiritual man can do malicious acts.

Because humanity does not know that the destruction of the ozone layer leads to a change in the parameters of the Earth in its orbit, which has already led to a shift in the seasons, and a partial loss of the atmosphere.
Over the past twenty years the Earth's atmosphere has lost its pressure of 20 mm, and the power of gamma radiation in sunny summer day in Moscow at 13 in the morning, by noon 26 mR / hr
Gas plasma membrane breaks through the blasted lands produce hot water in the oceans. There is a rapid melting of the glaciers in the Arctic, Antarctic and mountain ranges. (You see this every day of the tragedy — the gathering of glaciers in Antarctica. At the North Pole there is ice and warm sea). The annual average temperature for the last 30 years has risen by 2.7 degrees. Meltwater in the Arctic decreased the influence of the Gulf Stream. The water level in the pool world rose and began a global flood. The researchers estimated in 1960 that the flood of sufficient increase in the average temperature of 3.3 degrees.
It is easy to see that by the year 2012 to change the poles of the Earth due to redistribution of mass substances.
Changing the state of the Earth, in turn, will cause a global catastrophe in 2030. [3]
That's what caused the false representation of the universe. Therefore, the current research, education and the state are not factors of national security, as well as a factor of destruction of human civilization. [12]

Ideology — The creation and expression of the human spirit.
Rulers, standing outside a global, immutable law, need slaves. That's why there was such a fierce fight with the world view of the Slavs.
In the Moscow State (and not only in Muscovy, and in the world) before 1917, and to date has created a strong system of slavery. Dominated by non-Slavic, and pagan values and symbols.
(Coat of arms of the Russian state symbol adorns Byzantine slave, pagan country that was an enemy of the ancient Slavs.) Destruction of the Slavs in the area goes back to the times of Ivan IV (the Terrible). In Russia under Pushkin instead Slavic language created an artificial language, the so-called "literary language". This humiliated, robbed Slavs by denying knowledge of ancient righteous self-expression and thus limit their identity.

The new doctrine of the universe "Fractal Physics" [3] points to humanity a way out of the lower stage of development, far from the common understanding of the world and the true world order, and to build a society that corresponds to human spiritual development and an adequate system of Cosmic Mind. Real image of the cosmic mind in the form of a cross (+), Kolovrat. at the center of the galaxy, we see in the picture [13] made a research satellite cosmic background.

The idea of the unity of nature should have the effect of unification of humanity under the rule of a single law, because he Cosmic intelligence is manifested by global and immutable laws of the cosmos, which is an expression of its essence. In modern life, political power based on military force anywhere and on universal suffrage, which expresses the instinct of the masses, and not mind the best people.
For out of the situation is necessary to abandon the traditional system, the power and tyranny of which rests on the blood and the apparent crime oligarchy oppression and chaos of democracy, and the power should be on top of the board spiritual legislators true knowledge. Therefore, a new physics defines the way out of the impasse of human civilization in order to save a person's spiritual revival and preservation of part of the planet. The new doctrine of the universe opens spiritual legislators true knowledge of the unity of nature to manage the company for the construction of the church social.

To exit from the impasse the development plan submitted by the author of the Renaissance of the Earth. For technical support revitalization plan proposed by the author [3-6] new directions — astronautics with light speed travel, personal energy with extracting energy from the structure of space, the universal radio communication and superconductors at temperatures up to 1000 ° C.

To start the process of reviving the earth, must fulfill two conditions: the General Prosecutor's Office should initiate "case on the destruction of the Earth and Sky" and must begin the International Tribunal on the matter, for ambition scientists and governments can not save people and save the planet.

Shabetnik VD
academician, a senior fellow of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics (Moscow, Russia)

The materials of the collection of works of the 2nd International Scientific Conference
"Informoenergetika third millennium: the sociological-sinernetichesky and medico-ecological approaches"
Ukraine, Kiev — Krivoy Rog 21-22 March 2003


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