Wreath Memory: Basil Schetko

In the United States, May 27 at 89, died Belarusian patriot and social activist, member of the BNR Basil Schetko.

He was born in the village of Opechki that some columns. Vasily Schetko went through life in complex ways and paths of the Polish and Soviet occupation, wandering living in post-war Germany, labor and science in the UK, Belgium and America.

During the long years of his life in exile Basil Schetko kept their communities, so was able to continue his education in the Belarusian gymnasium named after Yanka Kupala in West Germany, and then — in Lyuvenskim University in Belgium. He was an active member of the Belarusian Scout Movement, has extracted himself degree scoutmasters. After graduating from high school more than two years has worked in the British coal mines. In England, belonged to the so-called twelve — a group of high school graduates Kupala, also worked in the mines. Dvanatstsatkavtsy for their earned money issued monthly magazine "Next". In 1950, nine of them, including Basil Schetko lucky enough to get a scholarship and become a student of the University Lyuvenskaga. The history of this group of boys without fathers, described in the book "Twelve." The book was published in New York in 2002 by the publishing house of the Belarusian Institute of Science and Art.

Basil Schetko from Belgium, graduating from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences and marrying belgiykay Janet Delyaper, went to America. After a short time vladivsya to work in the library at Columbia University in New York. There, he worked twenty-nine years.

After retirement, he lived in New York, engaged in public work. In 1995 he became a widower. Children he had. In 1997 he married the former teacher from Minsk Alla Kuzmitskaya. She watched him until the end of the life of the road.

Vasily Schetko was a man of good-natured nature. Russian patriot, sincerely devoted to family, friends, community, he was always ready as health allowed, to participate in social, religious and national affairs. A keen interest in developments in Belarus, where he still had relatives.

He will be buried in the Belarusian Orthodox cemetery in East Brunswick, New Jersey. Eternal memory to the faithful son of Belarus Vasil Schetko, and relatives and friends sincere sympathy.

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