Ya.Shapchyts: BT are working on different people with different views

Guest "Night of Freedom" — a former engineer editing BTRC, part-time students of the Academy of Art Eugene Shapchits, author of a controversial movie "Grandma 2010".

This is a short story about a guy who hid grandmother's passport so she did not give his signature for Lukashenko. The movie "Grandma 2010" appeared on the internet on November 8, the first day it was viewed by 23,000 spectators.

Eugene answered questions from a late night of freedom and Anna Sous visitors Liberty.

The question Witold Nyavryda from Mogilev:

Greetings, Eugene!

I want to thank you for the movie — really pleased with our almost hopeless situation. My brother and I agreed to hide the passport of our aunt that she did not err again.

The question is. Tell us what kind of atmosphere on the inside of the BT group. Are journalists BT support Lukashenko?

And the second question is within the team are people who lead a political program, enveloping every time all the Democrats dirt?

Eugene Shapchits: When 5 years I razmyarkovvavsya in Beltelearadiocompany, I thought it was a "stronghold" of journalists who support the same or otherwise reasons, the current regime. All as one. When I came back to work, I saw that this is not true. After all, there are working people of different views. For example, an actress in my trailer — it is also an employee of BTRC Anna Ivanovna. She was the author of a number of programs on the history and culture of Belarus, openly expressed their views. In short, I realized that the Belarusian TV also has different opinions.

When I began to understand a little bit, I realized that there there is such a structure as a television news agency. I thought that, perhaps, and that is a "bulwark". When I was a little more work, I learned that the news also makes different people. NOT bio-robots, and real people.

So at the end of the stake, "stronghold" was narrowed to a few people who do the "analytical program," as it is called by BT — such as Novikov, or Azaronak famous director, who is already, by the way, does not work and, ironically, now heads the TV channel "gesture" for the deaf.

Listen to the conversation in full:

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