Yakutia to establish spetsploschadki for permafrost monitoring

Representatives of the International Permafrost Association equip special areas for long-term monitoring of permafrost in Yakutia Nyurengrinskogo district, said the district administration.

Work on the organization of sites in a pilot long-term monitoring of changes in the permafrost starts Tuesday. Specialists equip them in the village Iengra (place where the indigenous people) and in one of the city schools.

The project is set in the world of 200 monitoring plots in schools in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Mongolia, China, and Japan. As of 2012, the project is in Russia — in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, New Urengoy and in school zones BAM — in Severobaikalsk, Char, New Char Tynda. In 2013-2014, planned to establish monitoring sites in all the towns and villages in the Russian permafrost zone.

Earlier, Russian Emergency Situations Ministry reported that the boundary of the permafrost in Arctic Russia in recent decades due to global warming has receded to 80 kilometers, which increased soil degradation. Office emphasized the influence of permafrost degradation on the stability of the various structures, especially residential buildings, industrial facilities and pipelines, as well as roads, railways, runways and power lines.

The total area of permafrost in Russia amounts to about 10.7 million square kilometers, or about 63% of the country. There are more than 70% of proven oil reserves, about 93% of natural gas, large deposits of coal, has also established an extensive infrastructure of the fuel and energy complex.

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