Yarmoshyna: If there are evidence Neklyaeva Sannikov and remove from election

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina today at the request of "Freedom," commented Alexander Lukashenko yesterday's statement that the election campaign of the presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyayev and Andrei Sannikov is funded by Russia.

When asked how to respond to the words of the CEC Alexander Lukashenko, Lidiya Yarmoshyna gave the following answer:

"In the Central Commission no official information, in the form of securities or other official communications of the election campaign of candidates Neklyaeva Sannikov and funded by another state. Single statement is not enough because it likely, is an unofficial information that became known to the President.

As for violations, if it is confirmed, and similar materials will be presented to the Central Commission, it would be a very serious violation of the election law. Even the most serious. And in this case, the Central Commission are not entitled to any alternative. We will have cancel the registration of presidential candidates. "

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