Yarmoshyna: the problem is only Rymasheuski

The head of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina surprised Presidential candidates do not take away from the warehouses of printed materials that there "is a week."

Yarmoshina also reported that problems when trying to print a pre-election program in the state newspapers ran only Vitaly Rymashevski, "who refused to make changes to your stuff."

"All other candidates, if they made a comment, added some code, so they there is no problems ", — said Yarmoshina told reporters.

Ballots are printed with a margin

On Elections will be 7447000 printed ballots.

Ballots are printed with a 5% margin, since the actual number of voters in Belarus — 7, 1 million people.

Commenting for "Freedom" CEC results of the meeting, a member of the Central Executive Committee in an advisory capacity Khadika Yuri said: "It was just like before. Yarmoshina offered, the CEC members dutifully raised their hands. To the members of an advisory listened only once."


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