Zabugorny aviation industry will support the ruble

Russian government admits failure to evenly Russian aircraft industry to produce high quality aircraft for airlines in sufficient quantity. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the budget for next year will be laid 2 billion rubles. to compensation of interest rates for leasing of imported regional jets.

"Since 2010, we have introduced a zero rate of import duties on medium-haul aircraft, is less than 50 seats. Over the next year we will subsidize the interest rate on lease payments at the order of similar machines. For these purposes, budget laid down for 2 billion rubles. "- said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He noted that these measures are aimed at supporting regional aviation. A spokesman for Prime Minister Dmitry Peskov added that the question of subsidizing lease regional jets because "the aircraft with a capacity of 50 seats makes up the Russian aviation industry." The official dealer of the Ministry of Transport could not say what zabugornyh aircraft manufacturers will be subsidized, noting that the agency is considering the issue. The source said RBC daily, the government plans to next year's budget allocated for this purpose 1,900,000,000 rubles.

For the first time on subsidizing foreign equipment leasing early October said the deputy head of the Ministry of Transport Valery Okulov. "The Bank allocates credit for the purchase of aircraft by 10-12% budget compensate him three quarters, and for the recipient, in other words, airlines, credit goes by 2.5-3%, which is totally cute ", — said Mr. Okulov. According to him, such loans could give VEB, VTB, Sberbank and Gazprombank.

In Russia, the creation of ships with a capacity of 50 seats less engaged only in private enterprise. "At the present day the KLA is not considering production liners least 50 seats," — said the official dealer of the company. Thus, the creation of a turboprop An-140 which very accommodates 52 passengers, is engaged in Samara "Aviacor" (comes in a "Russian Machines" Oleg Deripaska). Only now been released 6 aircraft. Another project deals with "Research and Commercial Company" Technoavia ", which releases at the Samara plant" Progress Samara Space Center "desyatimestny plane "Rysachok". Price liner itself is about $ 1.5 million "Preferences Russian producers did not lead to the result, which is expected from them. The problem is not that there are no orders for Russian equipment, and that the industry can not produce it. Alignment criterion does not hurt aviation industry because the Russian art has its place — operate on unpaved runways, "- says the editor," the Air Transport Review "Alex Sinitskii.

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