Murder, war, komploty, terrorism — is a must-human stories. Further information is given in relation to certain phenomena of this kind.

Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn victim komplota? It is completely reasonable idea, because it has been announced yet for the two weeks prior to the incident in which the police of New York City became interested in the IMF director. At the same time, this idea was voiced by Strauss-Kahn. Claude Bartolone (Claude Bartolone), member of the Socialist Party said that Dominique Strauss-Kahn had read it yet, April 29: "I feel that at the moment, Russian, and more specifically Putin merged with France in order to get rid of me IMF before I expose my candidacy in the presidential elections. " It is clear that there is assumed by France's ruling party.

Komploty — this is only the continuation of politics by other means. "The history of mankind is full of them" — says historian Bernard Houdin (Bernard Oudin) in the introduction to his book "History of Masks. From the murder of Caesar to assassinate Hitler in 1944. " Apart from real komplotov is also insinuations that outlines Oudin in his own monograph. The creation of this distinguished historian of the highest degree of insight and impartiality, which is quite a rare phenomenon for this literary genre. For example, Leon Daudet (Léon Daudet), which along with Charles Maurras (Charles Maurras) was one of the more significant monarchist newspaper journalists «Action française», up to the care of his own life in 1942, was convinced that murder his son Philip was the work of the inspector Colombo. Here we have in mind is not popular hero of the last century, the South American series Columbo, played by Peter Falk, and Colombo (Colombo), who served as the head detective inspector of police in the 20-ies of the last century.

Philip ran away from the family on the day or four, and ultimately, in November 1923, made a suicide, on the Boulevard Magenta in a taxi. He was only 14 years old, but with the mind, he looked like a 18 year old guy. First of December in the newspaper «leLibertaire» published an article which reported that shortly before his death Philip offered his services in anarchist circles. For his father, it was a real eye-opener. After that, he imagined that his son was lured into a trap, and then killed by his political opponents. Daudet has filed a lawsuit against the unknown killer. After that, police began searching.

After year Leon Daudet felt that the search may come to nothing lead and the case will be closed for lack of crime. However, following the logic komplota, he decided that militia had some connection with the anarchists. More precisely, militia Anarchists hired as mercenaries. After that, Leon Daudet has filed another lawsuit directed against three senior officers and managers, namely, against the inspector Colombo, whom he considered committing murder

This case has received enormous publicity. Four police officers were acquitted but they were not that one hundred percent satisfied and Daudet accused of slander. After the trial of the journalist admitted guilty and put in jail, from which he fled to Belgium, where he remained until 1929. Continuing exposure of large komplota, the victim of which was not only his son, and all the generous deal the Cavaliers. He believed blindly readers «Action française», almost all this was evidence of a sunset. As well as the real deal Stavski that happened a few years later, in 1934.

As a result some of the drama is suffering or is baseless accusations recognizable or influential person, or someone close to him, it is difficult to discover that it was an accident or coincidence. Or when there is not a political case, but the case in which a lot of ambiguities and mysteries have thoughts about the ownership of the state government or other powerful forces.

Examples of such cases specifically Oudin leads in his own monograph. At first glance, these things are not completely no political context, but it is only at first glance. In 1-x, is a known case of Jack the Ripper. The history of this case is familiar to many in 1888 with the beginning of August until the beginning of November in the poorest quarter of Spitalfields, which English was in the East End, were in turn found the bodies of five murdered prostitutes. A distinctive feature was ripped open their bellies, cut throat and amputated erogenous and sexy bodies of the victims.

This winning streak ended as quickly as it started and the guilty could not hold up. In the audience was enjoying the popular version of what the senior prince of Wales, the grandson of Queen Victoria, the Baron of Clarence, was the killer. It should be noted that Clarence received then the name Edward VII took the throne in the period from 1901 to 1910. A huge number of low-brow literary figures discussed Clarence on different frets, they accused him of sadism, homosexuality, or just stupidity. Some of them talk about the his death from syphilis in 1892. In practice, these allegations do not find any of the 1st acceptable meaningful argument that can confirm them. Available travel schedule Baron, during the events in the East End, which apparently says that he was not in London at the time of the Ripper, and the premise of his death was not a sexually transmitted disease and incurable at the time pneumonia. There is evidence that they say that the baron could afford for themselves unlike a lot of moral norms, in contrast to his grandmother, but he did not cross the brink of further acts of his own father. Before the sudden death of his own, he had an idyllic love affairs with the princess of Wurttemberg Maria de Teck (Marie de Teck). Later in the relationship, as well as in line to the throne changed his younger brother, the future George V.

South American troops the other day Pearl Harbor

The following case is related to the Touro Laetitia (Laetitia Toureaux). This lovely lady of 30 dressed in a greenish, cut the throat in the Paris subway, Sunday evening May 16, 1937. It is a sin not apparent motive and had been committed almost publicly. The public was attributable to its «Cagoule» — ultra-right organization, has arranged a series of bombings in France during the incident. Evidence of this was not, by analogy with the case of Jack the Ripper walking rumors about the magical and political background.

Though what research Bernard Houdin can be called a model of the genre, the way they used would be interesting to be applied to cases which he has not mentioned either did not catch up to the end.

For example, Pearl Harbor. According to two American authors, journalist Robert Stinnet (Robert Stinnett) and Rear Admiral Robert Theobald (Robert Theobald), Franklin Roosevelt, who was president knew of the impending Japanese attack on the naval base at Pearl Harbor, but no response is not available to the his information. By fully justified version Roosevelt was not necessary to publicize this information, because America had a policy of isolationism and did not interfere in military conflicts in Europe and the Near and Far East.

About the Japanese attack in December 1941, there have been 10 formal investigations. In the final, held under the control of the Senate in 1995, was given access military secret military documents. Investigations were carried out very carefully, and all they say about absolute disorganized and unprepared U.S. defense forces the other day conflict. Try to imagine for themselves what south american President knew of the impending attack and did not take into account this information. Whether he acted immorally? This is a debatable issue.

Immediately to the event
s of Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill used ciphering machines «Enigma», which could take the wraps off messages Hitler's troops. So Makar, he had all the data on the movements of the enemy. Perhaps, in order to avoid leakage detection disk imaging, it did not take into account data on the Japanese attack.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which was published in 1963, has also become food for literary figures specializing in the theory of komplotov. Once this had been done, and formal verification, which are then cross-checked repeatedly. The most vserasprostranennoy version is the involvement of secret organizations-wing forces. There is conjecture about the mafia komplote or counter-attack by Fidel Castro, whom he wanted to kill Kennedy. More exciting are the findings of the first investigation conducted by Earl Warren (Earl Warren), Chairman of the Supreme Court. According to his version of the sin did Lee Harvey Oswald single shooter. Psychological portrait of Oswald converged on 90% of the portraits of presidents and governors murderers and 100% with mental pictures of the killers of American presidents.

On a similar scheme developed situation after the murder of Princess Diana in 1997, in Paris. Most of the views converge on the version of the intervention so far right that have enormous power when Tony Blair's Labour government and were want to prevent her marriage to a Muslim from Egypt Dodi al-Fayed …

Unspeakable acts of terrorism conspiracy interpretation had September 11, 2001, which were made actually live. According to some data structures in Manhattan, the Pentagon and Washington were destroyed with explosives. For other suicide pilots used the CIA or Mossad, for the escalating conflict with the Islamic world.

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