ZAPOLYARNY fees Marines-grenade

In a separate regiment of marines coastal forces of the Northern Fleet are fees grenade. Brought Marines, whose staffing tool — antitank launcher RPG-7 and the automatic machine- launcher AGS-17.

Gunnery personnel at the sites of previous theoretical training in the classroom. All grenade throwers should examine safety regulations when fire preparation, structure and purpose of grenade launchers, command and signals given in a combat situation.

Planned a series of field output, during which the arrows to work out issues of choice of equipment, camouflage gun positions, learn to determine the distance to the target, to lead fire on the move and emerging targets to make the adjustment of fire, walk on the field regardless of the terrain and the intensity of the enemy fire.

Outputs grenade held in polar weather criteria. To prevent hypothermia people to the site and shooting ranges are arranged heating items. Also, the military issued insulated winter clothing.

These fees will end a contest on the best hand-grenade throwers.

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