ZAPOLYARNY landmarks of the Northern Fleet

In the coming academic year, a brand new Severomorsk be involved in strategic and international exercises, make distant campaigns and carry combat duty, master the latest technology and weaponry.

The previous academic year showed that soldiers of the Northern Fleet ready to promptly and fully set to do puzzles. As noted at the enlarged meeting of the Military Council of the SF Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev, in 2012, had accomplished a great deal of training and combat tasks under the general plan. Successfully passed 10's teachings on air defense and anti-submarine, ship hundreds of drills and exercises, and missile, anti-aircraft missile and artillery fire. Overall, in the framework of military combat training of the Northern Fleet performed about 1,300 credits combat training, of which more than 60 per cent were carried out with the practical application tools.

The increased number of outputs of ships at sea has allowed not only to fully implement the planned activities classic battle training, and expand the range of tasks. Northern Fleet successfully provided security civilian shipping, assisted by the sea, confronted the contemporary terrorist threats in different regions of the World Ocean. Second year in a row squad ships Northern Fleet Please clean the areas of the northern area of the mine threat, which has been preserved from the time of the second world war. Operational Marine detachment clearance Northern Fleet destroyed 12 explosive objects and removed the mine threat in the waters of the Gulf of Ob on the total area of over 160 square miles.

At the final council of war, it was noted that in 2012, more than 20 ships of the Northern Fleet took part in the distant campaigns. Thus, the crews of the Kola Flotilla of diverse forces SF successfully completed tasks international exercise "Pomor-2012" and "North Eagle — 2012 ", worked out a number of tasks in the mezhflotskih groups along with the ships of the Baltic and Black Sea fleets in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Held in September interspecies command-staff exercise of the Western military neighborhood revealed that troops stationed in the Arctic land, sea and air forces are able to operate smoothly and efficiently, to ensure economic and defense research facilities in the Arctic region.

Last year, the crews of small missile ships, "Iceberg", "Dawn" and coastal missile and artillery units of the Northern Fleet successfully conducted launches of cruise missiles. Also, with good fruit produced launching cruise missiles and nuclear submarines crews "Voronezh" and "Eagle". The merits of NF received the highest score of the Western Military Area Command and the Navy.

Northern Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev in an interview with "Red Star" stressed that all the tasks assigned to the fleet and made the best soldiers of the Northern Fleet presented to the municipal and departmental awards.

Winter training period in the Northern Fleet launched orderly. All the connections and associations, rallies were held with representatives of the role of the Northern Fleet, which marked the crews and military units who have achieved success in a particular battle training, and set tasks for the new school year.

Thus, in the garrisons of the Northern Fleet — from Severodvinsk to Pechenga — the servicemen were Commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev, Chief of Staff Navy Rear Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, Deputy Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Alexander Vitko, deputy commander for logistics, Rear Admiral Alex Belkin, deputy commander for work with staff, Rear Admiral Anatoly Minakov, head of Coastal Forces, Major General Andrew Guscin, acting chief of naval aviation SF Colonel Sergei Checherov. Submariners and nadvodniki, airmen and Marines, military units and motorized shore connection, military support units and auxiliary fleet got a fair idea about the importance of the tasks assigned to them.

Noteworthy that in a new school year has increased the number of the Northern Fleet — It consists of a separate Pechenga Order of Kutuzov II degree motorized infantry brigade under the command of Colonel Oleg Tsekova. It was formed by December 1, 1997 on the basis of the 131st motorized infantry division of the Leningrad Military neighborhood and today is the only unit of this kind in the Arctic area. In the 2012 academic year, the military spent hundreds of infantry connection with the performance of military exercises as the actual firing of small arms weapons and weapons of combat vehicles and artillery, have shown good results of combat training in the command-and-staff exercise of Western military forces neighborhood.

Start the new school year of the Red Kola Flotilla of diverse forces marked by the introduction of the new commander of the Joint Rear Admiral Viktor Sokolov, who arrived in the Arctic from the Pacific Fleet, where he commanded the Maritime flotilla of diverse forces.

The new school year for all associations and connections of the Northern Fleet will be full implementation of combat training. In the winter training period Severomorsk continue to increase combat skills, improve maritime, flight and field training, strictly comply with the statutory procedures and regulations.

— In a brand new school year, the forces of the Northern Fleet will take part in the international exercise "Pomor-2013", "FRUKUS 2013", to fulfill tasks of safety of navigation in the Horn of Africa and Gulf of Aden — said the commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Vladimir Korolev. — Seamen continue to serve municipal problems for testing under construction and modernizing ships and submarines. — It is necessary to emphasize that our ships will again be involved in the development of the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route as part of the requirements of the Maritime Doctrine of the country to resume the permanent presence of the ships of the Navy of the Russian Federation in the strategically fundamental areas of the World Ocean.

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