Zhukovsky aircraft will be the center

Zhukovsky aircraft will be the centerDmitry Rogozin, on the basis of the Flight Research Institute. MM Gromov held a meeting on the development of the State Aircraft Manufacturing Centre and the creation of the Institute of Aerospace.

The idea to collect aircraft design, research and training facilities at one place and make powerful, as currently adopted read, center competence appeared almost 10 years ago, but was only implemented at the moment.

Historically, the design of all Russian military and civilian aircraft were built in Moscow. The only exceptions were Antonov Design Bureau, located in Kiev, and Taganrog — Beriev, which was created Russian seaplanes. But the aircraft Tupolev, Sukhoi, Mikoyan and Gurevich, Yakovlev and thought embodied in the First Throne metal on the ground. In Moscow, housed not only the experimental design bureau, and industrial enterprises, which built the first aircraft standards. Yet only recently from an airfield in the Ice Palace in the heart of the capital could soar even heavy IL-86.

But that was for our natural capital in the twentieth century, in the twenty-first century has become a real dissonance. In addition, by far the most difficult technique is designed with digital technology. KB can be in any comfort from the standpoint of living and working place. And the whole design and manufacturing documentation is transmitted immediately to the production plant, where more than normally experienced to create standards and to bring them up to standard condition.

Again the same historical research base aircraft developed in Zhukovsky near Moscow. There is naikrupneyshy world LII. Gromov, who owns a unique airfield base "Ramenskoye" complete with flying laboratories, and world-recognized Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute. NE Zhukovsky.

And entirely reasonable to all aircraft manufacturers KB, located in Moscow, the focus in Zhukovsky. This will allow not only to modern aviation cluster on the level of global standards, and move to a qualitatively new level of organization and management of design and production of aircraft, remove duplication, to increment the efficiency, lower the price and terms of the development of new types of aircraft.

February 20, 2008 released by the presidential decree N 217, initiated the establishment of the National Centre for aviation, and work began. It is clear that by order of the leading makers of aircraft in the suburbs of the capital not perevedesh — the time at the moment more. Because a lot of attention paid to creating the most comfortable residence criterion and ability to work creatively.

At present, Zhukovsky has approximately 2,700 acres of land. The town is home to about 110 thousand people. In the territories set aside for the creation of the infrastructure of the State Aircraft Manufacturing Center, is meant to build a 2-million square meters of residential, social and commercial properties provided by modern transport and engineering infrastructure. By 2025, the new territories should live 60-70 thousand people — experts at KB and factories belonging to the United Aircraft Corporation, the employees of related industries and service sectors, and their families. In the next year should be put into operation the central office area of 37,800 square meters.

On the basis of LII. Gromov created a leading research and production complex United Aircraft Company. It will include corporate center, engineering complex, complex testing and certification, the complex post-sales support, including training school flight and maintenance personnel, scientific and educational centers. Plans, as they say, hulk. And the problems — Nemer. Including pure market plan. Dmitry Rogozin, the responsibility of which consists of questions including aerospace, devoted his trip as a time analysis of what is made in the framework of a presidential decree, and that the operation of the brakes. The meeting immediately took a constructive nature. Deputy Prime Minister expressed confidence that all problems will be solved and aviatsentr will appear in due time.

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