Zinaida Baranova Russian woman does not eat more than 10 years!


The recent news from Krasnodar from ZG Baranova has pleased me, adjusting for a quick trip to this region. Once invited, do not delay. I recall that Zinaida G. carries unprecedented experiment of life without food and water, and it is in this act shows the power of Divine powers, in which most of us, to be as a spirit, not hefty believe.

A trip to Kutaisi

The recent news from Krasnodar from ZG Baranova has pleased me, adjusting for a quick trip to this region. Once invited, do not delay.
I recall that Zinaida G. carries unprecedented experiment of life without food and water, and it is in this act shows the power of Divine powers, in which most of us, to be as a spirit, not hefty believe.

"Now I constantly live in the foothills of the Caucasus, moved closer to nature" — was listed in the letter. Along the way, scratched line: "Rumors do not believe me. Surroundings sometimes manifests itself in such a daring "coinages" that only you wonder … "So, the rejection of a situation where you can live without food, stored in the masses.

However, even after so many years I began to feel that much if not food, then water, then Baranova well could consume. Prohibitions nobody put it, and there is nothing wrong if the fluid is present in its diet. Thus manifested, perhaps, some of my deep-seated doubts.
The village is near the town of Kutaisi Gor.kliuch pleased virgin pastoral scenery and comfort of rural households.



The surrounding hills, all in kurchavine copses, like the surface of rough seas, piled trees, leaving the south to the horizon, where vzdyblivalis to heaven blue mountains. Spicy scent of flowering acacias overflowed in the district, and filling the cheerful chirping of birds and buzzing bees. "Heavenly place …" — thought not without envy.

"Ask lane mountain just behind the temple," — recalled the guiding line of the letter Baranova. A lane-and no! There is a trail through the trees and lush grasses, and so was the road entrances to their homes, as we used to understand the alley — it is not. But hard to get lost: the house with the correct number on the front showed up soon.

We met as if seen recently. Zinaida G. all in the same pore — smiling, with kind eyes, blonde, no age-related changes I noticed, is that a little plumper.

— Yes, unfortunately, the weight of a little over eighty — smiles — four kilos recovered. But no diet will not help me, I'm so on a diet. Apparently, the power supply gives the kind of effect, and the body enough calories to spare. I would and she would not mind to be slimmer …
Spin around and around and I did not immediately napryamki asked what took me all the way: if she eats now and, in particular, whether the drinking water. It turned out, everything remains the same: it does not take food and fluids since 2000.

— March 26, 2010 marked ten years since the start of the experiment on me, and no one even thought about it! — Zinaida G. laughed. — However, this date is important, probably only for me, but not for society. Many people do think it's a hoax, but someday, I think autotrophic nutrition is found to be an achievable reality. Do not rule out the possibility that humanity already on the way to it.

— It is said that there are about 30,000 people who eat cosmic energy — I supported the theme. — Recently on the TV show plot with 82-year-old yogi from India: Prahlad Jani says he did not accept food or water for about 70 years, and the two-week survey of the military hospital of Ahmedabad has confirmed its veracity. However, the doctors did not understand why there is no intoxication, which leads ordinary people to death within a few days.

We walked around the garden plots Baranova, bypassed areas of the house. Everything is neat and tidy, but, say, her homestead twelve pristine acres are overgrown with grass, although part of the fruit trees bloomed, part of the bloom. Around the house there are many beds of flowers.

— In the nineties I had a nice garden here — with potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens of all — says Zinaida G., — and now I planted the onions garlic yes for visiting guests. Because I do not need any stocks.

The house really was no refrigerator or even a cellar for potatoes and pickles — a mandatory attribute for the villagers. The village is gasified Kutaisi, but to his mistress did not hold gas — not for anything. The furnace operates only in winter, when it is necessary to heat with wood. Water is held — to wash, wash and guests. Everything in her house says that the food here is finished. No inventory or cost. In the village of her, too few people know because the store, the usual meeting place of the villagers, Baranova appears very rarely. Is that before the arrival of someone from her family.

But what of her articles completely thrown out during cooking and consumption of food — it is generally difficult to fit in the head. My God, what a saving of time and effort! Baranova came from different eyes and watched his wife — a kitchen for her, that small march: always something boiling, shkvarchit roasts … Yes, and think every time that invent for a change. And what a savings! After all, most of the income is spent on food …

However, I know where to go from Baranova money saved. For example, she has just returned from the Ukraine, Ternopil, where in the days of May ended with a three-year course at the Academy of Slavic Orthodox Vedic culture. This is her third higher education. Second — on a social psychologist — she was five years ago at the Kuban State University, the first was — Engineer dairy industry. Both recent education — for a fee. Plus took guitar lessons (she has excellent voice), plus a tour of the country, the purchase of books, publishing their own … In short, is where to invest …

— Excuse me, but your age? .. — I could not resist.
— In November there will be 75! — Proudly reported Zinaida G..
— Probably, you were the youngest student?
— And how! — She laughed. — But you know, my biological age is really valued in 26 years. Every six months I check my aura pass other functional tests in the center of Krasnodar auroskopii — and here, young, imagine that! She might have to get married, and is likely to give birth to, but … — She hesitated, — it is difficult to find a person who is close in spirit. In addition, it should be at least vegetarian, no meat-eating I do not accept: it is too low vibration … And it seems that something is happening in the world — more and more people are starting to give up eating meat and fish. I know quite a few examples, because a lot of my report it and ask for advice.

By the way, with medicine in Zinaida Grigorevny no relationship. As in the 90 years she give up all drugs destroyed her chubby medical book with a variety of ailments, so do not start a new — no need. Medicine for her, too, is indifferent because they do not understand the processes taking place in her body. About the Higher Powers experiment with doctors better not stutter …

And that was clearly for me — she always cheerful, friendly, singing, no sign of fatigue, bad mood … And so the three days that I was visiting her. Such a positive attitude is likely facilitated by the fact that her house is no TV, no radio. How depressing, you see, there are all kinds of transmission of the nerves with disasters, accidents, crime, injustice, blood, explosions here and there … Well, everyone can continue list of negatives that media bring down on us every day and every hour. Over his head enough of Mad World …
The goal — to help the world people

And at the same time Zinaida G. is not devoid of emotions for the future of humanity, in fact, ready to participate in actions to improve the quality and meaning of life. That's ancient Vedic culture Russ caught her why — she gives the lost knowledge of harmony between man and nature, people form world of love and justice, but a lot of that kind awakens in us. "To carry this knowledge to people — it is my duty, — she says. — Vedic culture teaches us many things. The fact that I got the habit of dialogue with the soul — a very significant thing. Eliminates errors are overcome wrong things …. Is it bad? After all, the man himself knows a lot about yourself, but do not believe and hear tips. I am very glad that came into contact with their roots … "

— Today, so many different exercises and techniques, so maybe the Vedas — a trendy fad? — I doubt it.
— Oh, no! — Lights Zinaida G.. — I felt the truth of the teachings of all the gut. Here are genuine and profound knowledge, not without reason against the Vedic wisdom mercilessly fought and their kings came centuries concealing its essence from the people. I have studied many of the teachings. For example, a system of Krishna. However, make sure: Hare Krishnas are too narrowed the level of consciousness, they are fixated on his mantra, and a vegetarian diet — and believe that this is enough.

Followers of Porfiry Ivanov also do not want to hear anything but "Kids" Parsheka … So inevitably formed the sect. The ancient Vedic knowledge — it's something else, it's deep. This knowledge about ourselves and nature, which we have to live in unity. Rousseau was too much credulity and goodwill. This led to the fact that more stringent pinned their nation, as they say, to the nail. Note afraid of Russia. They are afraid because they know the mystic meaning strangers Russia more than we do. Alas, we are not ignorant valid. It is in our spirit, but try to break it, belittle, cloud alcohol, drugs … Why do Americans have come to Afghanistan? Yes, but in order to lead to the destruction of the opium war Russian! You know — Opium production in Afghanistan has increased tenfold! Here's a plan of action to Allen Dulles, the CIA director in the 50's. Remember that? "… To create chaos, we are quietly replacing them on the value of counterfeit and get them to believe these false values. …

Literature, theater, movies — everything will depict and glorify the basest human emotions. We will … quietly but actively and steadily promote the tyranny of officials, bribe-takers, unscrupulousness. Bureaucracy and red tape will be built into a virtue. Honesty and integrity will be mocked … Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug abuse, animal fear each other, and shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and hatred of people — all of this … we will be neatly and quietly cultivate, all double flowers bloom. Main bet … will always do for young people, become corrupt, corrupt, defile it. We will make them cynical, vulgar, cosmopolitans … "Tell me, what of this" Dulles Doctrine "is not met? Yes, almost everything is already sold!

To her going to visit many. Nourished peacefulness, ask for advice, try to change the attitude towards life … No, give up power, as she is, no one has been able, however, to go on a vegetarian table — it is useful and necessary. This is something we talked a lot and arguing. And, of course, something Baranova law: as we have today are etched concentrates, genetically modified food, all kinds of additives, when instead of meat shoved limits that … — No health is not enough. Cause and die early and basically guaranteed.

This time she was visiting a young family from Krasnodar — tired big city, crazy prices, unnatural rhythm of life, anxiety for all and sundry. Looked after site for your own home. Both are set to move. "I do not drink, have a head on his shoulders — not perish" — confident Andrew, who graduated with honors from the Technical University of Mordovia, beautiful geek. By the way, small bar: with his wife Olga I bit into his neck tick, but the house Baranova found no oil to lubricate the insect — so he will come out of the skin. Treated with petroleum jelly.

Mode of life of the Baranova is: lies approximately 21 hours to 1-2 hours of the night awakening, and begin, as she says, "night Universities" — communion with God, guardian, other higher beings. Reflects on the pressing issues often writes thought. Telepathic communion, receive the responses, sometimes in verse. By the way, showed a book of poems called "The creative trio", published in 2001, which collected 120 poems Vysotsky and Mayakovsky referred to it with subtle plans. Poems without interest, before the poetry itself was not involved and did not write. Then he goes back to sleep until 4-6 in the morning. In the morning obligatory prayer — an appeal to the gods.
— What is Prayer? Can dictate? — I make alive. — Maybe I'll do that? ..
— All right, burn — will benefit both you and nature … Waking up, I usually say, "Hello, sweetheart, hello, angels — spirits of Nature! Thanksgiving vsesuschnostnoe you for the blessings that you are the elements of fire, air, water and land. Thanksgiving vsesuschnostnoe you for the blessings that you are Mother Earth and all beings on it. Let the world be well! Let it be the whole of the universe and the universe is well good. Let there be light, "I repeat it three times.

— And what better mood right from the morning?
— Oh, I have it is always good! — Smiles Baranov. — The main thing I felt when did this experiment with me — to live in harmony with nature. And its pretty city breaks, so I made my choice, and now I live here. I can admit it — all in all I achieved this harmony.
Next day, an unusual woman develops in every one. Depending on whether her guests. Can take a nap in the afternoon for an hour.
The house has a lot of books, and Baranov reads a lot, and I am also a TV suddenly found. But there is no antenna, and it is intended for viewing DVD movies and lectures: the course on Vedic culture is written mainly in the wheels.

Communication with Baranova was versatile, we talked about a variety of issues being. Suffice it to say that the voice records took 9:00. It detailed how to communicate with Seraphim of Sarov and Sergius of Radonezh, is produced when a meekness has information about his previous incarnations in different eras, knows no coincidence experiment on Pranic just started a diet with her — in past lives have already been similar ascetic feats. Even the phrase "pranic food" telepathically recorded in 1996, not yet knowing its meaning. In the brain, Zinaida G. clearly the divine plan were off centers responsible for food and appetite. It looks like it specially prepared for such an experiment on the physical body, and while he was brilliantly successful. And we all Satisfaction with: God is the Creator or not it … Yes, that's a shining example! It is a pity, scientists no gu-gu about it: too tough material science so marvelous things …

— What does the word and the practice of humility? — I'm interested.
— Oh, this is the most important condition of the person! — Lit it. — This is when you see, you know, and … silent. But silent not because of arrogance and conscious: the man himself must come to the right conclusions. You can not force anything to inspire beyond his control. I have my teachers, of Radonezh and Sarov, rather harshly taught the development of the qualities of character, right down to the serious physical trials and hardships. But do not confuse humility with education — should educate, but to impose the will — no.
— Why did you choose for you, an ordinary woman, a teacher institute on a life very humble person? — I proceeded to the main issues of concern to me. — Is it the death of your son has launched a spring of your ability?

— The son died in 1980, and my rebirth as a person started in the mid-90s, and is related to one another, I strongly do not know. Perhaps the connection is … — Smile gone from the face of my opponent. — But now I can guess why the choice fell on me. Since some time I suddenly began to receive signs — that statues of the Buddha presented, its image, the books I read about it, with particular gusto. And then it turns out — though, to be honest, it came as a revelation to me: if I were a brother Ananda Buddha. It was two and a half thousand years ago. When Buddha was poisoned, and he is in agony died, his brother took a vow sat under a tree in a state with no food or water. How Ananda sat there — I have no idea, but apparently, the beginning of my penance was laid then. Then there was the embodiment of a monk at St. Sergius of Radonezh, a novice at the Seraphim … Special article — life in the body of Xenia of Petersburg …
— Really? .. — I was amazed. — That's right I was always struck by the strangeness of her: she never ate in public, handing out pieces of bread to the poor, and the dogs, and spent the night, they say, in the open field, even in winter. How could this be?

— Well, it's not that difficult to understand. Sitting Yoga is in the mountains in the snow and do not freeze. This particular energy state. The energy, like a cocoon, covers the body, and a man quite comfortable in it. I want something else to tell you … — Zinaida G. paused for a moment. — About how I feel kinship with Xenia. In general, a neighbor gave me a magazine with a big article about Petersburg's blissful. I first read about this, and for some reason all my heart took her fate and suffering. She was creating akathists on Sundays — at home, not in the temple, and later learned that in St. Petersburg in the Smolensk cemetery chapel there with her relics. And suddenly I went there! Collected scrap their gold jewelry, silver and some have gone. A late autumn cold, slushy … Before the tomb was like a dream, the tears just choked …
Zinaida G. cried for a long time and could not continue the story. The first time I saw this cheerful woman in tears.
— When my turn came, I leaned over the shrine and literally melted in some incomprehensible condition … — (Crying again). — What came out, that was — I do not remember. Sitting on a bench until it was in itself. Everything of value that has brought, paid for the maintenance of chapels.
— You did not ask Xenia?
— No. Even had not occurred. I do not know why she fell back, went so far … But when stood next to her, bowed to ashes … you know, I'm sure. Internally certain: it was my destiny. But how is tragic! .. It looks like Xenia — it was my main experience of asceticism and other state bodies before incarnate Russian woman Zinaida Baranova …
— … Which too many do not understand and are happy to announce crazy, but just not raisonné — bitterly setuyu me.
Night universities
Of course, I ignored the statement Baranova of her communion with God guardian.
— Who is it? — I asked.
— I do not know everything about him-all for sure, but god guardian know me for a long time, at least, I felt his presence and help of the mid 90s. This deity is huge, I did not see him, saw the inner eye only his feet to his knees and hands, but I was in the palm of his hand like a little kitten …. And I'm in the palm of his hand was good … I'm his ward, he is for me to answer before the Gods. Why? Because, as it turned out, it Ranta, a supreme being. Thirty thousand years ago, it was a process of transmutation of the physical body, and since I also have the task of transmuting the body, then he became my guardian. He's not one of the Slavic gods, but comparable with them. Not long ago I read the book "The White Book Welts" and think, "Wow, judgment, as my Guardian god!" And then in the head not my idea: "And what I have!" It came to my nightly discussions. To my questions, he often meets and helps.
— Can you give an example help?
— Oh, a lot of them … — Thought my companion. — Well, let's say, to borrow money now very easy: people no longer trust each other. Even relatives. And to me, when I started a restructuring of the house where I live now, the money was given without interest and the friends and acquaintances. And I have almost all paid off. Is not it help?

It seems now to Zinaida G. lead to healing. This technique has become her assistant Russ alive — a special section of the treatment with the help of natural forces.
— Called me on the phone once a person — she recalls. — The arrival can not be disabled, atrophy of the heart wall — a very difficult diagnosis. And he's only 44 of the year! .. Began to understand. I told them that I would do if on the Vedic tradition for people to take responsibility for their own recovery. It was necessary to find the cause of the disease.

It turned out — it's hard-heartedness. But he says, "No, I'm good! I help friends, do not be greedy … "And myself, as it turns out, half a lifetime engaged in hunting, constantly killing animals and birds. But in nature there is a law of balance — how much spilled blood of animals, and many will be shed human blood. Not for nothing on earth do not cease the war and many bloody crimes. Even just the fact that a person orders a tenderloin or eating sausage, he ordered assassination of animals. That is a potential customer killings, injuries, deaths in wars and acts of terrorism.

Vedas — it is necessary to give up eating meat! And this young man is no longer eat meat, sold his gun and hunting gear, and I'm working with him in the photo. We create a positive thought form that he is healthy, and this affirmation is in effect. The main thing — we have eliminated the cause of the disease, its hardness of heart, and his health is much better.

Baranova recognizes herbal treatments, but does not accept chemical medicine. "One cure, another cripple" — sure it has as a professional chemist. Add to this the obvious element of profit pharmacists on the health of people and the dead-end road of drug medicine will be obvious. In the mass people become healthier by consuming the pills and complex products. To lead a fulfilling life "popular" means of prevention: dousing with cold water, hardening, walking barefoot outside work and other procedures.

— Acting on the rules are still alive, I got rid of the glasses! — Celebrates another achievement Baranov. — And only Affairs — eliminated the lack of confidence in itself … But there is another important point — try not to be angry.
— But is it possible? — I was surprised. — So much injustice around so much bad happens …
— So what? You pognevalis and it disappeared? I assure you, there is no point getting angry. On the contrary, it only feeds the negative energy and evil all over the pendulum swings. You'll see, the other on the forehead crack … Through the anger and resentment you are helping to dark forces, giving them their vitality. As I know myself — the most positive force is the love in my heart to all that is good in the world. I live for many years with only this feeling and feel great, this is my way of life. They say that even if in the darkness lit a candle — it's good. When light up two, three, ten thousand? .. People are starting to realize that it is not anger, but love is all about …

Today, as Zinaida G. says, it is the transformation of the physical body, increased vibration, and it is in some ways a transitional being, between the 3rd and 4th dimensions. By the way, Baranova is urine excretion, but few and rare, and the outputs are solids — very rare.
— But the authorities are not atrophied, what do you think?

— I think not. However, we only know about the physiological functions of internal organs, as an esoteric do not even suspect. For example, I was given the Masters is a phrase of the intestine, "He cleans the space …" Some kind of has its own function and stomach, appendix, even in the world of fine-material needs and functional. At night my university I once was told, "You're being synthetic, new — energofit." That is, it is as an energy plant that takes all the necessary trace elements necessary for life of the organism from the environment and space. Probably because it is. But I'm not afraid to look weird. Absolutely!

— And what do you think of modern science? — Could not ask me.
— I am aware of its limitations.
— Can it be created artificially?
— Yes, it can. Certain forces, and it is possible that from the outside, because the limitations of science is global, hinder enlightenment of people. Why do people give a true knowledge? So they are no longer slaves? Someone very powerful do not want to lose the blind robots that have pumped life-giving energy …

Surprisingly, very Baranov believes in transition in 2012. Believes that it will take place, refers to information from the Higher Powers in this regard.
— 2012 I'm waiting calmly, — she says. — I know that all will be well. For everyone! There will be no end of the world in terms of the destruction of all life. It will be the end of the old, half-animal life, but is that a bad thing? Therefore, the fear of the transition does not have to be. Now if people leave, die or are killed in crashes, then ran out the possibility of the soul awaken the consciousness of the host. Increased mortality means that the chances of these individuals have been exhausted.
— What if nothing happens in 2012?

— So, will happen in the 13th, 14th! The process is started, and it is irresistible.
The immediate objectives Baranova, as I understand it — to achieve a transformation of the body (increased frequency) to be able to travel around the world in the form of a package of physical matrix. Not astral — she is treated badly by astral travel because of the dangers of the Subtle World — and physically. So, how could it do Helena Roerich, visiting sometimes in eight places at once. Baranova dream — be provided in areas where its presence is necessary. "It is not energy — says it — namely, physically …" She promised to come to my home as soon as such it will turn out. Well, I will wait for a return visit …

In general, all the impressions from the meeting with such a unique man, not even briefly retell. Before our eyes, is an interesting and unusual life, a striking experiment Higher Powers. We are accustomed to the idea that we are not alone in the universe, and more fun we have, of course, to come.

Material provided Ph.D., Academic, ufologist
Gennady Belimo.

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