A look at the Shambhala


According to legend, in ancient times, Tibet existed enigmatic and mysterious country. Its inhabitants have reached full spiritual perfection and existed in perfect harmony with the environment. As claimed by the same Helena Blavatsky, Shambhala have created the inhabitants of Lemuria.


It was after the terrible natural disaster, when a huge continent was submerged, some of its inhabitants escaped death, appeared in Tibet. Here, among the inaccessible mountains, they have created a new state, keeping it the laws and customs, which once lived in Lemuria.


Some of the experts who Orientalists also inclined to believe that in the III-II centuries BC. e. like public education existed. This is confirmed by the ancient charts related to the era it was that distant period. Shambhala at the time was under the rule of Syria.

Syria in Old Persian sounds like a sham. And the "bolo" means the surface. In other words — Syria on. That is a mysterious state was conquered by the warlike Seleucids, who ruled Persia nearly 200 years after the sudden death of all of Alexander the Great.

About Shambhala mention the ancient Buddhist books. They tell of a mysterious valley surrounded on all sides by impassable mountains. The people who inhabited this place, owned by secret spiritual knowledge and newborn became the supreme deity.

In the valley were built many temples. It is in the complex and they were the Shambhala. It was the capital of the underworld Agartha. Inhabiting its inhabitants possessed telepathy, in perfectly mastered teleportation and instantly moved to different parts of the world by underground passages.

In the VIII century Shambhala ceased to be visible to the people. Only the pure in heart can witness it. On it were only stories passed down from generation to generation. Seeing as it tried many, but their attempts failed. So in the years 1925-1928 in search of Shambhala participated painter Roerich. He headed the expedition broke the 35 mountain passes in Tibet, thoroughly inspected the huge area, but found it to Shambhala, saw an artist of her own eyes — this was all he said.

Since 1391 in the mountains of Tibet there Tibetan theocratic state governed by priests. All its citizens were monks and lived in large monasteries, each of which can accommodate up to 6,000 people. Led the state of the Dalai Lama. Altogether there are 14. Last Dalai Lama XIV alive to this day.

According to legend, the soul of the deceased ruler next to instill in the child, who was born just after his death. The search for the next head of the Tibetan government sometimes took several years. Each child showed a set of objects, some of which belonged to the deceased Dalai Lama. If the boy stretched only to these things, he took them in his hands, then he became the new spiritual leader of his fellow monks.

Thus he was elected, and the last ruler. He was born in 1935 in a small village in north-eastern Tibet. The child's parents were poor peasants. In 1937, in the village there were monks. They were looking for a reincarnated Dalai Lama. When they entered the house and found the baby a variety of things, among which were those that belonged to the deceased head of state, the child is picked up these subjects and stated that they are his property. He was implicitly recognized by the next Dalai Lama, and in 1940 he was crowned in the capital of the Tibetan government in Lhasa.


Dalai Lama XIV

The new governor settled at the Potala Palace. This is the greatest structure, built in the XVII century. It was erected from 1645 until 1693. That is almost 50 years old. It occupies an area of 130 thousand square meters. meters. In 1951, the Chinese invaded Tibet. Their expansion was marked by the destruction of the monasteries in 6000. Some of them lived to 15 thousand monks. In 1959, the Dalai Lama was forced to leave his residence and leave the country. He settled in India, where he lives to this day. Along with him his native Tibet, left hundreds of thousands of monks. All of them have kept their faith and devotion to the supreme ruler.

The monks of Tibet, who left their homeland

Was the Tibetan state of the traditions of Shambhala? It is difficult to give an answer. Given the peculiar form of government and way of life of the people who inhabited these lands, we can assume that the source of their statehood fed from a rather unusual source.

But Shambhala has given rise to the theocratic power, and this way of life has developed, thanks to some other historical reasons — everything is covered with a mist of ages. The Dalai Lama XIV, being the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people are wary about it. He did not put forward any definitive judgments, but at the same time, it does not deny the influence of some obscure to mere mortals forces on the fate of his people.

In any case, no smoke without fire. It is possible that once upon a time in the mountains of Tibet, there was power, which was inhabited by unusual people. They had amazing abilities, which modern man can only guess. Their progress was not due to advances in technology, but progress in mastering the secret knowledge of the subtle world.

Thanks to the amazing capabilities of the human brain and body, they reached the heights of perfection, and disappeared from the eyes of others, remained among them. Maybe they are now with us, but live as if in another dimension, watching from the successes and failures of human civilization.

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