A man of conscience — the smart, strong-willed, morally.


What is conscience? Who has it? Congenital or obtaining of this quality? These are questions constantly arise in many people and residents. As for the man, he knows this phenomenon, as it is guided in his life.

Image-CONSCIENCE understood as co-lead in turn lead — Veda words firmly.
Veda — Veda is good Az.
Word — stock, output, display.
Firmament — an assertion firmly.

In total, it turns this: Conscience — a joint statement embodiment and will of the Creator. Will of the Creator — life and its development in the variety and multidimensionality.

In the ordinary sense of conscience — this is an internal Pocono Gods.

Conscience — is an integral part of the Spirit. Its basis is the spiritual inheritance Pocono Universe and of Life, a relic of the Creator. And it follows that a violation of the Pocono causes weariness of spirit. This is quite natural, because the Spirit is life-giving foundation of all life forms and currents, and any deviation from the development of life lead to a limitation of divine manifestation, which in turn causes the anguish and stress. It is a constant desire of the Spirit to the fullness of life and creates a natural tendency to respect the universal Pocono opens your spirit in its entirety.

Conscience is an innate quality. Purchased the same quality, which is often confused with conscience, it is a morality. Morality is a product of social behavior. The basis of which lies in the concepts of "lzya" — "You can not." So with the change of social environment is changing, and morality.

Conclusion: live according to conscience — is to live in harmony with Mirozdaniem. Exhibit Life in its fullness vsee. Actions leading to disruption of life are BEZSOVESTNYMI.

Glory Svarog LADE Mother GOD!


"You have to live in the conscience …"

"Co-news" [2] — that is, the opportunity to join the people of the message that God the Creator is living on earth to people about their place in the Universe created by Him.

Respectively — the conscience — category information relating to its class-hierarchy information management software (self) biosocial kind of created biota on Earth.

In view of the Creator given oscillation (cyclical) nature of all (including IT) processes in the Universe, understanding the planetary people, biosocial "projection" of God's (directions tailwind Vsederzhitelnosti) is possible only in the full phase of their cycles — day, moon phase (calendar month), sun-orbiting (calendar year), the Galaxy-orbit (stellar) — decade. This presupposes:

1) the continuity of the "crawl" around the individual processes in the Universe;

2) will (priority desire to do just that, and not what you want, under the influence of high-pressure, bio and biosocial processes of a material nature, promising biomaterial saturation-pleasure or satisfying biosocial lust);

3) priorities of its own disposition to the creation of the common good, good, just — good manners.

Individual observes all these terms — "keep" all "in the head", namely, in the chakra, which called Hyperboreans brow (energy "center" of the body responsible for the intellectually-brain activity) that controls the conscious activity of the individual at any time called in hoary antiquity RASSC-Hyperborean a free man, that is always (always, continuously) think-compare their thoughts and actions with his conscience.

Accordance with this any control (self-management), pursuing "divine" purpose (vector purposes, oriented in its focus on participation in God's Providence) must before the "start" through the creation of a Pama, identify a set of parameters for behavior-exposure to the object control (vector purposes), defined conscience and always refer to it in their current state (the current state vector), the objectives and the results of the control (error vector control, quality control).

However, such an algorithm of human behavior, as a representative of biosocial view, limited to two intractable in nature: physical fatigue and current information buffer overflow (drum) of RAM, the "clean" by "overload", not instead of the information in the drum unconsciousness levels of the psyche, for later ordering them there, in the mosaic outlook.

It is natural for a representative form biosocial phenomenon expressed in biophysical processes of sleep, when the material elements are restored, biological self-correcting, and consciousness-processor is "planned" exchange with bezsoznanatelnymi levels? co-processor. At this time, for the reasons given individual withdraws from the three-pronged process, which was discussed above.

In view of the above, understanding human nature of God's predestination of being in his "earthly" projection alone can not and he needs a "double", and even better — several stand-ins, waking, "scanning" the surrounding Universe by periodic physical "blackout" of each of them. Thus, the Cathedral (tandem politandem) — this is not a figment of the imagination of idle mind and destiny of man from above on how to better and faster (most importantly — correctly, in terms of acceptance of the current error vector IVOU government people) to comprehend the Divine that , of course, supported by higher management hierarchy, as the most perfect human form for communication and management.

Accordingly — those people in culture (exoteric, public) are presented algorithms unconsciousness striving for catholicity, or there is passed down from generation to generation, the concept of the council as the highest form of communication and decision-making, are most similar to a measure of understanding of conscience as the basis of humane being, and therefore "worth" closer to God no matter what religion historically committed to these people. [4]

"Russian spirit" [5], access to which is, again, a Catholic thinking and practice management software compatibility on the basis of control commands that are orders of speeds up the process of understanding the formation of conscience and action makes it available in council organized individual within the life of one (25 years) generation.

In turn, the Russian spirit, 7 thousand years accumulated huge information about the algorithms conscientious and unscrupulous behavior-management, which may, as a ready identification database (information on the existence of some predictions of field-proven antiquity? Ahead of inscribing on the known parameters of the internal state control object and its environment), the first stage of the vector current in council goals to help individuals in the knowledge of the Truth, the Truth of the conscientious management, self-government on the planet Earth.

Power and conscience.

At first sight connection Conscience and food is very remote, but for the brave explorers of reality, who are used to test all over his body, the relationship of the feeding and conscience is clear. Of course, who is endowed with a Conscience by birth will have it regardless of the way the power, but the volume of the voice of conscience can vary greatly.

The people considered to be the voice of conscience is very quiet and it must listen carefully to enter the truth. For most people this is the case, because people are in a constant food narcotic trance. Modern life sets before man so many challenges to face the truth and deception, that the easiest way to hide many of these challenges — eat fried, boiled and baked food or drink tea. At the use of such food substitutes human body immediately goes into drowsiness digestion, that is, there is a partial shutdown of consciousness as a result of the food shock. Similarly, the alcoholic, avoiding the problems of life, looking for a way in a glass of vodka. Did you ever wonder why it is so bad when the delicious singing?

Fried-cooked food is the food leukocytosis in the gastrointestinal tract, that is, white blood cells surround the fried food as foreign substance and start to fight with her. The pancreas begins to work ten times more intense, small capillaries circulatory system begin to become clogged with particles of undigested food, so people quickly sweats and blushes after a hearty meal. In the brain, are the most subtle and delicate capillaries, and therefore there is a partial loss of consciousness, and then the hangover. Boiled water is perceived by the body as nonsense on its removal expended huge amounts of energy. Where have you seen in the nature of central Russia boiled water? It turns out when the body is in a food shock conscience in the back of mind, so her voice so quiet.

In fact, the feeling of satiety — it sleepily, feeling lazy, when it did not want. Mind off because the body has gone on about Antirazuma, filling the energies of Death. At this point, a person's conscience to sleep and it becomes easier to hurt the earth, connecting all his life with consumerism, computer or fight against dissidents.

But then comes the hunger — it comes out of the backyard of conscience and soul begins its eternal theme: "Why do you live? Are you dreaming of a life as a child? Is all life and will pass by, drowning in the gray of everyday life? "We throws another piece of meat, bread or chocolate — and pushes this haunting voice somewhere far away. How is he sick — all nudit and compels. Like all it is the family, the apartment, and a job and a car and relaxation times of the year at sea. And we do not notice the huge cogs turning into the Matrix, which built its empire based off of human conscience.

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