About Russian philosophical Vedic worldview

About Russian philosophical Vedic worldview

What initially narrated in the future will be discussed in this article is a synthesis of several world exercises and called the Russian philosophical Vedic worldview or Slavic-Aryan Vedic-esoteric philosophy. It is necessary to warn that does not call anyone to join a religion, as he did not manifest myself a supporter of any of the religions, just because I understand the difference between religious doctrine and the religion itself. Doctrine — is not so much a set of knowledge, but the methodology for their preparation and interpretation. That is, the doctrine promotes cognition and consciousness. Religion is based on pre-knowledge on the postulates that make sense is not only unnecessary, but harmful, thereby suppressing the development of consciousness, subjecting it to someone who is higher in the hierarchy.

Any ideology — is, above all, a belief system, concepts and ideas about the world. Broadly speaking world includes the aggregate of all the views of people on the world: philosophical, political, ethical, aesthetic, natural views, etc. The main core of any ideology (worldview in the narrower sense of the word) are philosophical views. The main issue of the existing world view has always been the fundamental question of philosophy. Depending on its solutions are two main types of worldview: materialistic and idealistic. Outlook is a reflection of social being and depends on the level of human knowledge, achieved in a given historical period, as well as on the social system. Outlook is of great practical importance, since it determines the relation of people to reality and serves as a guide for action. Outlook, opening the objective laws of nature and society, and representing the interests of the advanced forces, contributes to the progressive development.

Materialist worldview. Materialism (Latin materialis — real) — a philosophical direction opposite to idealism. Materialism considers as natural confidence of all the people in the objective existence of the external world, asserts the primacy of the material and secondary spiritual ideal that means eternal, uncreated world, its infinitude of time and space. Considering conscious product of matter, materialism, sees it as a reflection of the external world, claiming so knowable nature.

Idealistic outlook. Idealism — a philosophical direction opposite to materialism in addressing the fundamental question of philosophy. And based on the primacy of the spiritual, non-material, which leads to its rapprochement with the dogmas of religion, the finiteness of the world in time and space, and the creation of a god. Idealism views consciousness apart from nature, which is why it mystifies and inevitable process of learning, and often comes to skepticism (philosophical position, which is based on doubts about the existence of a reliable criterion of truth) and agnosticism (the doctrine that denies all or part of possibility of knowing the world.)

Philosophical and Vedic worldview — a cosmic worldview, which introduces us to the ancient knowledge, explaining the secret to many aspects of life in contemporary culture, as well as an absolute, universal, cosmic laws of existence. These laws have a direct relationship to the earthly life, and thus directly affect everyone. Man of the future will know that it is a small particle of universal life, and therefore inevitably subject to a general universal laws. Talking about the Vedic philosophical outlook and fundamentals — and esoteric Vedism should immediately clarify that the Vedas — are the most ancient and voluminous

Scriptures of the Earth. They contain information about the structure of the cosmos, about all aspects of human life. Named for the ancient Vedas (Hyperborean and Slavic-Aryan) writings Russia. Veda — means "knowledge." Russian word "Veda", "Confession", "sermon", "bear" (knowing honey) come from the same root. Among the Vedic treatises — Slavic-Aryan Vedas — "Santa Perun Veda", "Rig", "Avesta", etc.

Regardless of faith, all people obey the laws of physics one. In the spiritual realm have uniform metaphysical laws laid down in the Vedas. Once on Earth was one civilization was unified knowledge — Vedic, which bore the true knowledge and passed from generation to generation.

As for Esoterica (from other Greek. Words — internal — the doctrine of the hidden essence of the world of objects and people; esoteric field of study — the processes occurring in the universe, synchronously mirrored in the depths of the human soul), almost all the esoteric traditions date back to the prehistoric culture — Hyperborean and Atlantic — Slavic-Aryan Vedic culture. They can be considered as a prerequisite for many of the great cultures of antiquity — the Slavic-Aryan, as well as leaving it Indian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Chinese, etc. This source of transcendent or superhuman. Mainstream science does not recognize the existence of the Hyperborean and Atlantean civilization, claiming, however, due to insufficient facts to prove their existence.

However, many scientists are not engaged by the world-famous recognize these civilizations and led the objective evidence of their actual existence. These include the well-known Russian scientists: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky — writer, philosopher, traveler, occultist, theosophist and spiritualist; Nicholas Feodosevich Fats — atlantology researcher mysteries of ancient civilizations, Doctor of Science, the author of several monographs, Vladimir Afanasievich hoops — geologist, paleontologist, geographer, a science fiction writer (author of the famous novel "Sannikov Land" and "plutonium"), academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, is widely known in Russia and abroad as a pioneer pervoissledovatel vast spaces of Siberia, the Arctic, Middle East and Central Asia, the English scientist Alfred Percy Sinnett — journalist, writer, occultist and Theosophist, a renowned Indian scholar Bal Gangadhar Tilak — who claims to analyzing ancient monuments of literature, the Vedas and the Avesta that the ancestral home of the Aryans existed in the Arctic, and the last glaciation replaced Aryan race from the north to the lands of Europe, and many other scientists.

Esoteric is a body of knowledge (rather than beliefs) received high-tech civilization existed on our planet thousands of years ago. As it develops, the path follows the modern science of science and knowledge of ancient civilizations that were esoteric, gradually become public. Thus, the esoteric knowledge system based on the achievements of the ancient science. It includes knowledge about the world, and the structure of the human nature of the phenomenon, which religions call God. That esoteric science prove the existence of God and do his research.

Everyone — this microcosm. That is — every person is God in the depths of his nature, God is not outside but inside the person, in the depths of his soul.

At the heart of esoteric teaching is determining the validity criteria of knowledge: the transcendent (superhuman) source, initiatory experience, the symbolism of language. In general, the evolution of esotericism is divided into 3 phases: the secret knowledge is esoteric (inner) tradition for dedicated, elite world, speaking in the form of occult doctrines; massive occult and magism, transcendent (superhuman) source.

Hyperborean — Slavic-Aryan culture — is reflected in the Vedic induizskoy, Taoist, Tibetan and Celtic esoteric. Atlantic — the Slavic-Aryan culture — is reflected in the Egyptian Hermeticism, Mesopotamian haldeizme, Jewish Kabbalah, Greek Orphism, Christian Gnosticism and Islamic Sufism.

On the basis of the Slavonic-Aryan Vedic tradition, esoteric teaching experience such as astrology, alchemy, magic, Judaism (Judaism, "Jewish religion"), Judeo-Christianity (Christianity), the Arab-Jewish (Islam), Kabbalah (Kabbalah term " kabala »- originally appeared as a short name drevnehaldeyskoy gentile" The Secret Doctrine ", which in the past century," is the fundamental work "of the Chaldeans, who did not belong to the so-called Jews, esoteric movement in Judaism, Kabbalah was only in the XII century and became widespread in the XVI century), Sufism (a mystical branch of Islam, one of the main classical Arab-Islamic philosophy), and initiatic Orders (Pythagorean Union, the Templars, Rosicrucians brotherhood, etc.).

Talk about the philosophical Vedic worldview — that means to get acquainted with the ancient knowledge of our Slavic-Aryan ancestors, which explains many secret to contemporary cultural aspects of life, to know the deeper philosophical meaning of the ancient Hyperborean Faith — Slavic Vedic culture. Acquainted with the absolute, universal, cosmic laws of existence. These laws have a direct relation to the earth's life, then immediately apply to everyone.

Our ancestors had a Slavic-Aryan these rich knowledge, but, unfortunately, our civilization has lost it, and has a tiny knowledge about real life. Our culture does not know about life on earth depends on the energy of the planets influence small space, ie planets of the solar system. Knows nothing about the law and universal principles of universal existence, does not know anything about the relationship of earthly life with the life of the worlds more subtle, with the astral and spiritual worlds.

Humanity and all organic life on Earth is feeling the effects coming from different sources and different worlds — the influence of the moon, planets, sun and stars. All these effects are applied simultaneously. But at the moment one of them prevails in the other — more. It does not take into account the modern culture of any characteristic of a person, nor to explain the features of social life. Both society and the individual is guided by misconceptions about life. All public and private life is based on the naive, fictional representations of life and death. These views have nothing to do with reality.

Lie that man lives only once. The truth is that he lives infinitely many times. Lies that life — the process chaotic, random, independent of accidental circumstances, the will of the people around them, or will the so-called God. The truth is that there is nothing accidental in life not. Starting from the moment of birth and ending with death, human life — is a cyclical process, orderly, logical. All this process is performed in accordance with the universal laws of life, in particular the law of cause and effect. Everything has a cause, and all inevitably lead to the logical consequences. The causes of all the events of our life are the qualities of our personality. Our destiny is only a consequence of our character.

Not knowing what a man's life — a process learning that the main objective of each — the development and improvement of his personality, the man is completely useless to spend the time it is released to it for development. Not having any real understanding of what he was doing on the ground, the man sets the wrong purpose, such as to get rich, to gain power, to buy a lot of things, spending too much bezsmyslenno effort to achieve this, a lot of suffering. Suffering, difficulties overcome, the struggle is not the essence of life on earth, this is a consequence of human ignorance about the meaning of life.

The man does not know anything about the laws of life, the true his device, about the meaning of human presence in the world, the true sojourn in other worlds. All this leads to everlasting, bezsmyslenno vanity, to fight with others and, ultimately, to the futility of the short time that we call "life." People mostly small things happy, more suffering, struggles, overcomes resistance of others, and then, completely obezsilennym devastated, did not understand what and why it happened in the life goes out of this world. One "vanity, emptiness."

To life not only consisted of petty vanity, of struggle and suffering, in order to become conscious, creative, joyful process, it is necessary to change a lot view, acquire a completely different view of the life and death of the universe and of man. To find out what kind of creature man? Is it a material body that appears randomly in the world and quite unconsciously present in the effusion, which we call 'life'? Or is he — a small piece of the universal life, universal life, and a particle at the same time part of the nature of planet Earth. Part of human society, and part of universal life.

What is this fleeting period of time from birth to the moment of death? What is the point in the events that bring this period of time? And what happens after this life?

Man must cease to be a small chain, which involves the flow of life from one event to another. He must learn to understand the meaning of each event, stop naively believing that life — a set of coincidences. Of course not. All is not accidental. Everything has a deeper meaning, everything has a reason and everything that happens to us in life, will have a consequence. Need to know exactly what happens after this life, and why. Everything in our life has a deeper meaning. But what? For the mass of modern humans that meaning quite clear. But, for the thinking man enough to ask the question: "Is life is to make a fuss, fight, suffer, to envy, to overcome the resistance of others, and, finally, completely obezsilennym, do not understand why this is happening to me, to get away from this the world? '.

Man of the future will know that it is a small particle of universal life, and therefore inevitably subject to a general universal laws. He will know exactly what is the meaning of his sojourn on earth — the development of consciousness. To know that he develops in his mind the nature of the planet Earth, in interaction with other people, and that is the main point of his life. If you look closely at the nature of life, the life of a planetary society, it is quite clear that the main reason for being — the development. The development of life — the meaning of universal being. The development of consciousness of the individual — the meaning of human existence.

People are very different from each other in terms of consciousness. People living in the land may belong to very different levels, although outwardly they look very similar to each other.

It is now more and more people intuitively feel that the hidden meaning of life is. It is not by chance that in our country a lot of people start a serious interest in the ancient Slavic culture, reading Vedic literature, others turn and wander in the slave church dogma, some build various fantastic theories about aliens, the daily contact with the Universal Mind. In our country, especially the many "seers", magicians, wizards, masters of secret societies, "residents" with Ariana and more — much more.

This is the result of the underlying processes that are taking place in our society. This premonition of the existence of some truth which must be born for many, the presentiment of what those concepts on which the modern culture, to be replaced by others. And this feeling is very correct. Ends the era of Pisces, which lasted for more than two thousand Earth years — iudohristianskaya era. We are on the threshold of the next era, the age of Aquarius *, too long 2.2 thousand years.

* According to the Russian Vedas — in the summer of 7521 from the Creation in the Star Temple or September 22, 2012 from the birth of Christ — an era Wolf (White Dog) — under the auspices of the orderly nature of one of the forefathers of the Russian people — God Veles, which corresponds to the era of Aquarius official astrology!

The nature of the Age of Aquarius. So among modern astrologers is widely believed that in this era of humanity will reach harmony and understanding, a high spiritual level. The Age of Aquarius will elevate Russian Vedic culture and unite all nations. Tangible assets will play a smaller role than spiritual. Just Age of Aquarius can point to the idea of achieving inner freedom when determining influence on the selection and career of man will have its nature and purpose, rather than social conditioning.

Since the change of epochs in the history of unrest and is characterized by various crises, such as the crisis of social and cultural power during the VI-XI dynasty Egyptian pharaoh (c. 2347-1990 years. BC. E.) *, With the advent of the Age of Aquarius in the same bind various crises, until the onset of the Judeo-Christian apocalypse is already happening — the global crisis and the crisis of the Western United States, as the chief of the Judeo-Christian empire.


* Ancient Egypt is a civilization that existed for quite some time, whose geographical boundaries in the north-eastern Africa.

Map of Ancient Egypt

Map of Ancient Egypt

It was concentrated mainly in the middle and lower tribes of the Nile. Egyptian civilization reached its height in the second century BC, the period of the new regime. Of the Nile Delta, it stretches outwards to Dzheber Barkal — the fourth waterfall of the Nile. During its existence, the Egyptian civilization swept southern Lebanon, the Eastern Desert and the Red Sea with the Sinai Peninsula and the western spur, where life is cherished mainly on a few oases. Ancient Egypt developed over three and a half thousand years. It all started with the primary association Slavonic-Aryan and other tribes in the valley of the Nile in 3150 BC and ended around 31 BC, when the Roman Empire conquered Egypt. The last event is not the first period of foreign Dominion, but the arrival of the Romans marked significant changes in the cultural and religious life of Egypt, and elimination of Egypt as a single civilization.

With the advent of the Wolf (white dog) under the protection of God Veles — Age of Aquarius — will revive Vedic culture, and restore Great Russia! Must go back in time a civilization that created their knowledge, beliefs, faiths and traditions. Must go back in time a culture that was based only on materialistic or religious views. The leaving age was characterized by wars, change of life. Mankind survived the slave, feudal, capitalist social order, came to the ideas of social justice, and then fall back. Everything is literally strained to the limit.

The civilization of our time — a pale stunted plant, suffocating in the darkness of deep barbarism. You might argue that people have developed sophisticated means of communication and transport, inventions … However, the technique, the improved means of communication and methods of production, the increased possibility of conquering nature take from civilization than give. Humanity is sick spiritually. But only to identify the main culprits and bezpredela devastation and deprivation of power, at the root of the situation does not change. It is also necessary to change the system at the same time.

For the past 2000 years, humanity has repeatedly changed the view of the world. Nearly 2000 years, it was the religious world. According to it, the life of man and society ruled two "personalities" — God and Satan, the Earth — is the center of the universe. The Universe — is the solar system. Everything on Earth is decided will these higher spirits. For several centuries the main earthly and materialistic world view also. According to him, life — a one-time phenomenon, the result of a random coupling of material particles. There are no laws governing the existence, except the blind laws of nature. Society and the life of the person depends on accidental circumstances. And then, and another world are very limited knowledge of life, far from the truth.

Now mankind has come to the brink, when once again to come up with new ideas about the essence of life. This is natural and inevitable. Consciousness of human society like human consciousness. People growing up and it changes the perception of life. So it is with human society. If this were not so, mankind would have developed. More recently, our society was in its holistic view of life. This view was materialistic. Now is not fashionable to be a materialist, and again become fashionable to be religious. It has become fashionable on every occasion to remember the Lord God. Many people think that they claim that their superduhovnost. Enough sometimes remember God with a candle in his hand did, in fact, without changing its existence. Our society is literally steeped in hypocrisy. So "a lot of believers" in God and so much hatred and anger. And not getting any better. Russia cracks, groans and wonders of the decisions and actions of a handful of low-grade criminals usurped power in Russia.

What is good for the world? Nothing! No one else in the world, even in the myths, could enrich stolen or misappropriation of fabulous riches. All and always overtook brutal retribution, especially to encroach on Russia's wealth — is to expose their families at risk of retaliation.

Russia — a great state and one of the few self-sufficient in the world that unsinkable even delusional religious dogmas (iudohristianstva, araboiudaizma — Islam, and Judaism itself), and all the power of society which imposed government.

And objectively currently existing problems here are very dangerous for the following reasons: the multi-million Russian nation, the birth of incorruptible men of genius in percentage terms, as well as throughout the world, always, a huge, they came to power a matter of time, especially as the preconditions for their demand came, the certainty of punishment in the world has not been canceled, the world claims between countries and people have no statute of limitations, and the effects of the curse, hanging solutions to the nations of the infamous rulers, who brought the problem to his fellow citizens, all accumulated financial resources of Russia by country West tomorrow to kneel all the governments of these nations for illegal enrichment of criminal complicity in the so-called oligarchs in Russia and their masters abroad, in addition to the return required to pay considerable compensation for the harm caused by criminal acts against the people of Russia.

Neither genius mind has not changed the truth, no more aggression and occupation did not develop into acceptable forms of relationships. West is not only in the total global philosophical and ideological, economic and financial crisis, and he is also on the verge of a grand revenge for their greed and genocide of the Russian and other peoples of Russia. The entry for the third time of Russian President Putin, and the subsequent second castling with the approval of Prime Minister of the State Duma of Russia Medvedev, — this is the point of no return, which will be for the West, "The gate of the world" — fatal.

Anglo-Saxon world, the Jewish aggressors U.S. and Europe need to remember — Russia they do not win and to suppress and not to suffocate survive Russian people calls on the West to respect international law and obligations, and the temptation to leave the Russian criminal finance. Remember — "The free cheese is only in a mousetrap!"

It is time to revive the great Russian people, the Russian spirit and throw shackles that it quietly dressed our enemies to destroy. We drove into the trap of deception, of which we have to choose — we have no other choice in your hands the fate of the Russian people, it depends on us the fate of humanity as a whole.

A new era, changing position and influence of space objects, awakening human consciousness, there is great interest in the occult sciences, k Vedic esoteric directly related to the ancient knowledge of the Slavic peoples. Written and sold a large amount of literature on these topics. But attitudes to religion, and the relation to the occult — Vedic philosophy, esoteric, often superficial and unconsciously.


* Occult science (not to be confused with the occult, secret knowledge — the common name doctrine, which recognizes the existence of the hidden forces of man and the cosmos, the reach of ordinary human experience, but available for the "on", passed through a special initiation and special mental training). Occult science — the science of the secrets of nature — physical and psychic, mental and spiritual, called hermetic and esoteric sciences. In the Slavic-Aryan — is Magic and Yoga, in the West iudohristianstve Kabbalah can be called in the East — Mysticism, Magic and Yoga. Latest Indian Chela (pupils, students Guru or Sage, the followers of a particular school of thought or Adept) is called the seventh "Darshana" (school of Hindu philosophy), while the profane world in India is known only six Darshan ("see the reality", "get inside insight, "" see the light "). Occult sciences are, and have been for centuries, hidden from the crowd on the good cause, they would have never been evaluated or selfish educated classes who could abuse them for their own benefit, thus turning the Divine science into black magic or uneducated that just would not understand them. But our Slavic Vedic culture and its esoteric philosophy for centuries pursued in the Slavic lands for many centuries, and the prosecution was in the Soviet era, and is now continuing persecution. And today's criminal occupation regime is a pronounced anti-Russian, which strangle all democratic freedoms, where there is no real election where people are even allowed to read serious books, forbidden to think. We have a list of banned Russian occupation of books already exceeds 1,000 items. In addition, the official science — philosophy, medicine, physiology, psychology, chemistry, and all the others — so many err in favor of political interests. Discovery and evidence of occult science are difficult to understand by nature and yet, because in most European languages there are no words to express them. In addition, our magical terminology due to the need, first, a clear description of the facts for the expert in the occult sciences, and secondly — to hide them from the profane.

"Protect the people, the Supreme heavenly truth from the dark forces and the ignorant people with sleeping souls and hard heart. For, having captured the knowledge of the Supreme Truth, they distort the truth and from the eyes looking sokroyut Zlata Way Spiritual and mental perfection "- Vedic precepts.

If we pay attention to the problems of Vedic esoteric knowledge, we can see the following. In most cases, perceived messy, bezsistemno through ignorant interpreters, ancient knowledge is often distorted and easily falsified. For our time is characterized by a lot of profanities, distortions, outright trash in this important knowledge.

"The mass of unverified and unverifiable claims and thick, cloying, sticky mess sentimental humanism — that is the mixture that made numerous esoteric books, it is because they feel ashamed to be called esotericist" — Dion Fortune *.

Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune (born Dion Fortune, real name Violet Mary Firth Evans, 1890-1946 gg.) — A famous English writer, psychiatrist, occultist, revered by European and American esoteric and vedistami.

But I think that this is a temporary phenomenon. In the future, there will inevitably need for true knowledge of life. This knowledge is very precise and specific. Here there is a very precise terminology, precise concepts, one requires absolute scientific logic. No speculation, fantasy, ignorant distortion that science does not. Since ancient times, the knowledge of the laws of life on the earth. They were called dedicatory. Transferred to special schools closed for a few. They can not get a reading on the Vedic literature fragmented-esoteric topics. Must have a system of knowledge. They have to go deep in the human mind, then we will have the knowledge or the knowledge of his own personality, which she admits the truth. Then any beliefs that would lead a human life. This completely changes the knowledge to comprehend the relation of man to life, to ourselves, to others. For example, information that a person lives only once, accepted as true, making a person's attitude to life, to others, to death. Another point of view, that man lives infinitely many lives, in fact, has immortality, also accepted as the truth, completely change his attitude towards others, to the circumstances of his life and death. Information obtained from the scattered books, not giving a holistic worldview — that knowledge is dead, because it does not become the governing of your life, not become your own knowledge. This is the adopted information. She does not stay in the mind, it is quickly forgotten, and in no way affects your personality, does not adjust the relation of man to life. Information itself, life itself. No one needs knowledge for knowledge, information, deducted from the book, if it does not correspond with your life, does not explain it, does not teach the other to it. Knowledge about the repetition of lives does not add anything to man, if he does not see how it is repeated in this life. If he does not fight to change myself in order to avoid repetition. But if it changes something that exists in itself, that is, if reaching for something, you can not lose this achievement. For everything there is a certain time, a certain period. Opportunities for all exist only for a certain period of time. Earthly life is that for a certain period of each person, during which he can make a difference in yourself, go to the next level of development, if you live consciously, if he knows why he is given life. Internal growth, change of being completely dependent on the work that the person is required to make over yourself.

For a person wanted to live deliberately, wanted to change something in yourself, it should get the true knowledge of the laws of life, depending on the quality of their destiny of his personality. The fact that life has completely turned over to the man himself and the creative process of creating their own destiny. That one is more responsible to you for your qualities and your destiny, what you do not.

Knowledge is much more accessible to those who are able to learn than commonly thought. The trouble is that people do not want the knowledge or able to accept it. Knowledge, that is to comprehend the knowledge that comes into your mind, it becomes part of it, is beginning to change your personality. Our Slavic-Aryan ancestors called mystery-knowledge "right way", because the Vedic-esoteric knowledge is not information that serves to allegations of personal learning. This knowledge base is the foundation for life. For example, the basic foundation for the modern man of so-called Western "civilization" is unchecked information about disposability of mortality. On the basis of this representation is structured whole of modern life. But, if there is another basic idea, then inevitably have different scientific concepts, other art, medicine, pedagogy.

The most important task of Vedic-esoteric knowledge — to destroy the illusory, false representation of a person about himself and about life. Teach him attentive to everything that is happening in his life, because everything has an internal sense, all events have a cause. This reason is always in us. Nothing accidental in our lives there. No enemies bezprichinno harming us, there bezsmyslenno accidents. The truth is that our internal properties, the quality of our personality are the cause of all the circumstances of life. But this truth is accepted only soul ripe, cooked to its acceptance.

The new truth is that the world around us is conscious, all life and consciousness manifests as consciousness is the essence of life. With new knowledge of life that all living things around, one begins to feel the constant contact with all living things. He begins to realize that in nature there is nothing dead or inanimate. All in their own living and conscious, all reasonable. But awareness and intelligence in various stages of being manifested in different ways. The whole matter, which we know is a living material and in its own way is reasonable.

Philosophical and Vedic philosophy and his views and knowledge — non-subjective science and current philosophical ideas. One of the central ideas of Vedic knowledge — the idea of universal unity, unity in diversity, and balance. Born unity-set! For the modern "subjective" ie scientific knowledge is characteristic of the notion that the world is divided in a million separate, unrelated phenomena. The reality of life is different — the interconnectedness and interdependence of all. Affects us all, energy, the nearest planets of the solar system, the energy of the people around us, the energetic influence of nature, animals, energy, cities, buildings. We are also your energy affects everything. You will realize that life in all its variety is never ending, ordered, subject to the same laws. Knowledge will help you realize that everything in your life and in society, is in accordance with universal laws.

True Knowledge is always converted Mind layman engaged allowing small current problems in mind Sage sees the same problem in a different light, that is, not as an accident, but as a rule. He is not only considers the current time of life, and always feels in relation to three lives — past, which is the source of modern circumstances, present and future, which will manifest today his actions, conclusions and decisions. Knowledge will help you to change the image of himself, and about the world. This will give a better understanding of life and the true self, community, life, people around you. In other words, the knowledge will help you understand the true purpose of his coming into the world, will help to understand the causes and meaning of all the sufferings and joys, which are components of your life. Must learn to accept everything around and everyone around you, and above all his life.

The typical approach to life, to others of modern man is selfish requirement only satisfy their needs and desires, the desire to alter the people around them in accordance with their requirements. It is always inevitably leads to conflict, to fight, to resist those who want to alter. People around us — the same ignorant, selfish, and therefore also act with us. If a person begins to realize that everyone who is close to him, not a random person that the relationship formed with him because of karmic reasons or due to the qualities of the man himself, he can transform his selfishness, can change a lot in itself. Then disappear from his life inevitable conflicts, the struggle, and his life becomes a harmonious existence in which there is no conflict and suffering.

The purpose of personal development — learning to live without suffering the most, and not forcing others to suffer. Learn to empathize with everything. Only when we stop to rationally and selfishly relate to others, but then there is empathy, compassion, the ability to take any. Not so easy to go beyond the rational, self-interested, judging by the mind, not just learn to live with that and taking all the surroundings, but it also means — to live in harmony, that is, spiritually.

Spiritual person is not one who wears a cross, on each occasion muttering prayers, repent and humble himself before the sinful church priests.

The ability to understand, wisdom and self-esteem — that features a harmonious being.

The ability to love the world is not there with the number of read-esoteric Vedic literature does not arise as a result of visiting the churches. This is a consequence of a very high level of consciousness. When a person has reached a higher state of consciousness, which manifests itself as wisdom, the ability to love and understand, it becomes harmonious and living in full communion with the environment in balance.

The purpose of all initiation schools, whenever they exist, teach a man to live in harmony with nature, to feel part of it, to learn to live in harmony in human society. In other words, one should feel himself a triple. Part of the universal life, a part of the natural life and a part of human society. What it is — part of the universal life? He lives not only in the physical world, the planet Earth, but after a death in the world, he lives in a thin (astral) world of our planet, and not for long stays in the spiritual world. The purpose of all initiation schools teach human harmony of life, to teach him to be part of the world. Talking about invisible worlds, the laws of the cosmos, the Russian philosophical Vedic worldview does it with one purpose — to show what the inevitable connection between human development and the conditions of life on earth. For a person has learned to live in harmony, that is, become compassionate and wise, ceased to suffer and cause suffering to others, he must be very much new to learn, understand and reassess and most importantly, to learn to think differently. All obstacles to harmony is in our mind. Restrictions based on Judaism, the orthodox views and religious, and materialistic — deposited us on all sides. There is a familiar track, followed by the human mind. You used to think like you inspire environment. Consciousness of modern man in the grip of both sides. On the one hand it is accepted moral environment, tradition and orthodox religious dogma on the other — the scientific world, the ideology of materialism of the left hemisphere of the brain *.

* Each planet is like the human brain. Earth is the left hemisphere, where it acts as a parallel twin of the right hemisphere. While the world at large is the dominant right hemisphere. In our physical plane is dominant right hemisphere. Therefore, the problems of peoples due to the fact that a few thousand years ago, it was blocked by the right hemisphere and civilization slid into the abyss. So now facing humanity is an urgent task to activate the right hemisphere, or we will not get out of the impasse. This, of course, raise the level of cultural values. The best thing a human condition is a state of harmony with nature and the universe. Activated the left hemisphere can give humanity a wealth and a guarantee of successful existence in the material world. Activated the right hemisphere gives humanity spiritual principles and the development of super-powers. When the two hemispheres are in balance, then the person is standing firmly on Earth and in space. Excesses led to the decline or death of civilizations.

The vast majority of modern people are torn between these two vices, taking some mixture of these plants. The result is not present in the minds of any of these worldviews clean. Too many people are not religious and are not materialists. Therefore, they do not really know how to live. Many people do not believe in the religious imagination, but do not think about them, do not believe in heaven and hell, but just in case, sometimes visit the church during the service experiencing a terrible bore.

Starting to recognize himself, he sees that he has nothing of its own. All he considered his — views, thoughts, beliefs, tastes, habits, mistakes, defects — all formed by imitation or was borrowed off the shelf. Old, stereotyped ideas about life and materialistic and religious are an obstacle to a happy and harmonious life, because life itself falsely attributed falsely interpret the purpose of human life and is absolutely false to talk about death. After receiving such false basic ideas, people build their lives, their relationships with others in strict accordance with the ideas that exist in his mind. The man — a reflection of the consciousness. What is his mind, so is the attitude towards the world. False limited ideas and scientific and religious ugly form relationships between people.

Knowledge, which you will join, have a goal to create in your mind a certain systemic worldview, so that should be a new attitude to life. Knowledge should be a tool for better and wise life.

What is wise existence? Is there a difference between intelligence and wisdom? This difference is and it is enormous. A smart person can be evil, Sage — ever. Wisdom — is the moral will. Morality is based on the true knowledge of life.

Mankind has always sought to understand the world, always trying to answer the question of how it was born, where did the man, what is the meaning of life, the mystery of death? It is, anyway, to answer these questions. Representation of the mysteries of life and death always corresponded to the level of consciousness of the masses, time, culture era. Until recently, the idea about the world, about God, about life coming from his eyes from earth to space. In this case, the universe is close, very small, man is very small, insignificant, and God is seen as a powerful personality, much like the man. Concept of man of God — always only the exaltation, the idealization of the notion that a person has of himself. The gods are close, close. Man projects up its daily, everyday experience. Ascribes to them the qualities which, in his opinion, should have gods. The creation of man composed a variety of myths. Mankind for thousands of years was engaged in the creation of the Gods. The man was convinced for a long time and not least so far convinced that both he and the world around him completely subordinated to the supreme beings living in heaven. The gods are seen as a supramundane being, very powerful and very human-like. According to this principle, have a working religions: Judaism, Christianity (Judeo-Christian), Muslim (Arab-Jewish) *.

* Christianity and Christian "orthodoxy", including — the Jewish religion, never a religion of the Russian people. Muslim — Arab-Jewish religion, is never a religion of the Russian people. According to the Concept of Public Security announced by Konstantin Petrov — Russian scientist, a general of the Military Space Forces, — a religion created as information weapons to capture and establish world domination of the global financial mafia oligarchy of higher-Jewish Anglo-Saxon core. Therefore it is important to wake up "dormant forces," the Russian people on the basis of Russian philosophical Vedic worldview — Vedic-esoteric knowledge.

It's no good for us Russian, study zhiznebytie alien to us the people — the Jews.

It's no good for us Russian, not mindful of their Gods.

Russian people — the descendants of God Rod.

Slavic faith, that is, the Vedic culture — is honoring its Slavic Rod — Russian Gods, which is what our ancestors and our parents. Vera Slavs original and has nothing to do with the fact that we can see now. Our truly great ancestors had no concept of "religion" in today's interpretation of the word. They did not have anything at all to believe. They know how it works, and how it works! Therefore, to believe in something without reason, it is unnatural for them. Vedism — is not a religion! It is a way of life, culture, mentality … Faith can be born in a man of knowledge, or a feeling. A person can believe in God, knowing that he is, or feeling his presence in ourselves and in the world. Such faith is called Vedic.

In the Christian understanding of God consciousness there, mister. Christian dogma, based on Judaism reflects tribal consciousness of the masses, which existed during the period of the slave system. Hence God — a supreme lord, this is an absolute master, full of life and death. People — a tiny, bezpravny slave doomed humbly accept any expression of God. Another world in the period of the slave system could occur. God has mercy, punish, punish, constantly monitors each. People in comparison with him, worthless slave, incapable of any independent effort. For any action a person needs help from above. He himself originally sinful and anything higher is not capable. Public and private life is totally dependent on the Higher Will. This naive, childish look primitive mankind, who lived thousands of years ago, who had tribal consciousness, reflecting the reality of the slave system, unfortunately, is supported by a part of our fully enlightened society in the beginning of the next era. It is considered "spiritual" achievement. But obviously, it's not for long. Faith and religion are not equivalent concepts. You can be a deeply religious man and, while not to be religious, because it is difficult to choose something among the many religious movements, which sometimes simply contradict each other, and are at times bitter enemies, forgetting about those commandments which they themselves inspire. And it turns into a cult that is not helping a person to know God, demands blind obedience and slavish worship of the servants of the church — clergy. It could make a person before the Christian era, but it can not make a person start of the third millennium. This can make a person ignorant and uneducated, not accustomed to think and live with his mind, but it can not make a reasonable person who is used to evaluate all of the mind.

On Earth, our Slavic-Aryan ancestors — Russ initially had a different view of the world — not from Earth to space, and from space to Earth. And even despite the various disasters, always has been and is at present, though not very large part of humanity, sticking to the Vedic-esoteric planetary views, which also saw and sees the world differently. This is also a view from a different angle — not from Earth into space, and from space to the Earth!

In such cases, the land seems a tiny speck of dust in the Universe. The universe is a system of multiple worlds, interpenetrating, affecting each other. The system is integrated and harmonious. Then there is a representation of the universal Absolute — the source of the existence of worlds and universal harmony. There is knowledge that the person is like the universe, is a microcosm, that is, contains the same energy as the whole universe, is subject to a single, common to all the laws of the Universe.

True knowledge of life, the universe, man, and God has always been on Earth. In accordance with that knowledge, the universe is eternal, is a system of harmonious, interpenetrating worlds, to manage a single, universal laws and principles, immutable, unchanging, feasible and effective, regardless of whether they know about human society or not.

During evolution, developing consciousness, humanity slowly and gradually grasps the knowledge of world order. This knowledge for centuries called "Truth." Truth — a knowledge of the spiritual reality of life. Truth and dogma directly opposite. The truth is plastic, transformed and constantly evolving. Just as the universe evolves, and the truth is always expanding and multiply. Dogma — ossified, dead, not to a time representation of something. Periodically of this knowledge available to the understanding of many, passed in the form of emerging philosophies. Then the new knowledge contributes to further spiritual development of humanity. Because the realization of truth, one way or another, leads to the use of it in life. In this time and in this place there is a certain amount of knowledge. For a certain amount of time, mankind has at its disposal a certain amount of knowledge.

Before each new era of humanity synthesizes past experience, taking new ideas about life, rejects the old, outdated notions in order to take the next step to understanding the great truth — the universal life. The knowledge of the structure of the universe, the laws govern its worlds of the true device of man, his life in the various planes of existence in the universe, the evolution of man and of humanity is called Vedic-esoteric.

But where did that knowledge itself? This knowledge was brought over, the planetary hierarchy in the early days of the race. Brought to Earth by our ancestors from other worlds. On the planetary hierarchy, manage the development of global humanity, very briefly, we can say this. Human life is controlled by forces emanating from two sources — first, the influence of the planets and perceptions of the masses of people and individuals quite involuntarily and unconsciously. Second, from the inner circle of humanity, of the existence and importance of which most people do not even know how unaware of the influence of the planets.

The inner circle is called "Vedic-esoteric." It consists of people who have attained the highest level of development. Each of them has all the forms of consciousness possible for man, absolute knowledge, free and independent will. Mankind rigorously developed. History, we know, covers only a tiny fraction of the total history of mankind. In memory of mankind very little remains of the history of previous eras. We practically nothing is known about the last period of human existence. But one thing is clear: with the development of mankind, and develops his idea of a world in which it lives. Mankind acquires knowledge about the universe, the laws of life, changing his view of the world and of life. Developed along with the human knowledge is never lost. It is transmitted from age to age, from race to race, from one era to another passes.

In the earliest days of our Earth (Midgard-Earth) was at the intersection of space eight paths that linked the inhabited earth in nine Halls of Light Worlds, including Abode race, inhabited only Caucasians or Rasichi (Rusichi, Russ). In those days it was the representatives of white mankind first settled and obzhili Midgard-Earth. They believed their ancestors from other worlds — their gods, * and carried his account of time (the Slavs in ancient times there were several forms of calendar notation, but so far only a few have survived …). **
* The gods of our ancestors. On Midgard-Earth repeatedly came Gods (patrons, curators, ancestors of humans), and talked with the descendants of the Great Race, giving them wisdom (history and precepts of ancestral knowledge of growing crops, the device community life extension childbirth, parenting, etc.) . It took 165,042 years from the time when the Goddess Tara visited Midgard-Earth. She is the younger sister of God Tarh Perunovicha called Dazhbog (who gave the commandments Tarh Dazhdbog). North Star in the Slavic-Aryan people in the name in honor of this beautiful Goddess — Tara (and, possibly, on the contrary, if a woman had flown with the star). Tarkh was a patron (curator) of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, and Tara — Western Siberia. Were known as the territories — Tarhtara, pereinachennye descended into Tartarus, and then migrated to the name of the people of the Tatars. More than 40 thousand years ago from Urai-Earth in the Hall of the Eagle at Svarog (Sky) Circle, third visit to Midgard-Earth God Perun. Patron god of warriors and many genera of the Great Race. -God of Thunder, managing zippers, the son of God Svarog and Lada Virgin. After the first three celestial battle between light and darkness, when the defeated forces of Light, God Perun down on Midgard-Earth to tell people of the events, and what is in store for the future of the Earth, the coming of the dark. Dark times — a period of life when they cease to honor the gods and to live by the laws of heaven, and begin to live by the laws that they impose Pekelnogo representatives of the World. They teach the people themselves to make laws and live by them, and thus exacerbate their lives, lead to the degradation and destruction. There is a legend that God Perun several times visited the Midgard-earth to tell the Secret Wisdom of the wise men and elders Births Rusov how to prepare for a dark, serious times, when our sleeve svastichnoy Galaxy will go through space, subordinated to the forces of the Dark Worlds hell. At this time the bright gods drop out of their people, as they do not invade other people's space, subordinated to the forces of the Worlds. With the arms of our galaxy from these spaces, bright gods will visit again Childbirth Rusov. Start light time begins in summer 7521 from Sacred S.M.Z.H. or September 22, 2012 BC. e. God Perun gave rusam and descendent of heaven Vedas Perun Santee — Santee nine books. These Santee were recorded by ancient runes and contained the sacred ancient Vedas. All residents in different worlds (galaxies, star systems) and on the ground, where representatives of ancient family, living up to the Ancient Wisdom, childbirth and the foundations of the Rules, which adheres to Rod. Repeatedly visited the Midgard-earth son of God Perun — Tarkh Perunovich Dazhdbog. After visiting tarhi Perunovichem our ancestors, they began to call themselves "Dazhdbozhimi grandchildren." Our ancestors have visited many other gods.

** Now we are having summer 7520, and on September 22 was summer 7521 from the Creation in the Star Temple or 2012 AD But … it does not mean that our world was created 7521 years ago … the created world in ancient times was called a peace treaty between the warring nations. Thus, we have a "new frame of reference." This is the peace treaty between the Great Race (the Slavs) and the great dragon (ancient Chinese) was concluded in the autumn equinox 5508 BC. e. or within 1 day of the First month of the summer of 5508 The Big Freeze (Great cooling).
Victory then won the Great Race, which was shown in an image — Knight on horseback slaying the Dragon (now the image is interpreted as George wins the ancient serpent … but this very George nothing to ancient events has … there's just a fact of Christians The ancient image for their own purposes). Now very few people remember that before the date of initial letter written in the Records of ancient language, not the numbers that are entered by order of Peter I — 312 years ago to abolish all the old calendars that existed at the same time on Russian soil, and was inducted into the Western European calendar of Christmas . Prior to the introduction of the new calendar the people said on Rosh Hashanah 7208 victory over the ancient Chinese, and the date of initial letter ever written … it tells us that writing existed long before the Slavs in Solun monks Cyril and Methodius … if it were not for the reform of Peter, the Church would be a fairy tale about "education of illiterate nations" would be long forgotten, like someone's bad joke. No wonder that the Empress Catherine II said: "The Slavs for many thousands of years before Christ, had their letters." Here is a short list of used Slavs calendar forms:

Summer 2012 the birth of Christ;

Summer 7520-7521 from the Creation in the Star Temple (5508 BC. E.)

13020 Summer of the Great cooling (11,008 BC);

40016 Summer of third visit Wightman Perun (38,004 BC. E.)

Summer 106 790 from the base of the Asgard of Erie (104 778 BC. E.)

Summer 111 818 from the Great Migrations of Daarija (109 806 BC. E.)

Summer 143 002 from the Three Moons (140 990 BC. E.)

Summer 153,346 from Assa Dei (151,336 BC. E.)

Summer Time 165,042 from Tara, the daughter of Perun (163 030 BC. E.)

185778 Summer Summer Time by Thule (183 776 BC. E.)

Summer Time by 211,698 SMAD (209,686 BC. E.)

Summer Time by 273,906 h'Arra (271,894 BC. E.)

Summer Time Gifts from 460,530 (458,518 BC. E.)

604386ot Summer Time Three Suns (602,374 BC. Oe.).

These systems do not cancel, but complement each other … each is a continuation of the previous calendar system … You can go on and on …

Slavic-Aryan Vedas contain vast information about the structure of the universe and of human history than could fit into this very modest review. But I would like to hope that it will stimulate you to all the people who met him to the independent search of the ancient knowledge of the ancient wisdom of spirituality and education at home, their children, relatives and friends in order to gain real human happiness.

Our Slavic-Aryan ancestors — Russ, as presented above, a very long time to acquire knowledge of the Universe, the Absolute, the laws and principles of the previous existence of our ancestors white race — their gods.

40-30 thousand years ago — the Slavs, Russ North of Russia Sungir (near the city of Vladimir) and Kostenki Russian Plain (near the city of Voronezh) know writing, magic, astrology and astronomy, calendar, and arithmetic score. Ancestor worship and the sun. Believe in all animate nature, the existence of souls and spirits in the afterlife. Art, combined with signed records of astronomical calendar and content, show a high degree of saturation of the information sources of the study of intellectual and spiritual spheres of life of the aboriginal population of northern Eurasia. Relatively soon ancestors Russian people have made themselves a brilliant level of Paleolithic culture in Kostenki, Sunghir, Malta, etc. Mighty fur clothes, women's sculptures (the Paleolithic Venus), a variety of home and work tools, a variety of Slavic svasticheskih characters, a rich palette of sign (up to protopismen) complex funerary rites.

Finds in the southern Urals — Arkaim — the fortress city with a "country city", dated 4 thousand years BC, shocked the world. Arch — is not only fortified city, but also a temple, an astronomical observatory, which has concentric with the outer and inner circles, isolated from each other. In the central square square committed mysterious rituals. The city had a square inscribed in a circle — the universe in miniature, oriented to the celestial objects with great precision.

Almost 40 centuries ago, our legendary martial Slavic-Aryan ancestors Russes, moving from the north, stopped for a few centuries in the southern Urals at the confluence of the rivers and Utyaganki Karaganka, tributaries of the Ural River (south of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Region). Until the mid-twentieth century did not know anything about this generation. According to the legend of Shambhala, the legendary land, home to the great soul — Mahatma — and guide the spiritual evolution of the planet, safely hid the remains of a civilization from the public eye. This ancient civilization of the Bronze Age holds many mysteries, have enormous powers. The whole world was shocked with a sensation in 1987, when the blade archaeologist uncovered a few details obscure circles caught ancient settlement. "Country City" — the code name of the steppe region of the Southern Urals, which stretches along the eastern slopes of the Urals from north to south is about 400 km. Sensation called Arkaim.

High culture of the inhabitants of Arkaim prove numerous archaeological finds — a work of art, weapons and ritual objects. Russ not exclusively owned agricultural technology, technology design and construction, but also highly metallurgy, machinery and metal processing. However, arch, as well as other excavations "Country City" — only the smallest part of a vast and mysterious culture of our ancestors, the ancient Aryans.

Russia — then the first, the first in everything! Astronomy in the astrology originated in the Paleolithic in. In particular, in the Vladimir region revealed "… art, combined with signed records of astronomical calendar and content … They appear early Upper Paleolithic (40-24 thousand years ago — and syyskaya maltinskaya culture Siberia Sunghir settlement — in the north of European Russia) ". The 30th to the 25th century BC astrological and astronomical knowledge Rusov Slavs reached the highest level and will enable them to form the Vedas, in particular, the French scientist, "Laplace, who studied astrology knowledge purely mathematical methods, wrote that this knowledge is not less than 25-30 thousand years." The appearance of arithmetic accounts geographically belongs to the Russian Plain — Russia. Thus, with regard to parking Sunghir (30 BC) famous archaeologist D. Avdusin said: "Very interesting carved from mammoth ivory figurines of horses, decorated with two lines of ornaments, each of which consists of twenty points, grouped by five. This coincidence does not explain the accident, but the fact that people know the elements of the Late accounts. " His findings confirm astronomer and archaeologist V. Larichev.

The first letters found on Paleolithic figure Mokos found on Russian Kostenki Paleolithic (42 century BC, Voronezh region.). Several horizontal-order characters have a high similarity with a number of more recent writing systems that allows us to classify the signs on Makos as the first letter!

Despite the scientific evidence and the archaeological evidence is often in search of the true nature of the sources refer us to the Judeo-Christian Kabbalah, calling it "the soul of the soul of the law" (where the law — the Torah / Bible, the soul of the law — the Talmud). Meanwhile, as in many other cases — it is still a constant deception, as in the Hebrew Bible, there is no clear mention of astrology. Prophets despised for classes "Stargazer." In the Sibylline books (Jewish and Christian ideas in Sibylline books, extant and written in the II century BC. E. — IV century BC. E.) Said with approval, that the Jewish people are not involved in astrology, to this "delusion "… The First Book of Enoch (one of the most significant of the Apocrypha of the Old Testament, in the book refers to the Apostle Jude in his message) includes astrology among the sins … Most of the Talmudic sages to the ability to correctly interpret the signs astrologers stars skeptical.

Astrology — a science that determines the effect of celestial bodies on earthly matters, and applying for predicting future events on the position of the stars. Its antiquity is that puts it among the earliest records of human knowledge. For many centuries it remained a secret in Russia and the East, and in its highest aspect, and remains so today. In the West, its exoteric application had been brought to a degree of perfection only in the period from the time when Varaha Mihira (505-587 years. — Indian astronomer, mathematician and astrologer) wrote his work on astrology, about 1,400 years ago. Claudius Ptolemy, the Greek geographer and mathematician, about 135 AD wrote a treatise «Tetrabiblos», to remain relevant to modern astrology. Horoscopes science is now being studied primarily in four areas: ie earth — in its application in relation to meteorology, seismology, agriculture, etc. State or civil — concerning the fate of nations, kings and rulers, every hour — for deflation doubts arise in the mind on an issue; horoscopic — in its application to the fate of the individual from birth to death.

Egyptians and Chaldeans were among the followers of astrology, though their methods of reading the stars and current practices vary significantly.

"Atlanta — grandparents and ancestors of the Egyptian pharaohs, as taught in esoteric science. Plato heard of this in a highly civilized people — the last remnants of which were flooded for 9000 years before him — from Solon, who learned it from the high priests of Egypt. Voltaire, the eternal joker was right in saying that "Atlanta (our fourth Root Race) appeared in Egypt. In Syria … and Phrygia, and in Egypt, they found the worship of the sun. "

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, AP  Sinnett

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, AP Sinnett

See: "The Secret Doctrine" EP Blavatsky (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky 1831-1891 gg. — Russian writer, philosopher, traveler, occultist, theosophist and spiritualist and "Esoteric Buddhism," Sinnett, AP (Alfred Percy Sinnett 1840-1921 gg. — English journalist, writer, and occultist Theosophist).
Occult science teaches that the Egyptians were the last remnants of the Aryan Atlanteans. Egyptian people was formed by the 4th century BC from a mixture of tribes temehu — blond Caucasians (indosredizemnomorskoy), who lived north of the Sahara and tihenu — dark-haired and dark-skinned Negro representatives Australoid race, living south of the Sahara. Representatives from these two races — the opposite of culture, knowledge, life, customs, aspirations, development — made up of ancient population of Ancient Egypt. Their ancestors lived to the west of Egypt, and was first mentioned in Egyptian inscriptions of the end of the 4th millennium BC, they were later designated Loeb (Ryobu), they are Libyans. Thus, at this stage of the story, we have two so-called homeland — India-East and Ancient Egypt. In the first home — White Slavic Aryan Dravidian aborigines plus Mongol Negroid alloy. In the second, too — white-temehu-Aryans-Atlanta plus black-tihenu-Negroid Aboriginal. Chaldeans were between these homelands much later. In the ancient Greece and Rome, the Chaldeans, and the soothsayers were called priests of Babylonian origin, at least the first half of the 1st millennium BC (9-in. BC), famous as astronomers. Chaldean-Babylonian kings were not Jews, but instead waged war with the tribes portrayed in the present time as Jewish.

It is worth noting that during the birth and flourishing of astrology no Christianity and Judaism did not exist. In contrast, man-Slav has been positioned as an intrinsic component of the one world — God. Thus, the term «kabala» appeared as drevnehaldeyskoy abbreviated name of "The Secret Doctrine", which in the past century, "is the fundamental work" of the Chaldeans, who did not belong to the so-called Jews. Esoteric movement in Judaism, Kabbalah was only in the XII century and became widespread in the XVI century. Currently, however, kabala was "somehow" exceptional "heritage" and "heritage" of so-called Jews. While on a "care" is now — distorted layers of centuries and interpolations Western occultists, especially Christian mystics. It is engaged in so far esoteric interpretations of the Hebrew Scriptures, and teaches several ways of interpreting biblical allegories.

Occult Science "Indians have been and there are more esoteric, if at all possible, than even the Egyptian priests. So it was considered sacred, that its very existence is only half recognized, and it was used only in cases of absolute necessity to the public. It was something more than a matter of religion, because it is believed (and still is) the divine. "

Returning to the Russian philosophical Vedic worldview, it should be said about the available sources of the Slavic tradition.

Despite all the difficulties, the sources of Russian Vedic tradition is preserved, since the tradition may die only together with all the people. It is the basis of life itself, language, songs and legends, folk festivals and rituals. And the very ancient belief Slavs Russes from ancient times, long before the Baptism of Russia, was called Orthodoxy. Russian called themselves Orthodox, for the glory of guidelines to follow in the paths are right. She was known as Righteous faith, for the Slavs but know the truth, know the primordial Vedas, the ancient Vedas, the sacred legends about the origins of the Vedic faith, the former first faith of nearly all the nations of the world. And now we must speak not of death, but a revival of the ancient traditions and beliefs, about the Russian renaissance.

Ancient faith never died and still keep many Slavic birth Vedic tradition. Today, the revival of the ancient faith began with the publication of the sacred Vedic books Slavic tradition. It comes to books from the collection of "Russian Veda" and, above all, the "Book of Veles". And in this book is about twenty thousand years, during which time was born, died and revived Russia. The books tells of ancient ancestral home, the land where generations born Russian, the progenitors of various kinds. And ancient ancestral ancestors of the Slavs (first Aryans) "Russian Veda" seen in the North, in the holy Belovodye. Hence the ancestors of the Slavs, led by the god of the sun and the first Prince Yar, first moved to the Urals and in the desert Seven Rivers, then to India and Iran. Here, from the Aryan (Indo-Iranian) genera spun actually Slavs, those who have praised the gods and ancestors.

Moscow and the city of Peter,
Konstantinov and hail —
Russian's kingdom
cherished capital …
But where is the limit of it?
and where its borders —
To the north, to the east.
to the south and sunset?
Coming time
fate of convicts …
Seven internal seas
and seven great rivers …
From the Nile to the Neva,
from the Elbe to China,
from the Volga to the Euphrates
from the Ganges to the Danube …
Here Kingdom Russian …

Fyodor Tyutchev. "Russian geography" (1848)

Fyodor Tyutchev

Fyodor Tyutchev

Russia itself is, according to the Vedic tradition, was born after the exodus of the Slavic-Aryan birth from the Urals, India and Iran for thousands of years before the founding of Kiev, on the Dnieper, and the Baptism of Russia. Russ was born in the Slavic-Aryan sea of people who lived in different times in the lands of the Urals and the Altai to the Balkans, from the Volga to the Black and Baltic Seas. And Russ called descendants mermaid Rosie (the ancient name of the Volga). Russ praised Ros and her husband Dazhbog Sun-king, and their son, the god of the sun and the first ancestor Yar (Aria). They gave birth to Russia, and they are always guarded from harm Russia. Russ was born many times, died from attacks — and once again revived. And I believe that now, after the new tests, Russia revived and will be a great and happy.

After the first edition of "Book of Carols," "Book of Veles" and "Boyanova anthem" to scientists — translators, publishers and collectors of ancient texts, began to address many issues.

Someone comes with bewilderment. Indeed, today, when searched combining the healthy forces of society Russian idea of the experience of generations of Russian national tradition is thought to be the only possible way for his country. Mental health of a nation can find, just leaning against the net source of national spirit, a prisoner in the great Russian, proverbs, sayings, songs and epics, in the tradition of old, stored in.

Can I refer to this series as the texts of "Book of Carols," "Book of Veles" and "Boyanova anthem"? For the "Vedic" tradition was forgotten, destroyed in the early years? Do you need it today?

But is not it the situation was with the entire Russian national heritage? After all, stories, songs and epics were not in the public domain in the early XIX century before it got into print. Upper class they did not understand. Brought up by foreign governesses, they spoke in Russian with difficulty. And the people knew the tales and epic items, doomed Christian "orthodoxy" serf system did not contribute to the fortress of national foundations.

Each locality kept separate songs and stories of fairy tales, songs and already neighbors were unknown. Many tales were recorded in the last bearer of tradition in the North and Siberia, not affected by serfdom. And after the publication of these texts are also accused, and to this day are charged with forgery in the fact that they were written at a time when they were written and published. And the large-circulation publications fairy tales and legends usually was ignored, a unique record of the actual "pagan" subjects.

While in Europe the works of the Brothers Grimm won "mythological school" in the interpretation of fairy tales, and rare recordings of German and French heroic songs (epics), found that time just on scraps of old parchment, were interpreted as pieces of ancient myths, in Russia, on the contrary , won the "historical school". Much richer epic, living tradition often comes down to imitate the foreigners and rehash the events of the recent past. And the school is still raising mythologists and writers who are sincerely convinced that Slavic vedichestvo exhausted the ideas that were popular in the scientific literature of the XIX and XX centuries.

The code of laws of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich RomanovMost of all, at all times, she pursued the Vedic tradition alive. In Tsarist Russia, since the Code is Alexis (1648, systematic body of law of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov), there was a law by which a "blasphemous", that is the Vedic faith relied hard labor, and to the XVIII century, even fire (very existence of this law implies that the carriers of this belief was not uncommon).

Is it any wonder that even after the publication of the Vedic texts, such as "Veda Slavs" in 1881, these monuments were surrounded by silence or accusations of forgery.
Yet fate has been kind to some of the monuments of ancient literature. Since a copy of "Book of Veles" was saved by Russian emigrants, a copy of "Boyanova anthem" preserved in the Manuscript Division of the Public Library in St. Petersburg. And now they are published … Others monuments were removed and disappeared without a trace.

So, in the last century in St. Petersburg lost an entire library of books runic owned collector AI Sulakadzevu (and the mysterious "white community"). In XX century forgery (and XVI century!) Were declared "Polovtsian" plates, so called "List Ivana death, Polovtsian." Following the announcement of their fake they are not mentioned in the scientific literature, and now you can not look at this monument, despite the fact that any document, even (and especially) XVI century, the law is revered national treasure.

Besides default subject and archaeological finds which do not fit into the standard picture of the ancient Slavic history. So, found in the last century ruins Buzhske Vedic temple with inscriptions, reliefs now not investigated, despite the fact that in the literature, they have been mentioned, with such authority as Academician BD Greeks. Why? It is because of the reliefs and runic inscriptions.

And is it any wonder that to this day, do not be silent debate about the authenticity of the monument to the great Russian culture "Lay." Has not yet been published and has not been studied only authentic parchment copy of this monument, made of AI Bardin (Anton I. Bardin, 1841 — Russian curator of ancient manuscripts and early printed books). The reason for this is declared that he "did a fake" in his studio. But the parchment, made expertly, and not with the first edition, but with the original manuscript, must be considered the earliest, and a replica of the monument.

Because there are disputes and around monuments of Slavic today issued the Vedic tradition. Now we are again trying to convince the Russian people have nothing to be proud of, they say, neither in antiquity nor now we have not created anything remarkable, but only learn from foreigners. We are trying to instill that tradition does not matter. That though all of science is against the authenticity of the ancient Slavic monuments. People with titles and degrees on TV say that there is no subject for research, and that should be read only Orthodox Christian literature.

But remember that in the recent past, these same people were against Christian literature. That's what they received their academic degrees. They have always been a "general line", but not the truth. And who now defines the line in home science? It's no secret that now are engaged in numerous foreign political science centers. In particular, against the "Book of Veles" acts W. Laqueur, a professor of Jewish studies at Washington University Strategic USA (author of "The Black Hundred", M, 1993). Made against the doctor of anthropology and ethnology of Sciences — VA Schnirelmann working in the Jewish University in Moscow and Jerusalem ("Myths of paganism" and "Book of Veles", Jerusalem, 1998). Echo them, and many of our local "experts", successfully executing a well-defined political order. Our opponents claim that the protection of monuments of ancient Slavic Literature speak only amateurs. But it is not.

List of scientists who supported the study of "Veles book" and other monuments (meaning these Russian scientists) can go on and on, and not enough pages in this article. And it seems that the time is not far when it will coincide with a list of all honest and important scholars of Slavic. Then in isolation would be precisely those who rushed after the "generals" of "official science" speak out "against", not penetrating the problem, or do not think about the fact that the truth will still prevail.

Many attribute this attitude to the Slavic Vedic tradition, above all, the fact that "orthodox Vedic idea" may dilute the so-called "orthodox Christian idea." But no one in the world does not abandon its roots, its ancient history and culture on the grounds that it erodes any idea.

For example, in the "orthodox" Greece revered and ancient culture, and not thrown into the fires Homer, do not destroy the Acropolis. Not to mention the rapidly developing countries of the world — Japan, where the national faith "Shinto" * are the Vedic faith. Note also that the Buddhists and Shintoists Japan was not at war with each other.


* Shinto, Shinto ("Way of the Gods") — the traditional religion of Japan. Based on animistic beliefs of the ancient Japanese, the objects of worship are the many deities and spirits of the dead. Experienced in the development significant influence of Buddhism. Basis of Shinto — in the deification of natural forces and phenomena and worship them. It is believed that all things in the world to some extent animate, deified, even those things that we used to take inanimate — such as stone or wood. Each thing has its own spirit, god — kami. Some kami are the spirits of the country, others represent natural phenomena, is the patron of families and genera. Other kami represent global natural phenomena such as Omikami Amaterasu, the sun goddess.

And how can contradict Russian Orthodox Vedic idea if in ancient Russia praised Rule, but know the truth? We walk in the paths of right, because God — this is a rule. Praise the law — is to glorify God. Praise the rule — it is the orthodoxy. It is so called as early as that distant time faith of our ancestors. And how beneficial can be education of modern man, based on a "book of Veles", "Boyanova hymn", "Lay" and the oral folk tradition! People, the Government has taken the path, or you will see yourself and what it is doing. Brought up in the love of the fatherland, he becomes a true patriot, it will be clear to distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood. He will feel a part of nature, and will not be able to destroy the surrounding living world. Expanded human consciousness, the language will be forgotten words, concepts, and the world will find new paint. Russian Vedic spiritual tradition embodies the doctrine of spirits who protect Russia, and to the study of ancient Rhodes. I'm sure it will enrich the teaching of spiritual treasury of the world thought. If a little more support Teplyaev light Vedic Russian faith, that all the world will be a great diversity of our ancient culture — and the martial arts, and traditional medicine, and music, and architecture, and crafts, for it is alive to this day. And this will be the beginning of the era Russian renaissance.

What exactly are the Slavic tradition now? Russian Vedism or pravedizm — Rusov this ancient faith, that is, the belief in the existence of our species, our ancestors, spiritual knowledge, handed down to us in the form of national Orthodox traditions, in the form of oral traditions and sacred texts. Russian Vedism of immense spiritual value. Now you can find quite a few precious fragments of ancient Russian Vedic faith — taken together, they represent the Russian Vedic faith in its entirety.

Should also be distinguished Russian Vedism, despite the fact that it is the primary source of all other Vedic beliefs: all varieties of Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and other, for the Russian Vedism — the essence of national Russian kind of Vedic faith. Accordingly Russian Vedic culture — a kind of Russian national Vedic culture. Russian Vedism is international in content as much as she is international Vedic faith, and national in the image, language, and the source. It should also be noted that the most clearly visible roots of Russian Vedism — in the Indian Rigveda and the Iranian Avesta, which are considered to be historical monuments of ancient Russian Vedic culture.

Vedic belief in the form of various branches of Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, folk beliefs, now professes a quarter of humanity. It is not only about India and Indochina. In Europe, America, Australia, various Eastern religious societies, based on the Vedic worldview, and the actual "neo-pagan" communities, cover one-tenth of all believers. Zoroastrians (Parsis and algebra) are represented in the parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in the Indian Parliament.

Developed forms of Vedic religion are the spiritual foundation of the Vedic Indian and Iranian Zoroastrian (Avestan) literature, with thousands of volumes of ancient writings and contemporary interpretations. The most famous books of Vedic religion of India — the Vedas. Four of them. "Rig Veda", "Veda hymns," "Samaveda", "Veda chants." As well as two additional Vedas, created for the needs of the priests and healers — "Yajur Veda", "Veda of sacrificial formulas" (there is a white and black), and "Atharvaveda" ("Veda spells"). Later, the Vedas were composed commentaries — hundreds of philosophical treatises: Brahmanas and Upanishads. Additional Vedic literature of India — is the Mahabharata, the Ramayana and the Puranas. Heroic poem Mahabharata — Indians revered as the fifth Veda, it is the greatest poem in the world, including one hundred thousand quatrains. In fact, the Mahabharata is a separate literature (the famous Bhagavad-Gita — part of the Mahabharata). Ramayana — is a poem about an ancient hero and king of India Rama, the incarnation of God. The Puranas are a collection of stories of the incarnations of God, the life of the demigods.

Zoroastrian literature of Ancient Iran represented primarily Avesta. Avesta has four parts — Yasnu ("worship"), Vispered ("all of the major head"), Videvdat ("the law against devas-demons") and Yashty ("Hymn").

It was mentioned only sacred book of the contemporary denominations. No less extensive literature provide archaeological, ethnographic finding in various countries of the East. Well as more recent works, based on the Unreached to us priestly books (eg, "Shah-Nameh" poet Ferdowsi). And it would be wrong to assume that these texts are not related to the Russian Vedic tradition. On the contrary. Many of these texts tells of the lands lying to the north of India and Iran. This important and very ancient land description of Russia, who is revered and worshiped the ancestral home of the Aryans, the source of the Vedic faith and Hindus, and Zoroastrians.

Consideration should be given community of many texts, mythological subjects of the Russian and other Vedic traditions. Texts can be placed next Russian folk songs, spiritual verses and repeat the texts of Indian and Iranian Vedic literature. This comparison will inevitably lead to the conclusion that in Russia to save the song, however, and often even more archaic than that of India and Iran. This suggests that it is the source of Russia Vedic faith. The great spiritual heritage of Russia Vedic rightly be placed next to the living tradition of Vedic Eastern countries.

Once upon a time before Christ,
Arctis were islands.
They Hyperboreans lived
Cultural nation was.

So at that time,
Mainland began to change,
The climate has changed.
Where once green
The gardens were in bloom, so snow and ice
On dry land appeared.

Since the resettlement of people began.
Who is closer to the south immediately filed,
And who is quite the opposite,
Leave the land of their forefathers refused.

Our Russian North White Sea,
The ancestral home of the Russian people,
Was the cradle for people
Hence, many people of the world
Have had family in the world.

Cultures are similar, the same gods
And the roots of words spoken Languages,
Many people on the ground are similar
The only language was for the gods

Even in the ancient manuscript
"Builders of the palace," in Egypt
Written words that
Prior to the flood,
In the north, the god of the temple stood.

Just look at the same pyramid
With the flight of birds, from a height,
And now you see Ariana.
Same Time, pyramids Hyperborea.
They are a lot of thousands of years old,
What structures of the valley of the kings.

Tilak Bal * in the book he wrote,
That by studying the manuscripts,
In Sanskrit texts, he found
That Indian people have ancestors
Which came from the edge of the north.

So I can not say exactly
That the progenitors of Russia,
And Nastrodamus confirms
My words in his Centuries,
Calling the people of Russia — Hyperborean.

European ancestors have given us,
More precisely grandparents Russia
More precisely Hyperborea
And the Swedes do with it, alas.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak* Dates life Tilak (1856-1920 gg.) Is still celebrated in India. Domestic reader first meets with the translation of the famous book by a famous Indian scholar, in which he states, analyzing the most ancient monuments of literature, the Vedas and the Avesta that the ancestral home of the Aryans existed in the Arctic, and the last glaciation replaced Aryan race from the north to the land of Europe. Tilak was the first scientist to reflect in his work, the ability to associate with these Vedic myths of geology as a science of the structure and evolution of the Earth. Indian scientist found in ancient texts accurately reflects not only historical, astronomical and geophysical realities of Arctic. This discovery allowed Tilak decades ahead of the findings of archaeologists, linguists, physicists, astronomers, and contribute to the overall advancement of knowledge about the original history of the human race and the history of this race inhabited the planet.
Was the most important and the earlier (after themselves Slavic-Aryan Vedas) literary works protoslavyan Aryans is Rigveda. Rig Veda — Giving God's fire power.
Old Slavic (Ayurveda) "Rig Veda»: Rigveda, literally, "God's fire (RIG), which gives the power (the Veda)" — "R" — Ra / God 'G' — Fire + "giving power". Rig Veda — the most important of the four Indian Vedas. According to the legend was "created" from the mouth of the Eastern Brahma. In support of this, we find that the Russian language is still preserved 'Gate "- gate / word (pogostnye, town, city, etc.). Gate = mouth — that let her in and people. In the age-old Slavs Ra-arc represents a gate through which the world comes to the sun god Ra.

A bartender - God Prayer born of breath Rhoda.A bartender — God Prayer born of breath Rhoda. So say a prayer mumble. Therefore, on the arrival of the Aryans in India Brahma (Barma) in the original sense means "word", which has the miraculous power and prayer.

Occult retained an important part of obtaining the Rig Veda — she was "Recite the great sages on Lake Manasaravara beyond the Himalayas, tens of thousands of years ago." "The Other Side" — a relative of the Indus Valley, that is, to the north, the Russian side. Obviously, the lake Manasaravara now bears its name by the historic event. The name means "Man, Son of God -" Man "- from the Russian Sanskrit (ancient literary language)" person ", the progenitor of the human race.

Slavic Rigveda — literary monument (1500 BC): "The Rig Veda — the oldest literary monument of the Aryan tribes — refers to the period from the middle of the 2nd millennium BC until the end of the 2nd millennium BC. "

Sanskrit — the language of the Rig Veda. As you know, Sanskrit — ancient Slavic (ancient Indian) literary language. It is the language of the great ancient Slavic (Old Indian) philosophy. Along with the ancient Greek and Latin, Sanskrit is formative for all Slavic-Aryan (Indo-European) civilization. Sanskrit was brought to India Aryan tribe, approximately, in the middle of the II millennium BC His oldest known form — language Rigveda — literary monument of ancient (ancient Indian) culture II millennium BC Sanskrit has the richest in the world's languages, philosophical and psychological terminology. Written in Sanskrit, the Vedas, the ancient religious poetry and epics Mahabharata and Ramayana. Despite the fact that this language is not now the state in any country, it is still translated many works. This is a special refined, timeless language, recitation, singing, and even talk to that — more often you can hear not only in India.

The second most significant and more recent time literary and religious works protoslavyan Aryans is the Avesta, cultivated by the Aryans who were not living in the Indus Valley, and in Persia.

In Persia in 7-6 centuries. BC were recorded by the ancient Avestan texts underlying the Zoroastrian state religion. Understanding even the extant ancient texts of the Avesta is impossible without knowledge of astrology. It was from Persia spread worldwide known horoscope personality, whose roots lie in the ancient knowledge of the Avesta "Some hymns of the Avesta are the legacy of deep Aryan (Proto) antiquities. From the Vedas and the Avesta Jews drew "his" Kabbalistic knowledge. Being nomads, they educate. And after that, the development of knowledge of the ancient Slavic "originated" and simply, uvorovavshee ancient Vedic knowledge, esoteric Kabbalistic iudohristianstvo on the idea of the owners, the priests — the power of the Jewish mafia nadiudeyskoy must, simply must be on the team and in its "nature" to get rid of teacher, who (perhaps unwittingly) gave this knowledge.

The principle of getting rid of teachers — the very iudohristianskaya doctrine — the Bible. In which of the source of the entire Judeo-Christian faith is accepted, from their point of view, a good thing — bringing teachers into some sacrifice of Christ is not marked iudohristianskomu deity. Kill your own "god"-teacher. The brutal killing. Shameful. Crucifixion … Confirm that we can find in history.

Remembering evidence Brockhaus (German multi-volume universal encyclopedia, published since the beginning of XIX century FA Brockhaus, 1772-1823 gg. — German publisher, founder of the publishing company "Brockhaus" and publisher of "Brockhaus") and Efron (IA Efron , 1847-1917 gg. — one of the most famous pre-revolutionary Russian printers and publishers) to acquire the so-called Jews base "Jewish doctrine" — the Kabbalah. It is made up of "… the exercise of magic Persian, Egyptian and Greek theosophy" (not Jewish!).

We are so very interested in the first source of Kabbalah — Persia. And further evidence Britannica: "… the ancient Jewish mystical teachings, was born after the Babylonian captivity to 3-2. BC ".

Obtain the so-called Jews "rights" to the ancient Persian Slavic (Slavic-Aryan) the teaching was carried out with tragic consequences for the Slavs.

Babylon 5. BC Slavs genocide perpetrated by the "prisoners" and now enlightened Jews. In the book of Esther (Book of Esther — one of the books of the Old Testament, traditionally considered the author of Mordecai — Esther's cousin, and she is the main character in the book and it was written in Hebrew, but with a mixture of Persian and Aramaic words), there is a detailed description of the massacre committed by the so-called Jews over the inhabitants of Persia during the reign of Artaxerxes I (465-424 years. BC).

"And he wrote (the Jew Mordecai — auth.) On behalf of the king Ahasuerus that the king allows the Jews to destroy, to kill, and to destroy all the power of the people in the area, children, women, and to plunder their possessions. The Jews were then light, and gladness, and joy, and honor. Feast and a good day. The thirteenth day of the month of Adar (Adar — in the Jewish calendar the twelfth month, counting from Nisan, as it is in the Bible and the sixth month, counting from Tishrei, runs from February 20 to March 24) the Jews smote all their enemies with the stroke of the sword, and slaughter and destruction, and did what his enemies on their own. In Shushan the palace the Jews slew and destroyed five hundred men, ten sons of Haman killed them. And the king said to Esther, in Shushan killed five hundred men what have they done in the other provinces of the king? What is your petition? And it will be granted. And Esther said, let it be the Jews that were in Shushan to do tomorrow also. And the king commanded it so. And they gathered together the Jews who were in Susa, also on the fourteenth day of the month Adar, and slew three hundred men at Shushan. But the other Jews that were in the king's provinces, killed seventy-five thousand "

Please note that the genocide was directed primarily at the most powerful members of the Persian kingdom. And those were the Slavic Aryan.

Eugene Tarasov.
Alexander Simdyanov

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